Chase Young hit the North American gay porn scene about a year ago. Since his debut he has appeared on a number of sites including and Helix Studios. Now that he has some experience under his belt he shares his advice with others who are interested in getting into the business.

“Make sure you think it through,” warned Chase. Once it’s on the internet it will be there forever.

“Being nice never hurts,” said Chase. “Guys always get really diva and it tends to tick people off. Being nice and friendly will only make things better.”

As a new coming in to the industry guys need to consider their appearance. Chase often asks guys who have great bodies, faces, and personalities if they have ever considered doing porn. That’s where it starts for many guys.

“It’s really not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean” said Chase, describing what makes a good top. “The Titanic sunk on its first time. With that being said, I don’t think you can get to England in a paddle boat. Just rough, passionate, hot fucking is what gets me up and going. Dominating.”

But not everyone who wants to get into porn is a top.

“Don’t just lay there and take it like a doll,” said Chase. “Pull some hair, wrap your legs around him, moan and scream a little. A good plump ass never hurts either.”

For those serious about getting in to porn, here are some final quick advice from Chase before you hit the set:

  1. Get a haircut 2 days before
  2. Tan at a tanning bed
  3. Wax, trim, and shave any body hair
  4. Deodorant and mouthwash

“Be kind to your scene partner by smelling good and it will make it easier for both of you,” said Chase.