After running a marathon, like the BMO Vancouver Marathon, it’s important to pay close attention to post-race recover. Here are five easy things you can do to help your recovery time:

  1. As soon as you cross the finish line hydrate. You’re body burns an average of 1 cup of water per 15 minutes of exercise. Sports drinks with electrolytes will help your body absorb and retain water.
  2. Within the first 30-60 minutes of finishing the marathon it’s important to start replenishing the body with much-needed nutrition. Start with lean proteins to help rebuild muscles, carbohydrates to replace fuel burned during the run, and fruit like blueberries and bananas to replenish sugars and vitamins. A banana, chocolate milk and a bagel make a great combination.
  3. Rest your legs. Elevate your legs to flush out the legs. Epsom salt baths and a massage after the run or the day after will do wonders to speed up the recovery time.
  4. Stay warm. Have a change of clothes ready that are warm and dry. If you stay damp and get chilled you can easily get sick.
  5. Stretch your muscles. From the legs to your shoulders, you have put a lot of stress and tension on your body. Stretching will help ease muscle cramping, pain and increase flexibility.