A sports bar with cheap pub fare and beer. It’s called Station des Sports and it’s located in the Montreal’s gay village.

On game nights, this is the place to go in the village to watch the game with a group of friends. The atmosphere screams of Quebecois and Canadian sports memorabilia.

When it comes to pub fare, lower your expectations when you walk in. Their fries were cooked in oil which was too cold, leaving the fries greasy and under cooked. The gravy that comes free with fries was packaged and quickly turned to a gel-like consistency very quickly.

The chicken BLT sandwich was actually not too bad. It was not soggy and did not fall apart, although the chicken was a bit too salty.

The side of coleslaw was less than appetizing, as was the translucent pickle served as a garnish.

In Quebec, establishments are required to pour using a measured ounce dispenser, so at least you are guaranteed an honest pour for a mixed drink. Domestic beer starts are $3 per bottle.

Station Des Sports has five locations throughout Quebec.