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5 tips to keep your relationship fresh this spring.

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You made it through the long, harsh winter. You made it past Valentine’s Day. Soon, it will be spring, when the birds start humming and the bees start buzzing again. With the changes of seasons, come changes in romance, love, and relationships. Gay couples, especially, need to their relationships freshly stimulated in order to keep their relationships fresh and healthy.

Here are five things coupes can do to put some pep into their relationship step and keep it fresh this spring.

  1. Freshen up the bedroom.

All of us could use a change in our lives, and gays love redecorating. Work together to make your bedroom into the love making sanctuary you want it to be. We sleep one third of our lives and spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room. So doing something as simple as changing your bedding can make a big difference. Check out bedface.ca for amazing sheets and linens for your love nest.

Get into bed with Bedface at the Vancouver Pride

  1. Freshen up the floral.

Spring isn’t just the season of love, it is also the season of growth and renewel. Getting a green thumb can be a great way to add a little spice between you and your partner, even if it is just you buying them some flowers. This is a great time of year to plant that herb garden you’ve always wanted to or get some indoor house plants. Nature is therapeutic and sustaining plantlife in and around your house can help you sustain a longer relationship. Not a green thumb? That’s ok. The Parrot Flower Power from TELUS will help guide you along the way.

Parrot Flower Power is the next step in smart gardening

  1. Freshen up the friend game.

All people need friends and it is highly encouraged to have your own posse as well as a group of people you and your spouse can hang with. Springtime is perfect party time, so why not consider throwing a spring fling party! A social gathering can be a great way to meet new friends as solidify bonds with old ones. It could be the biggest social event of the spring season!

Spring Fling Party

  1. Freshen up the romance.

One of the other best things about spring is it is a great time to travel. It is relatively cheap to fly to just about anywhere in the world, and a romantic getaway could be just the ticket you and your boyfriend need to just get away from it all and be solely in each other’s company. Some R&R just might be up both your allies. Check out romantic getaways like Sparkling Hill Resort, Painted Boat Resort, Fairmont Empress, Tulalip Resort, and Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort.

Sparkling Hills Resort

  1. Freshen up the sex life.

Gay people, especially gay men, need stimulation. All people could you some shaking up when it comes to sex. We recommend trying new positions, getting new underwear, lingerie, or adding something slightly extramarital to your sex life like a sex toy. Check out some of the fun toys HomoCulture recommends for your toy chest. Some of these toys are certain to add some spice in your life.

Stockroom unleashes new vegan friendly Vondage 'leather' collection


Do you have other ideas on how to grow the romance of a relationship and keep it fresh this spring? Leave your suggestions and ideas below!

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