Winnipeg to host Fierté Canada Pride 2020

Alongside hosting the 2020 North American OutGames, Winnipeg has been recently named to host the 2020 Fierté Canada Pride Festival.

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It was announced at the 2017 Fierté Canada Pride Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia that Pride Winnipeg was selected by the delegates to host Fierté Canada/Canada Pride in 2020. After also recently winning the bid of hosting the 2020 OutGames of North America, Winnipeg will be the center of LGBT life and rights on the continent in the summer of 2020. The annual Pride festival, which typically falls in May, will be held simultaneously to coincide with the North America OutGames and Fierté Canada/Canada Pride Festival from July 16-27, 2020.

Pride Winnipeg is one of the larger LGBT celebrations in Canada, celebrating queer culture and the history of Winnipeg. Called the Pride of the Prairies, Pride Winnipeg will run in conjunction with Canada Pride Festival, and is being supported through the Bring It Home program from Economic Development Winnipeg to showcase the city. Economic Development Winnipeg introduced the Bring It Home program in 2012 to advocate Winnipeg as a select city for festivals, gatherings, international meetings, and conferences. The Program has generated $44 million in spending for the city.

A non-profit association of nation Canada Pride Organizations, Fierté Canada Pride was founded in 2004 and is powered by volunteers from across the country. Fierté Canada Pride (FCP) advocates for 1.2 million LGBTQ Canadians and builds Pride organizations throughout Canada developing a national Pride identity through networking, collaborating, offering support and resources to its members.

Meanwhile from August 11- 20, 2017, Montréal will host Canada Pride Montréal 2017 in its first edition in a 10-day festival also commemorating the 375 anniversary of the founding of Montréal and the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The largest Pride festival in the French-speaking world, Montréal will be hosting this nation-wide festival reaffirming itself and Canada as world leaders in LGBTQ rights and freedoms.

Less than three years away, Winnipeg will have possibly the biggest, gayest 10 days in history when it plays host to Fierté Canada/Canada Pride alongside North America OutGames. Hoping to re-establish itself as the heart of the continent, Winnipeg Pride will be one for the books in 2020. July 11-20. Mark your calendars, get your tickets, and make your hotel reservations now: it will be a hot summer in Winnipeg!

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