Your practical guide of gay house party etiquette

It's time to step up your game to be an outstanding house party guest.

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Everyone loves a good house party. Drinks, food, and socializing, all on someone else’s dime. Hosting a house party isn’t any easy task: it can take months to prepare, hundreds or thousands of dollars in preparation, and lots of endurance balancing your guests desires and needs. It’s time to step up your game to be an outstanding guest for your friends who take the time to show the extravagance of throwing a house party. Here are some tips on how to be a good gay house party guest.

Arrive a little late. Proper etiquette actually suggests that the best time to arrive at any house party is 10-30 minutes late. This allows your host time to complete any task and not feel pressured with the arrival of early guests.

Bring a bottle. It’s always good taste to bring your host something as a sign of your appreciation for hosting you. A bottle of wine or alcohol makes the perfect gift that shows you’re being thoughtful and wanted to treat them.

Follow their instructions on the invite: if the host says to bring something or to leave something at home, respect their wishes. If they want you to do something for their party, there is probably a logical reason that affects all the guests at the party.

Don’t invite others to someone else’s house party without asking first. This is basic manners. This may cause the host a slew of problems like not having enough food or alcohol to accommodate further guests, or potentially a social conflict amongst others.

Introduce yourself to your host and make an effort to spend time with them. It’s the least you could do in respect of their kidneys in opening their home to you.

Leave your phone at home, in your pocket, and off during the duration of the party unless otherwise instructed or a situation arises where it is necessary.

If there are any group photos taken, let us he host’s phone/camera take the photo for them to decide whether they want to post it and tag their friends or what they want to do with it.

If you accidentally make a mess in the bathroom or anywhere else, clean it up. You’d want the same respect extended to you in your home.

Offer to help clean up anything or volunteer to clear things up after dinner. Take your dishes to the sink, help throw trash away, and generally help alleviate the stress of the host having to clean up after the party.

Finally, leave before the host has to start the official cleaning process or you’re asked to leave. It isn’t always easy knowing when the final act of the party is over, but the host should give you a few cues like yawning or beginning to fidget clean.

Now, you’re ready to go out and attend any party with the proper knowledge of how to be the best visitor in someone else’s home. Knowing what to do, what to bring, and how to act at a house party is information that will last a lifetime. Now, go and be the bestest guest you can be!

Your practical guide of gay house party etiquette


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