Ways to a whiter smile

Get to pearly whites faster with these teeth tricks and tips for your whiter smile.

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Gay men love to take care of their bodies, spending countless hours each week at the gym toning and sculpting their bodies, paying close attention to diet, taking supplements and vitamins, spending hundreds of dollars each year on skincare products and treatments, and attention to detail on body grooming. Gay men will also go all out on paying attention to style with the latest fashion, shoes, accessories, and haircuts. However; after all that time, work, and energy, are gay men paying enough attention to have a brighter, whiter smile?

Ways to a whiter smile

Good oral hygiene is important and dental and gum care is often indicative of overall health. There are a lot of professional procedures out there that dentists can perform to give you instantaneous results. But what can you do in your own daily life to obtain and maintain a big, white, healthy smile? Get to pearly whites faster with these teeth tricks and tips for your whiter smile:

Brush your teeth! You should be brushing your dentals at the very least three times a day. While it isn’t exactly viable to brush your teeth after every meal or snack, you should be brushing at least in the morning, before bed, and sometime midday. Especially before meeting for a date or with friends. No one liked bad breath.

Try to avoid habits that darken your teeth. Stop smoking, and not just because it’s bad for you. Don’t drink so much coffee. Choose white wine over red. Mustard, some chocolates, ketchup and black tea are other items to avoid that also stain your teeth. Swap sugared gum for a sugar alternative.

Ways to a whiter smile

Eating midday snack of fruits or vegetables. Can’t brush your teeth while at the office? Try eating some lettuce, celery, apples, carrots and other hard, raw veggies and fruits. The extra chewing promotes saliva production, which acts as a natural washing machine in your mouth.

Incorporate lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime into your drinking water. It’s long been known that adding acidic fruits to our drinking water can help increase metabolism and decreased appetite. But the acidity in these fruits helps strip away plaque to naturally clean your teeth and make them whiter.

Speaking of water, H20 is essential for keeping your smile its brightest. Drinking water washes away germs and plaque from your teeth. Rinsing with water after eating helps rid your teeth of those in-between food bits that get stuck while eating. Keeping your mouth hydrated decreases your chances of bad breath while helping your mouth stay clean.

Try using a pre-rinse and mouthwash before and after brushing your teeth. Not all germs can be removed or killed by simply brushing and flossing. Mouthwashes and rinses help kill those hard-to-reach germs to prevent plaque build-up and gingivitis.

Ways to a whiter smile

Go over the counter. Most drugstores and even supermarkets carry at-home teeth whitening kits that actually do work. Users tend to notice results after just one day of two uses, but often feel the need to repeat the entire week long treatment several times a year to sustain their white smile.

Visit your dentist. Dentists have tools that most people don’t have in their homes and can reach angles with said tools that most consumers cannot. Obtaining a deep cleaning from your doctor can help you maintain the cleanest look, but it will be more expensive than the do-it-yourself approach. Your oral health care provider should be able to do a deep cleaning for $100 or less, if it’s not already covered by your health insurance.

Even if you do visit your dentist, remember that oral care is about personal responsibility. Just like learning a language, instrument, or skill, or building up muscle at the gym, white teeth and proper dental health is all about commitment to your mouth. How far you want to go in having and keeping a white smile is really all up to you.

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