Velo is CRUZIN: Big D*ck Daddy

8 new super gay tracks by Velo that are certain to give the LGBT community life this fall.

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Velo Cruzin: Big D*ck DaddyAY, PAPI! A new, sexy, out-and-proud, Latin artist (sorry Ricky), has just released a new record featuring some freshly extra talent. Based in Seattle, WA, VELO has a hot new album, Cruzin, and it features songs with icons of the LGBT community including Rhea Litre, Pablo Hernandez, Luis Ifer, and James Majesty. This is the second major album release from Velo and it is already getting people dancing their hearts out to his fierce new sounds.

“This album is super personal for me,” said Velo in an exclusive interview with HomoCulture. “I worked so hard on every track and it means so much to me, because I feel that after so many years of working on the music bit, I finally found my voice, my sound, my persona per say. I feel like this album graduated me to a real ‘recording artist’ for lack of better words. I feel confident in my producing and writing skills finally and I wanted to share my point of view with people.”

Velo has had a slew of queer celebrities like Strong Jaws (Dan Beaven, Vancouver, BC), and Rhea Litre (WeHo, CA), as talent in his videos, but his newest endeavors feature Phi Phi O’Hare, Aja, Pablo Hernandez, James Majesty, and Luis Ifer in an ambitious sophomore album that will soon be heard being bumped in the clubs.

Cruzin features eight super gay tracks that are certain to give the LGBT community life this fall. Each song highlights why Velo is at the top of his game, as the out and proud activo hunk raps about having his way with bottoms throughout the entire LP. Starting with the lead track, Yas God, Velo reminds us that he is a unique gay hiphop-popstar. It’s as catchy as any of the songs on the disc, and listeners will soon be screamin’ Yas God to his lead in track. Big Dick Daddy, Velo’s lead single, is a fun and bouncy hiphop track especially for those that love well-endowed men like Velo. The newly released video features Aja and Phi Phi O’Hare.

Andrew Christian model and Bitch, I’m a Bottom ‘singer’ Pablo Hernandez joins Velo on two tracks on Cruzin: Irrelevant and Up & Down. Irrelevant is a cheeky song making fun self-obsession. Up & Down features the best production on the record, with a seriously crazy good beat for the chorus that could be something Major Laser or Zedd produced. Oye Papi is a Latin-inspired track with a dance hall beat and fun lyrics. The title track Cruzin, featuring LA-famous drag queen Rhea Litre, is the song meant for dirty dancing. Dancer is his first of two slow songs, featuring Luis Ifer, and shows us Velo’s softer side. His ballad centerpiece for the album, Deep Breath, closes out the album with a melancholy plea for the one he loves to stay.

Velo Cruzin: Big D*ck Daddy“It was so awesome to have people like Rhea Litre and Pablo Hernandez join on a couple tracks because I really admire them and their contribution to gay entertainment,” said Velo, who was overwhelmed with appreciation for all the talent who helped him work on the album. “I respect them as artists and having them on this album made me feel like they respected me as one too. I hope people really give the album a listen“

Cruzin is a fun little record showing Velo’s full range as an artist. These eight tracks are a fun follow-up to his first album Sex.Money. Power. If you’ve never heard of Velo or want to check out his stuff, visit the Velo Facebook page for his latest album, Cruzin.

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