Preventing premature ejaculation

5 tips for helping you from cumming too early.

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Gay sex can be tricky enough trying to figure out which partner is top or bottom, into which act, and what will exactly get each other off, without the added pressure or worry if actually getting off will be a problem or not. Or if it’ll happen too quickly. The last thing you want to be known as is ‘too soon willy’ and orgasm so early that your partner has no choice but to give up hope at cumming or needs to finish himself off. Premature ejaculation is a real thing, even for gay men. Learning how to avoid cumming too early when getting down with your sexy someone is something that you need to work on. These five tips on preventing premature ejaculation may be just what you’ve needed!

If reaching the finish line too early isn’t a regular occurrence for you, or if you can easier get off more than once during sex play, then you really have nothing to worry about. A lot of gay men get off on cum and semen, and even more get off on the sight and physical act of a partner ejaculating. If you can shoot more than blanks more than once, or you rarely ever have a problem prematurely cumming, then you really have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if you are noticing that you can never seem to last as long as your partner or are constantly premature ejaculating, you might want to consult your doctor as this could be indicative of a number of very minor issues that could involve a number of factors, including psychological. If this is you, think about talking to a specialist. It could be something as simple as taking a pill (all medications and drugs should be recommended by a doctor before taking).

Preventing premature ejaculation

For the rest of us in-between(ers), there are several skills you can acquire to help make you longer and achieve better orgasms. Try these five tips when wanting to test the waters of extending your orgasm:

  1. Masturbate the day of date night. Often, the number one reasons guys get off too fast is because they haven’t gotten off in a while. Or, the sexual experience with their partner is so sensory overwhelming that they cannot contain themselves and the sexual intensity. Sometimes masturbating can help alleviate some of the personal sexual tension.
  2. If you masturbate often and multiple times per day, try refraining from masturbating that day and even 24 hours prior to your rendezvous. Sometimes monotony in your sex life can affect how you perform in the bedroom. When you masturbate, it’s often to porn or imagery, and you can become so used to the sensations and feelings of getting off to porn, that you aren’t able to function properly when a person-to-person sexual experience occurs.
  3. Try stopping and starting mid-flow while urinating. The same muscles controlling your urine, also controls your orgasm. If you are able to freely begin and pause pissing while using the restroom, you will be able to control your orgasm and how long it lasts better.
  4. Introduce edging into your sex life: solo and with your partner. Edging is the practice of masturbating to the point of the brink of orgasm only to stop and prevent ograsming right before you become involuntarily able to do so. Right before you are about to climax while pleasing yourself and during sex, try stopping right before, taking you to the edge of climax. This technique can also prove very effective in temporarily postponing cumming.
  5. Attempt different positions and acts. Does the Congress of the Cow send you to the moon and back? Is doggie-style your position du jour that consistently makes your tows curl and eyes roll in the back of your head? Try shaking it up. Change positions, change roles, and do something different. Maybe you’ll realize you really like something you didn’t even think you would that really makes you orgasm!

What tips and techniques do you use to keep from preventing premature ejaculation? Leave your suggestions in the comments box below.

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