Makeup tips for the modern man

Yes, even guys should wear at least a bit of makeup. Perfect skin is in!

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Makeup tips for the modern manBeat that face! Maybelline and Covergirl have smashed stereotypes and broken down barriers with both international makeup brands featuring male faces leading their makeup lines. In 2016, sales of cosmetics to men was an incredible $50 billion-dollar industry. Maybe it’s Maybelline, or maybe it’s time to jump on the male makeup up trend. Either way, if you’re a modern gay man you need to know these essential makeup tips.

Makeup extraordinaire, Jeffrey Scott Rivera, first started his career in professional makeup at the Portland Opera House at the age of 15. He has worked with bridal parties, performance artists, fitness and fashion models, red carpet, and publications in Paris, Los Angeles, London, and more. With makeup use on the rise, the now Seattle-based makeup stylist serves up some juicy makeup tips for men looking to make it up.

“The Entertainment industry has created a demand for the perfect skin,” said Jeffery Scott Rivera, explaining why makeup for men has suddenly become popular. “Not only will using subtle amounts of makeup make you look great, it will also boost self-confidence. Perfect skin is in!”

Makeup has been used by men throughout history from royalty to the stage, for vanity or for status. Makeup should be worn to enhance the skin and blur imperfections. When starting out wanting to try makeup up, Jeffrey recommends finding an expert to determine your skin type.

“After finding that solid skincare routine, like liquid skincare for men, add a light beauty benefit cream, or soft powder to the face and brow,” recommends Jeffery. “Grooming products are the simplest ways enhance for a natural look. A cleanser is key. Wearing makeup and not washing it off is a big mistake. I always recommend a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a facial scrub to start; an eye cream is also beneficial to keep you looking fresh!”

For a clean look, it’s best to determine your skin type and match the products needed for your specific needs. The basics are simple, ultra-light liquid products for normal skin, pressed powder for oily skin, and cream based for dry skin.

“Depending on your personal style you may want to find a darker shade of the different styles to create seamless definition on the face,” suggests Jeffery. “Brow products like the brow pomade and brow wiz will create an effortless defined brow.”

Men, Jeffrey warns, makeup tips for men are different than for women.

Makeup tips for the modern man“Minimalism is key for men,” Jeffery explains. “Makeup is neither masculine or feminine but the way it’s applied will create that feeling for others.” For guys, apparently slow and steady wins the race. Begin by using your best tools, your fingers, with a small amount and work your way up for a more masculine, natural look. For the most natural and radiant look, Jeffrey advises products that work for you and gentle applications that create a natural look for everyone.

When it comes to essential makeup items for the modern man, Jeffery strongly recommends guys start with the basics: an exfoliating product, a moisturizer, and a matte bb cream. They are his go-to male makeup essentials.

Maybe men will see a day where makeup wearing is an everyday part of life for everyone. Jeffrey certainly thinks so.

“We already see it everyday in all forms of media: every man is wearing makeup,” exclaimed Jeffrey, excited about makeup tips for modern men. “It’s time to accept that all genders want to have clear looking skin and that makeup can easily answer the call.” Perhaps he’s right as more and more cosmetic companies are embracing the male consumer and more men are embracing wearing makeup.

“Try it!! It’s a fun avenue to explore and who knows, maybe you’ll love it,” Jeffrey concluded. “Makeup is for the artist in you to explore and create you, everyday.”

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