Mr. Gay Canada – People’s Choice

Mr Gay Canada People's Choice Brian Webb

In February 2012, after three days of intensive competition, Brian Webb was awarded the People’s Choice award in the Mr. Gay Canada competition.

“It is a great honour to receive the People’s Choice Award in the Mr. Gay Canada competition,” Brian Webb stated. “As a role model and ambassador for youth and the LGBT communities, I am honoured that I can continue to forster a positive image for young gay men and continue to champion gay human rights through my site, HomoCulture, the largest and most trusted source of gay culture in North America.”

As a role model, advocate, and ambassador for LGBT rights in North America and on the world stage, Brian continues to raise awareness of the issues facing the community and youth, including equality, safer sex, anti-bullying and self-esteem.

Each year, Brian travels across North America on the HomoCulture Tour, attending over dozens pride events,, parades, festivals, events, and LGBT-friendly destinations.