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Lelo Tor 2—sophisticated sexual stimulation

Lelo Tor 2

Staying hard during intimate play is a common challenge for most men. Many guys turn to rings of various sizes and materials to help them overcome what can be a very embarrassing problem. Lelo, the maker of the world’s top, luxury adult toys and accessories has re-introduced Tor, their best-selling couples ring, enhancing the sexual experience for both partners.

Lelo Tor 2

The new Lelo Tor 2 is the ultimate in cock ring technology. Made from soft, stretchable silicone, the Tor 2 is easily put on like a standard ring; however, what makes this ring different is the ultra-strong vibrating base which turns it into a pleasure toy unlike any other.

Lelo Tor 2

While there are other vibrating cock rings on the market, most aren’t very powerful and won’t stand the test of time. Made of luxury silicone, the Lelo Tor 2 is incredibly soft to the touch. The powerful vibrator, built into the base, charges quickly using the provided USB charging cable. Fully charged, the vibrator can last up to 1.5 hours on six different vibration settings. The vibrator is so powerful and intense that it will pleasure both partners.

Unlike other devices, the Lelo Tor 2 can be used in the bathtub or shower. It’s 100% waterproof. You can easily go from the bedroom to the bathroom, and back, making for longer lovemaking sessions, in a variety of settings and fantasies.

Lelo Tor 2

What’s more is that the Lelo Tor 2 has a one-year warranty and a ten-year guarantee, so you know your purchase is backed with confidence.

It’s time to make lovemaking fun again. Get longer, stronger, and more intense play with your partner with the new Lelo Tor 2.

Disney’s Newsies the musical set to tour across Canada

Disney's Newsies the musical set to tour across Canada

Inspired by the real-life ‘Newsboy Strike of 1899’, Disney’s Newsies, a theatrical production presented by Broadway Across Canada, tells the story of a newsboy Kid Blink who leads a band of orphan and runaway newspaper boys on a two-week-long action against Pulitzer, Hearst, and other top newspaper publishers. The much anticipated Broadway musical will be in Vancouver July 5-10 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Set in New York City, Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a ragged band of teenaged ‘newsies’, who dream of a better life away from the hardship of the streets. Together, the newsies from across the city rally together to strike for what’s right after publishes titans Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Heart raise distribution prices at the expense of the newsboys.

The Tony award-winning production was intended for a Broadway run of just 101 performances when it originally opened on March 29, 2012. The show has run an incredible 1,005 performances, has been seen by more than one million people, and has grossed over $100M, which broke seven Nederlander Theatre house records and became the highest-grossing show in the 2011-2012 season.

Since the film’s theatrical release in 1992, and subsequent DVD release, Newsies has grown into a cult phenomenon, making it one of the single most requested title of all the Disney musical to be adapted for the stage. The stage version features seven new songs.

Tickets for the live musical performance are available on Monday, May 9. Advance tickets are available through Front Of The Link by American Express, May 2-4.

Tegan and Sara release new album and launch new tour.

Tegan and Sara

Celebrating 17 years strong, Tegan and Sara have built an amazing global following of fans. The dynamic duo effortlessly bridge the pop and indie music worlds, creating a rich and diverse collection of music throughout the years.

Together, Tegan and Sara have sold over 1 million albums, received seven gold certifications, one double platinum certification, three Juno awards, two Polaris prize nominations, and a Grammy nomination.

Both artists were born in Calgary, Alberta in 1980 and began playing guitar and singing at the age of 15. They released their first album, Under Feet Like Ours, in 1999. A few years later, in 2002, the girls released If It Was You, which became a fundamental moment in their creative path and music identity.

Their 2013 single, Closer, was their first attempt at transcending into pop sheen for the first time. The song debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart, which was their highest billboard ranking to date.

Most recently Tegan and Sara have released their eighth studio album, Love You To Death, which includes ten new vibrant and visionary tracks, including the single, Boyfriend.

See Tegan and Sara live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC on October 5, 2016. Tickets are on sale now and start at just $36 (inc GST) are on sale now through Live Nation.

Ruff Party 2016 – where sexy is standard

Ruff Party 2016 Get your jockstraps, harnesses, chaps, knee-high socks, gauntlets, armbands, and all your other leather, rubber, vinyl, and neoprene gear ready! May 22 marks the annual Ruff Party at The Pint in downtown Vancouver, and tickets are on sale now.

Ruff events have a long standing history in Vancouver. It’s where sexy is standard. Guys of all shapes, sizes, and interests come together for a sexy, fun, and erotic night of dancing.

This past March, Shane took home the title as Mr. Ruff 2016, in an evening long competition where the candidates competed in a number of events and raised funds for local charities. The May 22 Ruff Party will feature all the Mr Ruff 2016 candidates, including Jesse, Anuar, and Thomas.

DJ Nark (Seattle) and DJ Nick Bertossi (Vancouver), will be laying down tracks all night long and keeping the dance floor moving with deep baselines and heavy beats. Also making debuts at Ruff Party are go-go dancers Drake and Boy Spence.

Guests are encouraged to get creative, dress sexy, and be ready for a night of fun and dancing.

The official late-night after party is at Steamworks Bathhouse. Show your Ruff Party wristband for special cover prices.

Tickets for Ruff Party are $15 (plus service charges) in advance online or at Topdrawers, or $20 at the door.


Denied bathroom access increases risk of higher suicide attempts for transgender students

Denied bathroom access results in higher suicide attempts for transgender students

High school, college, and university can be fun for some and complete torture for others. From fitting in to making friends, dealing with bullies and managing good grades, it’s a struggle to balance it all. Layer on sexuality and things get exponentially more complicated. A recent study from Georgia State University found that something as simple of transgender students being denied access to bathrooms and gender-appropriate campus housing significantly increases their risk of suicide.

“An alarmingly high proportion of the transgender individuals participating in this study, 46.5 percent, had a history of attempted suicide,” said Kristie Seelman, assistant professor of social work in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

The study found students who were denied access to bathrooms or campus houses had an increased suicide rate of over 60%.

“Hostility, harassment, discrimination, invisibility and marginalization are common experiences for transgender students,” Seelman said. “The institutional and social supports that may contribute to their resilience, coping and academic success are often lacking. Taken altogether, these experiences often tear down their psychological well-being.”

Seelman paired data from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), a study of more than 6,000 transgender adults, including more than 2,300 individuals who self-identified as transgender while in college, to study whether denial of access to bathrooms and gender-appropriate campus housing are related to a heightened risk for suicide attempts among transgender individuals.

Nearly a quarter of those in the NTDS who had attended college reported being denied access to bathrooms or other campus facilities due to being transgender or gender non-conforming. About a fifth of the total sample had been denied access to gender-appropriate campus housing.

Other studies have found transgender individuals report bathroom access as one of their most pressing issues on campus. Their negative experiences include being questioned about whether they belong in the bathroom, being stared at, and being denied access or told to leave.

Those targeted felt less safe and tried to avoid campus bathrooms, the study reported. Being forced to wait longer to use a bathroom led to physical health consequences, including dehydration and kidney and urinary tract infections.

The research recommends institutions of higher education put policies and a network of faculty and staff in place to address harassment and victimization, provide access to safe, gender-appropriate bathroom and housing options, and establish well-funded, competent mental health services to meet transgender students’ needs.

“We are at a crossroads in the rising public awareness of transgender identities and in examining the ways our institutions can be structured to keep these individuals safe from harm,” Seelman said. “Administrators who take steps to combat discrimination affecting transgender people and other marginalized groups are not only contributing to a safer climate, they are also communicating the institution’s commitment to inclusiveness and the development of a diverse campus population.”

Stoli Berry Breeze

Stoli Berry Breeze

Spring is in the air. The days are getting both longer and warmer. It’s the time of year to venture outside to re-discover all the great activities including hiking, biking, running, gardening, or even just relaxing. Whether you’re headed out for a picnic or having a few friends over to enjoy the warm day, a Stoli Berry Breeze is a fun, refreshing, and perfect cocktail to enjoy the happy moments this time of year brings. So mix up a few cocktails, then sit back, and enjoy the breeze, because it’s pretty awesome!

  • 2 oz Stoli Premium Vodka
  • 4 fresh blackberries
  • ¼ oz fresh lime juice
  • Ginger beer

In the bottom of a copper cup, muddle blackberries and lime juice. Fill the cooper cup with ice. Add Stoli Premium Vodka, then stir. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel and blackberry.

Canadians excited about new smart home technology

smart home technology

There’s no doubt about it, Canadians are early adopters when it comes to technology. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices are in the palms of most Canadians, and have been for years. With a firm grip on technology, Canadians are quickly adopting smart technology inside their homes. This includes smart televisions, thermostats, lighting, appliances, security, and entry systems.

A recent study commissioned by TELUS, the leader in Canadian communication technology, found that 34% of Canadians have at least one smart home device in their home already, while 61% believe that smart home technology would benefit their lives.

“Smart home technology is shifting from early adopters into the mainstream as Canadians begin to realize the tremendous benefits that these devices can bring to them and their families,” said Rob Currie, vice-president of Mobile Devices at TELUS. “Today, we’re seeing basic functionality like controlling lighting or thermostats from our smartphones, but soon, innovations like biometric security systems, intelligent kitchens and home health solutions will make our lives so much safer, healthier and easier that smart home technology will become integral to our digital lifestyles.”

Over half of Canadians, 57%, believed the greatest benefits of living in a smarter home included saving money and being greener. There are products available that can sent instant notifications to your smartphone when your plants need watering, or give you the capability of being able to adjust the thermostat while you are away or before you get home.

smart home technology

Safety and security is always top-of-mind for both renters and homeowners, along with people who travel frequently. With smart home technology like the new August smart lock system it’s possible to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone. Take your home security to an entire new level with the Google Nest camera system, which can send a notification to your smart phone when motion is detected, which you can then log on to your camera within seconds to see what’s happening in real time.

What’s more is that like most technology, many of these items can be set up very quickly and easily, right out of the box, and integrated with easy-to-install apps. Now, instead of coming home to a hot house this summer, you can turn on the A/C when you’re leaving work, and as your approaching home, your smartphone or Apple watch can automatically unlock your front door, saving you from having to put down your briefcase and shopping bags while you hunt for your keys. It’s that simple!

Get your home geared up

Bring smart technology into your home with the help of TELUS. TELUS currently has two Connected Experience stores, one in Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre and the other in Edmonton’s Southgate Centre, and coming soon, 50 other TELUS retail stores across Canada will feature smart home technology solutions, including Phillips Hue lighting, August smart locks, and Nest products.

How to combat seasonal allergies

Allergy SeasonAs the weather finally starts to warm up, it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful, warm sunshine. Spring is in high gear and for people who have been waiting to get off the treadmill and out of the gym to enjoy the fresh air, enjoy nature, and enjoy some fantastic events. However; not everyone gets as excited about this time of year.

For people who suffer from allergies, this time of year can be brutal. Sniffling, sneezing, and rubbing eyes are just a few of the signs that allergens are back. The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports about 40 million people who live in the United States have some type of allergy. Seasonal allergens top the list as the most common. But having allergies doesn’t mean you have to stay trapped inside.

Seasonal sniffles shouldn’t slow you down. Dr. Josh Sandell of Orthology, offers these three tips to help you get through allergy season without slowing you down:

Pollen counts

Each day the pollen count changes. It can even change throughout the day. Monitor the weather reports and get outside when the counts are low. Later in the afternoon or evening is the best time to get outside.

Check the weather

Weather can also have an impact. Dry, warm and windy days bring with them higher pollen counts than cool, damp days. There are plenty of websites and apps that can provide you with information about pollen counts so you can monitor the best times to head outdoors or when to consider staying inside.

 Spring cleaning

As we mentioned in a previous post, spring cleaning is not only cathartic, but it can actually help relieve your suffering from allergies as windows, blinds, and items in old storage could be harboring dust and mold which can cause your allergies to act up. Doing a thorough spring cleaning by vacuuming carpet and washing down surfaces can get rid of potential irritants and give you a great workout in the process!

Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse

Spring CleanseCleanses are very popular in the spring. It’s the time of year to rejuvenate, get a fresh start, and prepare for the upcoming season. Cleanses purge the body of toxins. There are a number of different types of cleanses, each with their own benefits and purposes; but they all have a common goal of purging the body of unwanted toxins. Cleanse diets are all about eating fresh, healthy, and clean ingredients. While cleanse’s typically don’t include drinking alcohol, when you are done your cleanse, rather than falling back into your old ways, continue the trend by sticking to a cleaner diet and look for healthier alternatives, like this Spring Cleanse cocktail.

  • 5 oz gin
  • 2 oz aloe vera juice
  • ½ oz liquid honey
  • 3 slices cucumber
  • ½ oz fresh lime juice

In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, muddle cucumber and lime juice. Fill with ice. Add gin, aloe vera juice, and honey. Shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a fresh slice of cucumber.

Go commando style in the new Fort Troff gear

Go commando style in the new Fort Troff gearUnderwear is the most sexually charged article of clothing. It can be fashionable, functional, and formidable. Underwear should express whom you are, inside and out. While the majority of the time it is worn, it is covered up, you know exactly what you are wearing under your clothes, and when the time is right, your partner will discover your sexy under gear. There are some underwear that you put on for the first time and you fall instantly in love with them. It should feel natural, comfortable, and as an extension of your personality.

When it comes to personality, there are guys who relate better to designer brands, others who like a pop of colour or creative design, and others who just want the basic three-pack briefs. But there’s an entirely different breed of guy who wants to wear a pair of underwear that are going to make him look, feel, and act like a dirty pig. If that describes you, than chances are you are a Fort Troff gear guy.

Go commando style in the new Fort Troff gearFort Troff puts out an awesome collection of adult toys, including butt plugs and dildos. They are well known for toys that are durable and meant for serious pig play. The entire line-up of Fort Troff gear holds those same values; built to stand the test of time, so you can be the real you and able to get rough and dirty.

Go commando style in the new Fort Troff gearThe Fort Troff gear line-up comes in three styles; jock, boxer-jock, and boxer brief. Each style comes in a collection of three colours; red, blue, and charcoal. What’s more is that each package you order as a kit comes with a FT silicone cock ring.

The FT gear all comes with the signature black waistband with metallic FT Grunt logo wrapping all the way around, front to back. It’s incredibly bold in design and sends a strong message about you, and your underwear.

Each of the three styles all come in a masculine neutral grey camouflage design made of a polyester / spandex blend. This creates strong, sturdy, and form-fitting gear that moves and stretches with you, but remains comfortable and breathes throughout the day and night.

If you’re into washing your underwear, you can toss it into the washing machine in cold water and let it bounce around in the dryer on low. Like you, Fort Troff gear is not fussy. It’s good to go anytime, clean or dirty.

Fort Troff gear starts at $40USD for a three pack of sport jocks with the bonus silicone cock ring. If you’ve read this far, you might as well go buy some, pig.

Fort Troff

13 important tips for being a cum dump

13 important tips for being a cum dump

You just got your Truvada prescription, been watching bareback porn where the bottom takes 12 different loads and decided this is a fantasy you now want to fulfil. Great! But being a cum dump isn’t easy and requires a little preparation on your part. So set aside a weekend and dedicate yourself to challenging Dawson’s title. Here are a few lubricated tips to help ensure your fantasy weekend works out.

Lube. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of lube and that it’s good quality. You don’t want your hole wrecked on the first few loads. Pre-lube your hole but also put some next to you for your tops. Again, emphasize in your messages that there is lube there and that you want them to use it.

Towels. Things are going to get messy. A wet ass on your part and a wet dick and hands on the top’s part. Lay a towel down on your bed to make sure your sheets don’t get ruined and place another next to your bed for your guests to use to wipe up with.

Wet wipes. Keep a good supply of butt wipes and sanitizing hand wipes around. These will help keep your butt fresh for the next guy without the need to shower and you can use the hand wipes to clean up your cock and hands if they get sticky.

Diet. Plan this a couple of days in advance. Have lots of fibre in the days leading up to the long session and try to limit how much you eat during your cum dump period. Once you’re in bottoming time, avoid high fibre food and other things that will move through your system quickly. Protein smoothies will help keep you nourished without adding too much to what’s going to come down through your system.

Mega douche. Three pumps of water up your ass ain’t going to cut it for the amount of dick you’ll hopefully be taking. Make sure you douche deep and thoroughly – even if the water runs clear, do it some more as you want to get everything that’s deep inside so it doesn’t move down your system in between tops. Plus you’ll probably not want to douche after every couple of guys – that’ll get their cum out of your ass which kind of defeats the purpose.

Water and caffeine. You’ll need to stay awake and you’ll need to stay hydrated. Make sure you get plenty of water and drink a moderate amount of caffeine to ensure you’re alert. But stick to soda pop or tea – avoid coffee as it’ll act as a diuretic – not something you want when you’re taking dick all weekend.

Safety with friend contact. With all these guys coming over, you are putting yourself at risk. Tell a friend what you’ll be doing and arrange to contact them every couple of hours so that if they don’t hear back from you, they can come check up on you.

Hide valuables. You’re letting strangers into your home and you don’t want anything important stolen, particularly if you’re greeting them ass up in bed. Put things like wallets, keys, and jewelry away in a drawer, preferably not anywhere your guests will be.

Hookup apps. The best sites for looking for quick loads is probably BBRT and Craigslist. There are plenty of guys on BBRT just looking to unload in someone and putting an ad on there and Craigslist minimizes the time you’ll spend finding people as they’ll find you instead. Check profiles before messaging so you don’t waste your time chatting with someone who is a bottom or someone who wants long sessions. Be even more scrupulous on other apps like Grindr or Scruff, looking for clues as to what they’re on there for.

Adjust standards. Everyone wants to be a cum dump for a room full of sexy muscle jocks but it just ain’t going to happen if you’re looking for as many loads as possible. Try to broaden who you’d let fuck you or, if you really are worried that a guy isn’t perfect, put a blindfold on yourself and let them fuck you anonymously.

Emphasize quick pump and dumps. If your challenge is to take as much cum that weekend as you can, you have to manage your time well and take care of your butt hole. Make it clear in your advertisement and your messages that you are looking for quick pump and dumps. Firstly, you’ll need guys to be quick so you can move onto the next one. Secondly, if a guy pounds your ass rough for an hour just for one load, you’ll never manage to make it through the entire weekend.

Keep phone near you. You’ll need to keep in touch with all the guys coming over and manage your schedule well. There may be last minute messages from someone about to arrive asking for one last bit of info. So keep your phone close to you, preferably hidden such as under the towel or pillow. But turn the sound off – nothing worse than hearing woofs and text alerts during the middle of a good fuck.

STI testing and vaccinations. Make sure you’re up to date with your vaccinations (Hep B, HPV) and take your PrEP. Set up an STI testing appointment date for two weeks after your session to test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, checking for syphilis again for up to three months afterwards.

Enjoy that cum boys!

Translations: a three-day film festival dedicated to transgender films

Translations: a three-day film festival dedicated to transgender filmsThe transgender community will be celebrated for three consecutive days in Seattle, Washington, during Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival. Held May 12-15, the highly anticipated film festival will connect audiences with the stars and stories from the transgender community.

In its 11th year, the groundbreaking film festival will provide the Pacific Northwest with a variety of films for, by, and about transgender people, and the issues the community faces. Venues throughout the Capitol Hill area will host a line-up of films that place emphasis on the visibility and positive representations of the transgender community.

Some of the films and documentaries being screened including Major!, Suited, and Transparent. The festival will also include a panel featuring producer Rhys Ernst and director Silas Howard.

The highlight of the festival includes the US premier of A Womb of their Own, a documentary of masculine-of-center people at various stages of pregnancy and parenthood, and the unique struggles they have navigating reproductive services issues parents face around gender identity.

Tickets and passes for Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival are on sale now.

Gwen Stefani announces This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour

Gwen Stefani announces This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour

Tickets go on sale starting Friday, April 22 at 10:00am for the recently announced Gwen Stefani This Is What The Truth Feels Like North American tour. The three-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter kids off the North American tour on July 12 in Boston, MA, following the release of her third and most recent solo album release, featuring the hit singles Used to Love You, which was released on March 18.

Gwen Stefani recently appeared on Saturday Night Live as a guest performer and will be on NBC’s The Voice on April 19 to perform her new single, Misery. Earlier this year, Stefani made history at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards by performing the first music video ever created on live television.

Having sold more than 30 million albums worldwide with No Doubt and as a solo artist, Gwen Stefani is an accomplished designer, actress, and was a coach for the ninth season of The Voice.

Tickets for the This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour start at just $39.95 (plus FMF and service charges), and can be purchased online through Live Nation. A limited number of VIP packages will be available for most tour stops.

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park

Chicago is blessed with a plethora of hotels ranging from budget and boutique, to modern and business. Location, price, quality, and amenities are all important factors when selecting a hotel, and the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park fits perfectly in all these categories.

Located just steps away from Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile, and Millennium Park, home of the popular silver bean attraction, the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park is popular with guests who appreciate a luxury hotel experience, with upscale style, without breaking the bank.

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park

The spacious guest rooms, noticeably larger than the average city-size hotel rooms, offer city or lake views, feature king size beds or two queen beds, work area, chaise lounge, dressing area, and large bathroom. Details including high thread count sheets, extra bathroom linens, Canadian-made toiletries, and calming colour palettes do not go unnoticed.

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium ParkEach guestroom bathroom features a deep soaker bathtub, large vanity area with lighting, separate water closet, and a tile and glass shower. Separating the bathroom from the living quarters in the dressing area, complete with closet and mirror. It makes for maximum efficiency and privacy, especially when sharing a room. The only caution on the guest rooms is that there is some inconsistency from day-to-day with housekeeping standards; and as with any hotel, ensure the cleanliness of the room meets your high expectations as you arrive, including checking behind nightstands and furniture to ensure your room has been maintained.

For the ultra-tech traveller, there are some plug-ins available at the bedside table, free in-room WiFi, and some alarm clocks are upgraded to either the older or current iPhone docks.

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park

The property also features a larger than average fitness centre, with rows of cardio equipment, free weights, and a limited variety of weight machines. It also includes filtered water, fresh fruit, towel service, and even headphones if you’ve forgotten yours. There’s also a large lap pool and hot tub on site. Located on the lower level, near the fitness centre is a spa offering everything from massages to manicures.

The F&B options are pretty limited for a property this size. The new Columbus Restaurant serves up a farm-to-table style menu featuring plenty of locally sourced ingredients. It’s a welcomed addition to the property. Most evenings the lobby bars is pretty busy and extremely loud, making conversations difficult, but interestingly, they offer great value on Stoli cocktails! For the morning coffee hounds, there’s a Starbucks located seconds away through the underground passage to the Aon building.

Unwind to enjoy luxury and style at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park

If you’re headed to Chicago for a business conference, to do a little shopping, meet up with friends, or just looking for a relaxing getaway, the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park is an excellent choice. Rooms start at just $199 / night.

Guest Room: ★★★★☆

Bedding: ★★★★★

Towels and Toiletries: ★★★★★

Restaurants / Amenities: ★★★★☆

Customer Service: ★★★★★

Overall Experience: ★★★★☆

Price / Value: ★★★★★

5 ways to get your body ready for Pride in under 6 weeks

5 ways to get your body ready for Pride in under 6 weeksPride season is just around the corner. There’s no doubt that the shirts will be coming off and you don’t want to be the one awkwardly standing with your tank top on. Atlas, there’s still time to get your body ready for Pride. Here’s a quick list of 5 things you can do to get ready for Pride in under 6 weeks:

  1. Feel the burn – Work off that winter layer of fat by getting to the gym and lifting some weights, working your abs, and burning calories on the cardio machines.
  2. Love your skin – scrub off the winter layer of dead skin, open your pores, and make your skin radiate. Going to a day spa to get a 16microdermabrasion and facial will make your skin glow and be ready for summer. Don’t forget to moisturize and use a gentle cleanser every day.
  3. Watch your calories – Toss the chips, candy, and fried foods. Switch to a diet that incorporates fresh fruit and vegetables including all colours of the rainbow, leaner meats like turkey, and drink more water.
  4. Sleep – Yes, even the wicked need rest. It’s essential to recharge your body with a good night sleep. A fan in the bedroom will keep you cool and provide soothing white noise.
  5. Brighter smiles – See your dentist for a cleaning and then start whitening those teeth. Switch to a whitening toothpaste and use a whitening system like MySmile to bring out the best of your smile.

Do you have tips to help others get ready for Pride season? Leave your comments below.

Strawberry Basil Margaritas

Strawberry Basil Margaritas

Throwing a spring get together can be a lot of work. Knowing a few shortcuts can help make things a little easier. When it comes to cocktails, pitcher drinks are a fast and simple solution. Making pitcher drinks the night before also allows some of the flavours to infuse together. It’s important to keep your guests happy, and it allows you to sit back and relax at your own gathering. If you’re hosting a party this spring, give these delicious strawberry basil margaritas a whirl!

  • 2 cups gold tequila
  • 1 can frozen margarita mix
  • 10 large hulled and sliced strawberries
  • 8 basil leaves

In a large pitcher, add a can margarita mix, two cups of cold water, and tequila. Stir until the margarita mix is dissolved. Smack each basil leaf in your hands and add to the pitcher, then add all the strawberries. Stir. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator overnight. When ready to serve, stir, pour into glasses, and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Fort Troff tunnel plug… it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.


Fort Troff tunnel plug

Butt plugs are a common and popular anal toy. They are a fun way to explore anal play either on your own or with a partner. Regular butt plugs have a conical shape with a flared base. They are used to gently stretch the anus and stimulate both internal and external nerve endings. Butt plugs can be left in for a few minutes or several hours, depending on the type of play, size, and experience level. While butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tunnel plugs, like the Fort Troff Tunnel Plug, are quickly becoming a popular trend, especially within the fetish scene.

Like standard butt plugs, a tunnel plug has a narrow and rounded tip, making insertion easier. The flared base of the plug helps lock it into place, makes for easy insertion and removal, and will ensure that is stays firmly in place, even with rougher play. A quality butt plug will have a flat base, meaning it can be worn for longer periods and can be comfortably used while sitting or walking. It should also be discrete when fully clothed, so you can wear it out in public without anyone noticing in.

Unlike a speculum, which can risk tearing, a tunnel plug is a safer way of exploring your partners insides. Once a tunnel plug is inserted, it gives a complete, unobstructed visual access inside the rectum.

Fort Troff tunnel plug

Exposing your inner self is the purpose of a tunnel butt plug. It’s an incredible way to explore anal play, especially those who like being submissive, unprotected, and vulnerable. There is no hiding when it comes to tunnel plugs. If you like the sight of a gaping hole and inserting big toys, tunnel plugs are a lot of fun! Try shining a flashlight inside for an even better view!

It’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway

Tunnel plugs are commonly used for anal training and stretching. The complete openness of a tunnel plug allows for probes, fingers, toys, and other objects to easily be inserted. Lube, cum, piss, and other liquids can easily be poured deep inside.

For people who have diaper and enema fetishes, especially those who enjoy the loss of control over bodily functions and feeling powerless, tunnel plugs have become a popular piece of equipment. The feeling of being helpless can be incredibly erotic for some.

Fort Troff tunnel plug

If you’re going to try a tunnel plug, get the Fort Troff Silicone Tunnel Plug. It is firm, flexible, and non-porous. Plus it has two different textures and ribs, for added sensation. For people with sensitive skin and allergies, this kind of plug is perfect. Silicone plugs are also safe to use with either water-base or silicone lubricant. What’s more is that it can be cleaned with mild soap and water, or even be sanitized on the top rack of the dishwasher!

The Fort Troff Silicone Tunnel Plug is an incredible value at just $25USD!

Fort Troff

White Party 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

The dessert really heated up this past weekend in the dessert as thousands of men flocked to Palm Springs, California for one of the premier gay circuit parties in the world, White Party 2016. The weekend was packed with thousands of hot men bumping and grinding throughout the non-stop party weekend.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

While rain threatened to put a damper on the weekend, in true Palm Springs fashion, the clouds parted and the weekend was generally warm and sunny. Compared to past years, many returning White Party participants felt that the overall attendance has declined over the past few years and expressed disappointment over there not being a surprise Saturday night headline performer as there has been in consecutive recent years; however, they noted that the qualities of the events have remained high and was still a great value.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

The weekend started out with a free pool party at the host hotel, the Renaissance. It’s a popular event for festivalgoers to start the weekend off at a nice, relaxed pace, and to get to know of the people they’ll be spending three action-packed days with.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

Friday night kicked into high gear with the Commando Party in the Renaissance hotel ballroom, where guys dressed up in uniforms, camouflage, harnesses, and sexy underwear.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

Saturday afternoon the party continued at the 21-acre Wet N Wild waterpark where DJ Dan Slater and DJ Wayne G spun upbeat dance music throughout the park including dance areas, 18 water rides, bar areas, and relaxing areas. The waterpark has a noticeably decline in attendance over the previous year; turns out, many people opted to stay and party at the Renaissance Hotel pool party on Saturday afternoon instead, which turned out to be a great social gather as people packed the poolside.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

The signature White Party took place on Saturday night at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The strict all-white attire, 10-hour dance party event is the highlight of the entire weekend where everyone shows up in elaborate and sexy outfits and costumes, and for a chance to walk across the white carpet. The white carpet was moved to inside this year, which made the wait to walk the carpet much more comfortable and allowed a larger crowd to watch people strut in showing off all their assets.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

The inside of the convention centre was completely redesigned, with a giant horseshoe gantry rising high above the dance floor. The VIP access allowed for fantastic views of the stage and screens, which spanned the entire width of the room. It was an incredible experience and put the size of the event into perspective, seeing thousands of people dancing below, all dressed in white.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating For the first time the White Party was themed, as Game of Thones, which some people embraced through their creative costume designs. The headline DJ for the main event was international DJ and producer, Offer Nissim, who was opened for by DJ’s Dani Toro and Nacho Chapado.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

For most, Sunday started out slow and got off to a late start, which meant breakfast with ceasars and mimosas by the pool, as another pool party got the day of fun going.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

As the afternoon sun moved across the sky, the Sunset T-Dance got underway. The evening event features a massive stage, raised VIP viewing platform, bars, quick-serve eats, and an amazingly fun ferris wheel which was free to ride. The headline performance was by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Ericka Jane, who received the honour of Queen of White Party. The event was closed out with a spectacular choreographed fireworks show set to a remix by DJ Grind and Toy Armada.

White Party Palm Springs 2016; still fresh and exhilirating

The weekend wrapped up with a final Closing Party in the Renaissance ballroom that went until 7am.

IMG_9398 2_sm

White Party is like a family reunion. It’s a fun and exciting weekend of hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and being able to have an incredible experience. Jeffrey Sanker and the festival organizers work hard each year to delivery new experiences that are fresh and exhilarating. It’s why so many people return each year, because they don’t want to miss out on such a great event. If you’ve never been, you need to put it on your calendar for 2017!

See more photos from White Party 2016 on the HomoCulture Facebook page.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Tom CollinsThe RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat when it set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK, on April 10, 1912. She was the grandest ship ever build by Harland and Wolff shipyards for the White Star Line. Aboard the luxury liner were 2,224 passengers and crew, along with a manifest that included 1,000 bottles of wine, 850 spirit bottles, and 191 liquor cases. Just five days later, on April 14, the unsinkable Titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40pm, and would founder less than three hours later, at 2:20am on April 15. Over 1,500 souls perished that night, making it the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history.

During her five days of service, first class passengers would have enjoyed a number of popular libations while taking an afternoon stroll, over lavish dinners, or while relaxing in the parlor late into the evening. The cocktail menu aboard the RMS Titanic would have included popular drinks of the period including Manhattan’s, Rob Roy’s, Robby Burns, and of course, the Tom Collins.

  • 2 oz gin
  • ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Club soda

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Shake lightly. Strain into a Collins glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Unions: we wouldn’t be here without them

Union marching in gay pride parade

You’ve probably seen them marching in the middle of your local pride parade. A rather average group of people in t-shirts, holding banners with strange words on them: BC Fed, USW Local 637, CEU, etc. This, along with phrases such as “Solidarity Forever” or “Workers of the Work Unite.” Many hate these people bringing some other agenda to the pride parade. A rag tag bunch of people, they certainly don’t look as cool as the guys in speedos in the decked-out float for your local gay bar or your national bank. But these people represent an important part of the gay rights movement and its history, something that many younger gays don’t know about.

These labour unions, also known as trade unions, played a key role in the fight for LGBT rights in many nations, including the USA, Canada, and the UK, fighting for these rights long before it was hip and cool to do so and long before corporations saw the $$$ signs above the heads of queer people. Although the solidarity between the left and queer people goes way back, a seminal moment was the creation of the Mattachine Society, founded in 1950 and one of the earliest gay rights organizations in the USA, back when homosexual activity was still widely a criminal offence. Harry Hay, a labour union activist, got together with five other gay union activists that he had met at the Southern California Labor School and formed the Society to:

  • “Unify homosexuals isolated from their own kind”;
  • “Educate homosexuals and heterosexuals toward an ethical homosexual culture paralleling the cultures of the Negro, Mexican and Jewish peoples”;
  • “Lead the more socially conscious homosexual to provide leadership to the whole mass of social variants”; and
  • “Assist gays who are victimized daily as a result of oppression”.

In fact, this was not that unusual. Many of the leading gay rights activists starting in the 30s and even up until today have cut their teeth first as labour activists, being provided with instruction on how to organize through union workshops and experience.

Bayard Rustin, who was openly gay, was a principal organizer of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, otherwise known as the march where Dr King gave his famous speech, “I Have a Dream.” And while Dr King came from the religious side of the civil rights movement, Rustin was a socialist and later went on to work for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO). He began focusing on gay rights specifically in the 80s and easily linked his struggles both as a worker, a gay man, and black man in the USA.

In the 1970s, the link between labour unions and gay rights grew even stronger. In 1970, the American Federation of Teachers was the first union to pass a resolution in 1970 opposing discrimination against teachers “because he or she practices homosexual behavior in private life.” This union later played a pivotal role against Proposition 6, otherwise known as the Briggs Initiative, that would’ve made it a requirement to not just fire a teacher for being gay but to fire any teacher that spoke positively about gay people. The union saw gay rights and protecting the rights of its workers as one in the same.

Of course, there has also been some reciprocity. In the early 1970s, gay activists supported delivery drivers in the Teamsters union against Coors. Almost every gay bar in San Francisco boycotted Coors. The union in return supported the rights of gay workers to be open and end discriminatory hiring practices. Another story, immortalized in the 2014 British film Pride, is the role gay activists played in supporting miners in their strike against pit closures, recognizing they had a common enemy in Prime Minister Thatcher and equally in the police, who regularly harassed patrons of gay bars and attacked striking miners with just as much ferocity. In return, the National Union of Mineworkers showed up en masse at the 1985 London Pride Parade in a show of solidarity and became key allies in the fight for gay rights in 80s and 90s Britain.

Other key points in history include the AFL–CIO passing a gay rights resolution in 1983 and the success of lesbian bus drivers in Ann Arbor, Michigan getting “sexual preference” included in the union contract’s non-discrimination clause, one of the first bargaining units to include gay rights in contract negotiations.

Labour unions played such a key role in the gay rights movement because they understood that to truly represent their members and to ensure their employment was safe and secure, the main purpose of any union, this required standing up for their gay members too. Conversely, many gay workers recognized that their main fight was for secure employment, in a time before anti-discrimination laws, and that the best vehicle at the time to secure that right was through union activism, whence why so many gay activists first cut their teeth as labour activists. They also recognized that, as a minority, it was essential to build coalitions with other marginalized people or else they’d never succeed in their goal.

The next time you see that labour union contingent marching in the parade, make sure you clap and cheer. Or, if you’re feeling ultra-political, raise your right fist in the air.

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