Awarded the 2011 best shave cream by Men’s Health, Jack Black’s Beard Lube is an all-new way to shave. The hybrid shaving formula combines a pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin treatment for an easy one-step shaving product.

The special formula designed specifically for men’s skin contains jojoba, eucalyptus and phospholipids to improve cell membranes and to provide a natural skin, moisturizing the skin. The shave product also softens whiskers so the blades glide easily, meaning closer, smoother shaving with less irritation.

The shave lotion is also clear, which is ideal for shaving, to avoid preventing nicks and cuts. It’s also great for sculpting and trimming moustaches, sideburns and other facial hair features. The light formula is light and rinses easily from razor blades.

Jack Black Beard Lube is available for in Vancouver at Masc Skin Care at 433 Davie Street in Yaletown, or purchase through their estore.