Male porn star and producer, Brent Everett and his husband and producer Steve Pena, have both enjoyed success in the adult entertainment industry.

Adult entertainment and porn in North America are multi-billion dollar industries. The demand is insatiable. With the advances in technology, is there still money to be made by models or producers?

The reality is yes. Producers are constantly pushing the boundaries and coming up with new and creative ideas to shoot and distribute. It’s the way that they are making producers and studios are making their money is what is changing.

Ten to twenty years ago they would have hired actors, shot a scene, edited and then released it out on VHS or DVD. Today, with the advancements on the internet there are less and less DVD sales and VHS is obsolete.

Today, some revenue still comes from the traditional sale of DVD’s, but other revenue streams are now available. Video on demand, live webcam shows, paid member sites, merchandising, and special model appearances are ways the industry has learned how to diversify.

But it’s not just technology that is impacting the industry. During the economic downturn people turned to the internet to exchange files and access codes to private sites because disposable income was stretched thin. When people aren’t buying the media, producers aren’t getting paid and therefore there is less media being filmed and distributed .

This dramatically impacted not only producers and studios, but also the models who appear in front of the camera. Many adult entertainment models found themselves having to diversify their own careers. Many took up modeling in the fashion industry or have made special appearances at circuit parties and clubs.

Some models chose not to weather the storm and turned to more traditional careers in retail, business, technology and even acting.

Similar to the music industry, the adult entertainment industry need to find ways to diversify their revenue streams to continue to fulfill the worlds desire for erotic film.

It’ll be interesting to see how the world of adult entertainment evolves over the next few years as new technology like 3-D becomes more mainstream and how mobile and tablets will be used to create new revenue streams for producers and studios.