Long distance running puts a lot of strain on a runners body. Runners often complain about being tight, cramping, having tension and other tissue injuries. Massage therapy is an effective treatment for runners to help recover faster.

According to Vancouver’s PainPro Therapeutics, here are the top three benefits runners can receive through massage therapy:

  1. Speed Up Recovery Time: This is done by loosening tight muscles. Chronic tight muscles restrict blood flow, which traps in de-oxygenated blood causing pain and discomfort. Massage can help break up the adhesion in the muscle that causes tightness, reducing the restriction of blood flow, bringing fresh, oxygen-filled blood allowing the muscle tissue to repair and heal faster. A post-race massage can help a runner recover faster in a shorter period of time, meaning they can focus on what they love doing – running pain free!
  2. Improve Running Time and Performance: Runners are always looking for ways to run faster, smoother and reduce their risk of injury. Fascia is a connective tissue found throughout the body. It’s a 3D web support of muscles. As you start to run, the fascia becomes tight and begins to compress the muscle causing compression of blood vessles and nerves, giving the sensation of tingling or weakness. Fascial therapy  releases the tension by lengthening and expanding the muscle tissues, reducing the overall pressure, which leads to better performance.
  3. Educate: An RMT who understands the mechanics and nuisances of a long distance runner can be a runners best friend because they have a wealth of information. They can provide valuable ‘homework’ assignments to further improve recovery time or prevent further injury including stretching and strengthening exercises, and other effective treatments like hydro-therapy.


PainPro Therapeutics offers affordable, quick, and easy access to effective pain relief through advanced massage therapy techniques. The have clinics in the business district and in Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver and offer both same-day and online booking capabilities.