Three years after winning top prize in the inaugural season of Canada’s biggest LGBT talent competition, Queer Idol, R&B musician, Stacey Tennen, has released her first single, Partner in Crime.

The catchy debut song showcases Stacey’s impressive vocal range and powerful voice. Stacey co-wrote Partner in Crime with Juno award winner Gavin Bradley.

“I wanted to create a song that everyone would enjoy,” Stacey explained. “That’s the beauty of music – you can write a song about a lesbian relationship that a hetrosexual guy in Timmins would relate to. To me, the best way to educate others is by show them we’re really not that different.

Her influences include Mariah Carey, a mainstream musician who has found success even after coming out about her sexuality.

“Nobody should have to hide who they are to be successful,” Stacey said.  “I am very proud of who and what I am but I want to create music that will appeal to masses.”

“The music industry has always had lingering, unspoken rule that artists need to be tight-lipped about their sexual orientation,” explained Spectra Producer, Ralph Hamelmann. “Given the size of Canada’s LGBT community and its infrastructure, I believe there’s a market for LGBT recording artists. But frankly, I’d hate to see Stacey pigeon-holed as a ‘lesbian singer’. She’s a phenomenal talent who can easily become a mega-star.”