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Salad Jars

Salad JarsHealthy eating in the summer is easy – there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps cut the calories in our diets and fuels the body. But just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the good salad times have to end. Give salad jars a try – they are perfect for people on the go.

If you have a busy, hectic life, crazy work schedule and trying to fit in time at the gym, you need portable food that is healthy and nutritious.

Fresh ingredients still comes in throughout the fall. Take advantage of seasonal produce.

You can prepare meals in advance. Just line up a row of jars and make it into a production line. Use wide-mouth mason jars (500 ml). You can re-use the rings and lids as long as you clean them between uses and don’t use them for preserving.

Layer ingredients one at a time. Start with the salad dressing on the bottom to keep greens fresh (keep greens at the top). Layer from the bottom to top, heartier vegetables, shredded cabbage, snowpeas, beets, carrots. Add quinoa or pasta. Leftover chicken is good. Store in the fridge.

When you’re ready to eat, turn the jar upside down to mix in the salad dressing and eat right from the jar. Remember to bring a fork and to save and reuse the container.  Perfect for using leftovers. Fast, easy, and nutritious.

Wholesome and Hearty, Breakfast Starts at The Ridge Restaurant

Breakfast at The Range at Predator Ridge Golf Resort

It’s really hard to find a healthy meal when on vacation. Most meals are jam-packed with sauces, sugars, and preservatives that make for one unhealthy breakfast. This is incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re on a special diet. The folks at The Ridge restaurant at Predator Ridge Golf Resort near Vernon, B.C. completely understand your dietary breakfast requirements.

While the menu offers traditional breakfast favourites like pancakes and eggs benedict, they also cater to people who are sensitive to their morning routine. On the regular menu, Omega 3 eggs are served, along with options like whole-wheat toast and turkey sausage.

So what makes this place so special? How about yogurt sweetened with honey, fresh strawberries, and granola. Ok – so you expect that too. But what’s even more impressive is that if you are even more particular about your diet, for example, require spinach to increase your iron levels in the morning, or want char-grilled chicken for an extra low-fast protein boost, they can do that too!

That’s what’s great about heading to vacation destinations like Predator Ridge Golf Resort near Vernon, B.C., because they pay attention to detail and care about delivering an exceptional experience for all guests.

What’s important to you when you’re on vacation? If it’s what your eating because of your dietary requirements, perhaps it’s time to check out niche resorts like Predator Ridge.

Easy Summer Eats – Greek Pasta Salad

Easy-to-make Greek pasta salad When it comes to the dog days of summer, like we’re in the middle of right now, no one really feels like putting much effort into cooking. At the same time, we want to eat healthy to keep our beach bodies looking their best. A Greek pasta salad is super easy to make, and will fuel your body with a variety of colourful vegetables so you can get out and enjoy all the fun outdoor activities this summer.

  1. 4 cups pre-cooked and chilled whole wheat pasta
  2. ½ cup chopped green bell peppers
  3. ½ cup chopped red bell peppers
  4. ½ cup chopped celery
  5. ½ cup chopped cucumber
  6. ½ cup sliced cherry tomatoes
  7. 250 ml can of sliced black olives
  8. ¾ cup cubed feta cheese
  9. ¼ cup low-calorie Italian salad dressing

Pre-cook whole wheat pasta in salted water; stain and chill in the refrigerator until cold.  Add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Toss together. Will keep in the refrigerator for up to two days in an air-tight container.

This salad goes great with barbequed boneless, skinless chicken breasts and fresh roasted corn-on-the-cobb.

Homemade Energy Bars

Processed granola bars are handy, but they are packed with preservatives and often have a high amount of sugars and fats. For healthy, active people, finding healthy alternatives is key. This homemade energy bar recipe from the BMO Vancouver Marathon will fill the hunger void and will fuel your body your your next athletic activity.


  • 1-Cup Dates
  • 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • ½ Cup Water

Crumb Mixture:

  • 1-Cup Flour
  • ½ tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 1-Cup Butter
  • 1-Cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 Cups Rolled Oats


Add dates, water and 1 tbsp of brown sugar to pot and cook gently until soft.

Mix flour, salt and soda.

Cut in butter, followed by sugar and oats.

Spread half the crumb mixture in an 8X8” pan.

Cover with date filling.

Pat remaining crumb mixture on top.

Bake at 325 ° F for 35-40 Minutes

Simple Changes to Improve Your Diet: Week 6 – Eat Your Beans

This is the sixth installment of 10 simple ways you can change and improve your diet to lead a healthier lifestyle. The tips and information from this series comes from Choices Markets Dietician, Desiree Nielsen.

This weeks tip: Eat your beans

Often neglected, beans are the healthiest food you aren’t currently eating. Very high in fibre, beans contain an average of 10 grams of fibre per ¾ cup serving. That is a quarter of a man’s daily recommended fibre intake and more than a third for a woman. This fibre not only helps you to feel full and satisfied as you eat; in combination with the slowly digested carbohydrates found in beans, fibre also helps slow down the rate at which blood sugars rise, reducing your urge to snack and helping you to maintain a healthy weight naturally.

Beans are a great source of vegetarian protein, good for you and the environment. Beans also offer a variety of important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium and folate. Try to eat beans 3 times a week, using the ideas below.

5 Ways to Add More Beans to Your Diet:

  1. Simply rinse and eat! The fastest way to go…add rinsed canned beans to salads, soups or stews for an instant nutrition boost to any meal.
  2. Mash it: Make your own hummus from chick peas or make a white bean dip by mashing a can of white beans with finely minced garlic, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. Eat as a dip with raw veggies or use as a sandwich spread. If going store bought, choose a hummus with simple ingredients.
  3. Go south of the border: Mexican cuisine offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with beans. Try black bean quesadillas, make a 3 bean chili, dip baked tortilla chips into a refried bean and salsa mixture or create a classic rice and beans side dish with plenty of spice.
  4. Swap beans for meat: economical and healthy…swap half the ground beef in your favourite recipes with rinsed canned lentils.
  5. Snack on beans instead of chips: steam edamame and toss with sea salt or try roasted chick peas. Toss a can of rinsed chick peas with 1 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper and chili flakes and bake in a single layer at 350 degrees until they turn golden but before they look too dehydrated.

Simple Changes to Improve Your Diet: Week 3 – Don’t drink your calories

This is the third installment of 10 simple ways you can change and improve your diet to lead a healthier lifestyle. The tips and information from this series comes from Choices Markets Dietician, Desiree Nielsen.

This week’s tip: Don’t drink your calories

Never before in our history have we designed so many ways to drink ourselves fatter. Consumption of sweetened beverages has increased dramatically since the 1970’s: according to data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the percentage of calories consumed from drinks increased by more than 50% while calories from soft drinks and fruit drinks alone increased 135%. All of those calories can lead to weight gain over time as research shows that we do not compensate for the calories we drink by eating less later on. Just an extra 150 calories in the form of a sweet coffee drink could add up to ten or fifteen extra pounds a year from now.

So instead of cutting back on meal portions, cut calories the smart way by eliminating them from your drinks. You will likely save yourself a great deal of sugar in the process: a large Double Double will set you back 230 calories and 6 tsp of sugar (making the occasional cookie seem like less of a splurge!).

5 Better Beverage Choices:

  1. Enjoy coffee with 2% or skim milk, no sugar
  2. A tall nonfat latte has just 100 calories and a third of your daily calcium requirement
  3. Drink 6-8 glasses of pure water each day to stay well hydrated. Need a flavour boost? Squeeze in lemon or lime or a splash of a strongly flavoured juice such as pomegranate.
  4. Green tea is an anti-oxidant superstar and may help reduce your risk of cancer over time.
  5. Looking for bubbly? Try a high calcium mineral water, such as Gerolsteiner.

Simple Changes to Improve Your Diet: Week 1 – Eat Breakfast

As announced last week, every week for the next 10 weeks I’ll be sharing with you simple ways you can change and improve your diet to lead a healthier lifestyle. The tips and information from this series comes from Choices Markets Dietician, Desiree Nielsen.

Remember that old adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Now we have research to prove it: research presented by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz and her team in 2008 showed that eating a large 600 calorie breakfast every morning helped dieters lose more weight than the typical light diet fare. The ideal breakfast should contain a balance of protein, fibre and slowly digested carbohydrates to keep you going all morning long. What makes this breakfast so special? A hefty dose of protein, combined with quality carbohydrates, helps to control blood sugar rise so you feel energized instead of sluggish. While more research is needed to confirm the findings, big breakfast eaters in the study reported feeling less hunger and fewer cravings throughout the day even when on a low calorie eating plan overall.

5 Easy, Filling Breakfasts to Fuel your Day

1. Power Smoothie: blend 1 cup skim milk or soy milk, ¾ cup plain nonfat yogurt, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana and 1 scoop of Berry Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer

2. Perfect Oatmeal: Cook up steel cut oats according to package directions (make oatmeal the night before to streamline your mornings all week) and serve yourself one portion, topped with 1 cup of chopped fresh or thawed fruit, 2 tbsp of hemp seeds and 1 cup of skim milk.

3. Hearty Breakfast Bowl: place ¾ cup Liberte Greek Yogurt (high protein) in a bowl and top with 1 cup thawed blueberries, 1/3 cup All Bran Buds, ¼ cup of raw almonds and ¼ cup of your favourite granola

4. Egg Sandwich: Cook one or two omega 3 eggs to desired doneness with ½ tsp olive oil and serve between 2 slices of toasted sprouted grain bread with 1 tbsp salsa and a slice of light cheddar cheese or ¼ cup of soft goat cheese.

5. PB&J: Toast two slices of sprouted grain bread and top with 1½ tbsp raw almond butter, ½ tbsp of all fruit preserve and 1 small sliced banana.

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