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Jessy Karson; XXX Star Living with HIV

It’s been three years since 23 year old gay male porn star, Jessy Karson found out he tested positive for HIV. For any gay man this is hard enough to deal with, but when you’re career is in porn, it makes things much more complicated.

“I was a bit of a slut,” said Jessy as he described the time when he was infected with HIV.

At the time he learned he was positive, Jessy had been working with videoboys.com, dancing and doing some additional work for some other studios.

Jessy made the decision to go on treatment and today he is in control and gets regular check-ups. This being said, he is very aware that studios are very cautious about working with models who are HIV positive. They don’t want to put other models at risk and that limits the options of what they can do.

Jessy turned to studios that used HIV positive models, one of the largest studios being Treasure Island Media. When working for TIM, Jessy was one of six models to be featured in bareback scene, 1,000 Load Fuck.

This one appearance dramatically impacted Jessy’s image as a porn actor and an individual.

“Some people boycotted me,” said Jessy.

Jessy also noticed that since filming that scene other studios were not interested in hiring him.

Today, Jessy is not exclusive with any agency and enjoys the freedom of being able to work with a variety of producers and studios. He understands there are limitations, however he is confident in peoples demand for his bad-boy image and there will be lots of work lined up in the future.

Advice from Jessy Karson on getting into Adult Entertainment

Has it ever crossed your mind of what it would be like to be a porn star? It’s crossed everyone’s mind at one time or another. Sure there is the perceived impression that all you do is have sex with hot models and you get paid for it; but have you stopped to think about some of the other things involved in getting into the industry?

Jessy Karson has been in the business for porn and adult entertainment since he was 18 years old. He’s travelled all across the United States and has worked for some of the top studios.

“Think about it twice before you do it,” Jessy warned.

Here are some things Jessy thinks you should think about before jumping in:

  • Sure, the boys are hot, but sometimes you’re forced to have sex, even when you don’t want to.
  • You can’t back out. You have to sign a contract and you’re obligated to perform in the scene.
  • It will be part of your past forever; think about the future risks of your family and career.
  • Know your values and stick with them.
  • Don’t sell yourself short; some studios toss out cheap contracts hoping you’ll sign – if you’re going to sign a contract, do your research to know what the going rates are for models of your size, shape and caliber.
  • You don’t always know the status of your partner, or know if you can’t trust them. Some companies do no check the status of their models.

Hopefully Jessy’s advice will help you make an informed decision. Good luck out there!

HIV/Aids; the risk of working in adult entertainment

Working in adult entertainment can be a risky job. Models who work in the adult entertainment and the porn industry are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) or more seriously, HIV/aids.

Most agencies and studios do not force models to perform bareback. Models are usually given the choice, unless they willingly work with a studio or agency that exclusively shoots bareback scenes.

There are some models will only work with companies that have safer-sex practices and policies. It is the models personal decision, not the agency or studio, if the model will perform safe or bareback.

There are a few agencies and studios almost exclusively only produce bareback porn.

“Personally, I prefer to bareback,” said 24 year old gay male porn star Jessy Karson.

Some people find bareback porn offensive, unsafe and irresponsible. There is also a negative stigma because of the risk.

“If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it,” Jessy bluntly stated.

“We’re selling a fantasy, we have to cater to everyone,” Jessy explained.

Not all agencies require models to get tested prior to a shoot; however, they are required to sign a waiver releasing the agency from any consequences, including the transmission of STI’s or HIV.

Unfortunately Jessy was not careful and contracted the HIV virus three years ago. He does not know whom he got it from; however, he does not hold any anger against the person who infected him.

Jessy carefully monitors his condition with regular check-ups. Today’s advance in the treatment of AIDS allows him to continue to lead a regular, healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to practicing safe sex, Jessy said, “I respect people who pay attention. It’s personal and up to you.”

Is Bad-Ass Porn Star, Jessy Karson, Looking for a Serious Relationship?

Jessy Karson fans watch-out… Jessy’s on the prowl to find Mr. Right! The 24 year old bad-ass gay porn star has big plans to settle down for a modern-day old-fashioned relationship.

“I want a house with a pool, boyfriend and a dog,” Jessy described.

If you like great food, Jessy would make a great husband. He is right at home in the kitchen. One of his favourite meals to make is duck l’orange.

Jessy likes to find himself out at the clubs to enjoy a night of dancing, but also appreciates entertaining friends at home.

“I don’t want to go out every weekend,” said Jessy. “I like to have parties at home with friends.”

When it comes to an exclusive relationship, Jessy said he would like to have a traditional relationship, but was pretty sure that it would likely be an open relationship over time.

Jessy’s search for a partner does not include someone who is a porn star.

“I want to be the only one to see my boy friend naked,” said Jesse. “Exclusivity turns me on.”

He admits that being HIV positive does complicate matters, however, he is confident his match is out there; it’s just a matter of time until they meet.

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