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Life is ‘So Much Better’ for Openly Gay Singer/Songwriter, Levi Kreis

IMG_5787After saying goodbye to Los Angeles in 2012 and heading to Chicago, openly gay music singer, songwriter, and actor, Levi Kreis, was on a new path and excited for his future.

“My partner, his family, and the people I’ve come to know in Chicago enrich my life in a very authentic way,” Levi reflected on his move from California. “Resolving the years in L.A. and taking a huge risk into the unknown was right for me. It feels light to me.”

In February 2013, Levi released his latest single, So Much Better, with Vision 9 Records and UK label Enriched Records, followed by a mini-solo tour  promoting his latest works.

“I release my sixth album on June 20 call Imagine Paradise,” said Levi, explaining what he has in store for the rest of 2013. “In between all the hustle to promote new media, I’ll keep throwing myself out there for new acting roles.”

Recently Levi has shifted his outlook on life, releasing this fear of control.

“I feel more peace when I trust that something greater than myself is capable of guiding me to my most fulfilling life,” said the very religious songer. “I don’t know what that is, but I’m willing to sit in the question.”

Although deeply moved by spiritual powers, Levi looks inward on himself as his inspiration to continue to grow.

“I’m inspired in those moments where I feel the most distance from the opinions of others,” says Levi. “So much of my past has been controlled by an addiction to people pleasing. It has made my art impure and uninteresting at times, thinking if I did it like this, it would bring me approval by others. In those brief moments of self-empowerment, when my self-expression is untainted by the need for approval, those are the moments that inspire me the most. They grow me, because I then see pieces of me that I might not have seen before.”

It has taken Levi many years to scratch the surface of self-discovery, to put trust in others, and to abstain from what he and others would consider the evils of addiction, he leaves these words of advice for other artists…

“Happiness is not found in the attainment of some idolized accomplishment. It’s a choice. Right where you are. It’s within you, not without you.  Choose to be happy now. Chase nothing.”

Drake Rock, Behind the Camera

Life of American gay porn producer, Drake Rock, is pretty darn near normal. He’s the kind of guy that likes to drink Mountain Dew, get through life commando style, listen to m1live.com, and watch movies in his spare time.

“I took piano lessons for ten years and can barely play chopsticks,” Drake said. Ok, so maybe playing music wasn’t his forte, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard and have fun.

Just like everyone the rest of us, Drake has struggled with his own personal challenges.

“Making time to relax and enjoy life,” said Drake. “I tend to work too much.”

To compensate for his passion for work he has been known to visit some of his favourite vacation destinations.

“It used to be the beach,” Drake said as he was explaining where he would go on vacation. “I love places like Amsterdam, Montreal and London. My next big trip will hopefully be Rome and southern Italy.”

Drake also has a great sense of humor.

“I don’t eat meat,” Drake explained. “Well, at least processed meat. Cock is a different story.”

All joking aside, Drake has had some great moments throughout his life.

“Over the years, I’ve had many personal achievements that I was proud of at the time but they don’t seem monumental anymore,” Drake modestly said. “Now I’m happy if I can bring a smile to someone’s face and make them laugh. It’s the little things in life that matter.”

There are many people who could easily agree with that. It’s more about the journey and the people and events along the way that make life special.

“Still happy and laughing,” is how Drake described himself and where he will be in the next five years. “The rest if superfluous. Family and friends are important. Everything and everyone else are transitory and beyond our control that it’s easier to focus on simple things.”

“Whatever happens, happens,” Drake added.


Dayton O’Connor’s Life, Shines Bright

When 26 year old gay porn star, Dayton O’Connor, decided to get into the world of adult entertainment, he knew he was making the right choice and wasn’t going to look back.

“I don’t think I would do that much different,” explained Dayton. “I love who I am. I love the person I have grown to be.”

Dayton has had an exceptional career in porn. He’s been in over 92 scenes since his career began. Would Dayton do it differently if he had the chance? Simple answer: No.

“I have come from a lot of crap and dealt with even more,” said Dayton. “I’m just happy to be me and I’m proud to be proud.”

“Not sure where my life would have taken me,” said Dayton as he explained what his life would be like if he hadn’t got into porn. “I could still in be Pennsylvania or somewhere. My life would be completely different, that I’m sure of.”

Today Dayton continues to shoot scenes on a regular basis and has shown little interest in leaving the industry. He’s always excited for what’s to come each morning when he wakes up.

“Just getting up and seeing what’s happening,” is how Dayton explained his morning wake-up routine. “I really enjoy outdoor activities, so getting up and getting my day started is really all the motivation I need.”

But what really makes Dayton’s day shine bright?

“My dog, my friends and family,” said Dayton. “Oh and gummie bears!!!”

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