Quality, Service and Value. Three key words that keep The Keg a staple in the steakhouse category. Time and time again they turn out some of the best, most reliable quality cuts of beef, each time consistent and cooked right to order.

The average meal starts off with a “Keg Size” cocktail or highball – a two-ounce drink. Keg Ceasars, made with vodka and clamato juice, are a popular choice.

For appetizers, they are best known for their traditional ceasar salad. It’s best to ask for a fresh-made salad though because typically they are made up earlier in the day and stored in the cooler.

There are probably a dozen or more steak dinner combinations. They are best known for sirloin and prime rib. Either option will be a sure win. Don’t forget to add a glass of red wine with your steak. For entrée sides, you won’t want to miss out on the double-stuffed baked potato.

Finish off the meal with the Billy Miner Pie; mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust.

The ‘Keg Standard’ is a level of customer service they strive to deliver each and every time. It is what sets them apart from other steakhouses – consistent, friendly and genuine service.

Some locations, such as Yaletown in downtown Vancouver, exemplify outstanding service, whereas other locations like New Westminter (which is located in a very cool heritage train station), has been known at time to not live up to the Keg Standard for service.