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A clean hole gets the pole

The Stockroom anal douche kit

Whether you’re a gay man, bisexual, or heterosexual, the key to having amazing anal adventures is ensuring you have a nice, clean hole. Anal douching is not a subject a lot of people are openly comfortable discussing, but it’s important. Nothing is better than eating and fucking a clean, fresh smelling ass.

The Stockroom anal douche kit

For bottoms and versatile guys, or even heterosexual women into anal sex, douching should be a mandatory part of getting ready for a sexual encounter. The Stockroom offers the best, high quality, all metal douche kit, which can be permanently installed in your home shower in just minutes.

The Stockroom anal douche kit

The six-inch nozzle attaches to a six-foot flexible metal hose, connected to a valve, which you install into your existing shower with just a few minutes. This set-up allows you to continue to use your showerhead normally, but with the flip of the switch, turn the water to flow to the nozzle tip.

The Stockroom anal douche kit

The Stockroom anal douche kitThe Stockroom anal douche kit comes with two different aluminum nozzle options. A narrow tip with one large opening, or a larger tip with five holes for a deep and thorough rectal cleaning. Also included in the kit is a wall-mount nozzle holder, to keep it nicely tucked away when not in use.

Investing in a top quality built-in anal douche kit in important. There are cheaper options, which are made from plastic or cheap chrome plated parts, have shorter, plastic hoses, and connections that leak. Besides, do you really want to risk sticking something inside you that you can’t trust?

It’s important to lower the water pressure and to adjust the temperature when switching from your normal showerhead to the douche nozzle, otherwise serious damage could be done.

Cleaning out before you go on a date, to the bathhouse, or to the club should be part of your regular routine. You never know if some hot guy, or guys, are going to pick you up and want to take you home.

Dinner date tip:

If you’re going out on a dinner / sex date, do it in the opposite order. Have sex first, and then go for dinner. You’ll work up an appetite while having sex, but more importantly, as soon as you start to eat, even if it’s just a light snack, your body begins digestion, which can reverse all the hard work you did getting ready before your date.

3 tips from Darius Ferdynand for new guys starting in gay porn

Darius FerdynandStarting off in the gay porn industry is tough. Most people who are interested in getting into a career go to a post-secondary school; however, if you take acting and dance classes, and go to the gym every day, you likely won’t be ready to get undresses and be comfortable having sex on camera right away. Award-winning international gay porn star, Darius Ferdyand, offers these three tips for new guys starting in gay porn:

  1. Choose the right studio:

“If you don’t have previous adult entertainment experience find companies who only work with beginners, so you get a better salary before you carry on with the larger companies,” recommends Darius Ferdynand. “Besides that, be creative, be passionate, be hot and horny, and pay attention to the porn world. Do not do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. You’ll hate it, you will look crappy, the studio will hate it, and you’ll lose your interest in porn.”

  1. Respect yourself

“Some people think if you are a porn star then you are willing to do all kinds of stuff for ridiculous money,” said Darius Ferdynand. “I think you have to draw your own line and not sell yourself for nothing. Don’t be cheap!”

  1. Learn about yourself

“You have to look good, and have good timing with your erection and cum shot,” explains Darius Ferdynand. “You have to learn what angles look good on you, and make real connections with your partner, director, and audience.”


7 quick tips on how to get the best shave

quick tips on how to get the best shave

Face it, not every guy has learned how to shave. Well, not shave correctly for an ultra-smooth, comfortable shave. It’s probably part of the reason a lot of guys prefer to go with a bit of scruff or grow a beard. While it can be sexy to have facial hair, there are people calling for the end of the beard trend and time to revert back to the days of clean-shaven men.

Knowing when and how to shave are important. Here are seven quick tips on how to get the best shave each and every time:

  1. Choose a razor. There are many different types of razors, each with their own benefits. There are disposable, multi-blade, electric, and straight razors. Disposable are cheap and come in handy when travelling, but are easier to cut yourself on. Multi-blade razors give a super-close shave and reduce irritation, but refills can be expensive. Electric razors are great, but it’s a big upfront cost; however they are portable and last for years, but they don’t give a super close shave. A straight razor is one of the oldest razor types, is very traditional, and gives a ultra-close shave; however, it’s a bit of an investment for a quality blade, it’s easy to knick yourself, and takes a bit of time to learn how to use.
  2. Shaving product. There are shaving creams, gels, and oils. Use the one that is best suited for your skin type. Each will give a different shaving sensation and works different with both skin and beard types. You might have to experiment with a few different kinds before you find the one that works best of you. Some guys prefer to use a pre-shave oil to make shaving even easier.
  3. Direction is key. Always shave with the grain, not against. Going against the grain causes redness, irritation, and causes ingrown hairs. Its ok to go across the grain. Keep in mind that hair may grow in different directions in different areas of your face.
  4. Use short, steady strokes. Longer strokes pulls the skin and causes extra irritation. Shorter strokes allows you to rinse off the blade more frequently, removing shaving product and hair, allowing for a smoother shave. Shorter strokes also gives more control.
  5. Best time. Shaving immediately after a hot shower is the best time to trim the whiskers. The hair follicles are open and make trimming hair easier, because the hair can rise slightly out of the follicle and be shaved away nice and clean.
  6. Avoiding bumps. Ingrown hairs and red bumps can be avoided by finding the right shaving product for your skin, shaving with the grain of the hair, and by using post-shave balm. Balms cool and calm the skin, reducing irritation. Balms have moisturizer to help keep the skin soft too.
  7. Sharp blades. Shaving with a sharp blade is important. Blades can easily get damaged and razors should be stored in a protective case. Blades that are damaged cause knicks and scratches.

How to avoid data roaming fees when travelling

How to avoid data roaming fees when travelling

How to avoid data roaming fees when travellingHow can you stay connected while travelling, yet reduce your overall data use? It’s possible! You just need to be a smart and savvy about using your mobile device when you’re travelling. Here are some tips to help you be connected on your mobile when you travel, without breaking the bank from those pricy data roaming fees:

  1. Log on to Wi-Fi, whenever possible! Many coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and airport lounges offer free Wi-Fi access. Instead of using data roaming, connect to a Wi-Fi network to download and read emails, catch up on social media, post photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, etc. This will save you a lot of data. Try to save your data-required usage for when you are on a Wi-Fi network, instead of using data while roaming on a network.
  2. Turn off your apps. Most people don’t turn off their apps. Apps can be a huge suck of data, especially when you don’t realize Google Maps, Yelp, and Grindr are running in the background. Turning them off will help cut back your data use.
  3. Choose the right data plan. If you only travel out of country once a year, a travel pack is all you need, but if you travel regularly, you may want to consider a US or international travel bundle plan. Add-on and bundle packages will save you money on your monthly phone bill plus allow you to travel seamlessly, making for a better, stress-free experience.

Choosing a carrier that understands your simple or complex travel schedule is important. You need a plan that is right for you. TELUS offers a variety of plans and bundles, at affordable rates, and most importantly, hassle free. Plus they have a great free service that notifies you of your data use in 5MB increments, so you know you’ll never go over your data limit!

Path to fulfilment: The art of online hookups in 5 easy steps

HustlaBall Las Vegas main event

From an early age, people in our culture are instilled with shame and guilt around sex, none more so than gay men. Unfortunately, many gay men are reluctant to actually let go and admit that they just want to fuck around once in a while. They are so reluctant to admit this that, instead of just meeting a guy they’re attracted to and having a healthy sexual experience, they do it while blind drunk on a Friday night so that they can excuse their behaviour, while still feeling all the guilt and shame around it. Rather than enjoy the natural fun of sex while they’re sober, they have horrible drunken sex.

Hooking up is not a tawdry, dirty act. That is merely what we’ve been taught – that sex outside of a committed relationship is inherently wrong and should make us feel dirty. This is why many feel unfulfilled from hookups. We expect hooking up to be devoid of emotion and intimacy, so it ends up devoid of those two wonderful things. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it doesn’t need to be that way. There are a few things that will help make hooking up a more fulfilling experience – both for you and your lovers.

1. The most important thing is attitude. If you go into a hookup with the attitude that the point of the hookup is to cum, it will leave you feeling empty afterwards. Go to your hookup with the intention of meeting a lovely, probably flawed, person. Look at this as an experience to get to know someone in an intimate way. No matter what kind of sex you’re both into, it is about connecting with someone physically and emotionally. It’s important that you have respect for the person you’re hooking up with – if you don’t, he’ll see straight through you and it will probably impact the quality of sex.

2. Communication is incredibly important. Before and during sex. First, be clear beforehand about what you’re looking for – a quick fuck, a nice long session, or lots of cuddling and kissing. Also be clear before you meet about longer term expectations – do you just want a one-time thing or are you hoping to find an ongoing fuck buddy (and don’t be hurt if he doesn’t want to see you again – there are so many reasons why that may be and it’s probably not about you). And communicate about sex before and during it. Explain what you like and dislike beforehand and ask the same. If something is not going well during sex, don’t be afraid to speak up – if you’re not getting pleasure from the experience it really is pointless. The underlying foundation of communication is to not make assumptions about anything.

3. Be sober, unless it’s a kink. Some people find sexual fulfillment when they combine sex with drugs – no judgement there. But if you’re only hooking up when you’re high because it’s the only way you can be intimate with someone, then maybe you need to see a shrink. Drunken sex sucks and you probably need to get drunk because you lack confidence and are scared. Deal with that or sex is never going to be the great experience it should be.

4. Don’t be afraid to add a little romance! Maybe you chatted online and he’s a Star Wars fan so you bring him a figurine. Or maybe you sense he’s a very cuddly and emotional guy so you bring him flowers. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to bring him a small inexpensive gift that matches who he is so that the present is meaningful. This is still a date – a sex date – and that means you should still be a gentleman, albeit a slutty gentleman.

5. Take your time. Unless you’ve both expressed a time constraint beforehand, don’t rush the experience. Just because you’ve both shot your loads does not mean sex is over. Just as you need to build up to fucking, you need to come down from it. Cuddle, kiss, caress. Don’t run out the door like you’re grossed out by the guy. This is a great opportunity to get to know the guy (avoid discussing heated topics though).

Bonus: don’t take yourself or the experience too seriously. This is fun. It feels good. Your body was designed to do this. So relax, be confident, and take care of your needs in a responsible, thoughtful manner.

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8 Practical Dating Tips For Gay Men


The art of dating isn’t complicated. But, in order to succeed, there are some guidelines that can make it less painful, keeping you from curling up with a sad movie and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Follow these daging tips, and watch your romantic life blossom.

Love Yourself

If you aren’t able to love yourself, you can rest assured that no one else will, either. How could they? The bulk of their time would be spent trying to make you feel better about yourself. While relationships are about helping each other, there is only so much a person can deal with. Nobody wants to date a project.

Peacefully Single

You don’t have to enjoy being single—but you act as though it’s the end of the world. This leads to desperation, poor decision making, rash behavior, and no second dates. You may find yourself lowering your standards, going for guys that aren’t your type. Another scenario involves a date with a man that is your type, but your insatiable hunger for commitment sends him running in the opposite direction. In order to be good at dating, you need to be okay with being single. That will keep you from slipping into that crazed mindset that can turn a good prospect into a bad memory.

Explore Different Avenues

Spending too much time searching for Mr. Right at your local dance club? Sadly, that’s probably not the best place to hunt for anything long-term. It’s not impossible, just unlikely. Try exploring places where you’re more likely to find the kind of guy that interests you. For example—not to be taken too literally—if you’re looking for a baseball player, don’t go to a golf course. So if you aren’t looking for NSA sex, be mindful of where you’re focusing your search.

Embrace Casual Sex

Unless you have strict rules against non-committal sex, there’s no reason why you can’t have a bit of fun while you’re dating around. Masturbation gets boring—so if you find a particularly hot guy looking for a little sexual healing, why deny yourself the pleasure?

Open Your Mind

We all have types—the kind of guys that make us pop a tent in our pants. But avoid being overly specific, to the point where you miss out on a great catch because he didn’t meet your criteria in every way. Be flexible, allow your ‘type’ to evolve.

Master Dating Apps

Gay dating apps are notorious for being filled with fake profiles, conceited assholes, and minors pretending to be of legal age. However, you can still find quality guys—sometimes. Before you download Grindr, Scruff, Growlr, Hornet, etc., you should learn how to properly portray yourself to potential mates. For example: picking the right profile photo, how to handle rejection, and how to talk, which is a skill some guys don’t possess.

Friendly Matchmaking

If you have a friend that insists on introducing you to someone—unless you are super confident that you can find a guy on your own—take a chance and see what happens. You never know, it might turn out better than you think. Blind dates have a bad reputation, due to the high number of horror stories. Don’t let those deter you, since there are equally as many good stories…but those never get told. People love hearing about the nightmare scenarios.

Be Patient

Dating takes time. It’s not like in the moves, where the protagonist is happily walking down the street, and just happens to ‘bump’ into the love of their life. Honestly, some people do meet their other half right out of the gate—but for everybody else, it’s going to take a minute. If you don’t seem to be having much success, don’t give up. Instead, take a breath and remind yourself that you really won’t find love if you give up. Perseverance is the key to success, and that’s not only a dating rule. It’s universal.

5 rules of how to be a great mistress

5 rules to being a great mistressAlthough traditional and conservative, “prim and proper”, on the exterior, there’s a deep, dark secret.

I’m a Mistress – and I have been with various men for many years.

The question is, should you sleep with a married man?

If you’ve made the decision to enter the discrete world of being a Mistress, there are ground rules and you must follow. Let’s call them the ‘5 rules of how to be a great mistress’.

Let’s go.

  1. Keep the Mystery Alive. Let’s be honest, the man, or woman, is with you because you provide certain things his wife or her husband doesn’t. Great sex. Mystery. Excitement. Keep that mystery alive throughout your relationship. From sexy underwear and lingerie to conversing about topics that don’t have to do with his family, keep your relationship light and with spark.
  1. No Threats. If he’s doing this with you, chances are he trusts you more than anyone, even his wife. Never, ever threaten to tell anyone, especially his friends or family. The moment you break that trust is the moment your Mistress Card will be revoked.
  1. Protect Your Heart. As much as you try, part of you will likely fall for your Mister. As much as you can, protect your heart, and don’t fall in love.
  1. Be Realistic. Even if he does leave his wife for you, only 5% of these relationships end up being successful. Be realistic. Being a Mistress is an arrangement, often unspoken, that most often has an end date. Be realistic in the purpose of this relationship.
  1. Be Smart. Likely the most important, be smart. No photos together, and no saved texted messages. Set rules. Whether it’s no texting or calling after 5PM or only reaching out unless he initiates, be smart. You never know who’s looking through his phone.

From keeping the mystery alive to being smart, and realistic, these five rules of how to be a great mistress are must-follows.

Are you ready to take the leap?

7 tips for amazing running form

Marathon runners need to have perfect running form

For the average short distance runner, 10k or less, they are comfortable with completing their run, often without too many injuries. However, as a short distance runner begins to transition into longer distance, for example, moving into half or full marathon distance, running form becomes paramount. The longer the distance, the more imperfections in running form can cause injuries. The Running Room’s John Stanton offers runners these awesome 7 tips for amazing running form:

1. Stay Upright

Good running posture is simply good body posture. When the head, shoulders and hips are all lined up over the feet, you can move forward as a unit, with a minimum amount of effort.

2. Chest Forward

Many runners let their chest sag into a slouch. In such a position, the lungs can’t maximize their efficiency. Before starting your run, relax and take a deep breath, which moves the lungs into an efficient position. After you exhale, maintain the chest in this beneficial alignment. The most efficient way to run is to have your head, neck and shoulders erect. When you run leaning forward, you’re always fighting gravity.

3. Hips Forward

One of the most common errors is letting the hips shift back and the butt stick out behind you. Taking a deep breath often pulls the hips forward and into an alignment that allows for easier running.

4. The Foot Plant

There is a difference between what should happen and what you may be able to control. First, let your training buddies at the Running Room fit you with shoes that are right for you, since modern training shoes are designed to accommodate biomechanically different feet. Then, just start running! Your personal stride is the result of your shape, your physique and the strength and balance of your muscles below your waist. Please don’t try to change your foot plant as you train: you will not be running naturally and you are likely to cause more problems than you solve. Changes to your gait only happen as a result of longer-term changes elsewhere. As you gain fitness and strength, you may notice that many irregularities resolve themselves. If you do have a problem that continues to affect your activity, you may have to seek the advice of a therapist or coach to address your particular situation.

5. Arms

Arm position can vary widely from one runner to the next. In general, the arms should swing naturally and loosely from the shoulders. Staying relaxed will prevent the arms from being carried too high, which will expend more energy than needed. Your hands should never cross the centre of your chest.

6. Stride Length

As a coach, my experience has shown that as runners get faster, their stride length shortens. Leg turnover rate, or the cadence of the runner’s legs, is the key to faster and more efficient running. Staying light on your feet with a more rapid leg turnover rate will keep many of the aches, pains and injuries away.

Sprinters have a high knee lift. Anyone running more than a mile needs to minimize knee lift. If your knees go too high, you are overusing the quadriceps muscles on the front of the thigh. This overstriding leaves the runner with sore quadriceps at the end of the run. Keep your leg turnover light and rapid—more of a shuffle than a sprinter’s stride.

Stay relaxed with a low, short stride. This will prevent tightness in the shin, behind the knee or in the back of the thigh. Kicking too far forward tightens up the lower leg and hamstrings.

Do short accelerations while staying light on your feet. Keep your foot strike quieter with each stride, keeping your foot close to the ground to prevent any excessive bouncing.

7. Head and Neck

Your torso will normally do what your head is doing. If you are dropping your head down, your torso will probably follow and lean too far forward. Keep the neck and shoulders relaxed. Try not to hunch your shoulders, which will cause undue fatigue to that area. Your eyes should be looking about 20 to 30 metres ahead of you.

Running Form

Running Form“You’re looking good” is a frequently heard call from the sidelines. But go to the finish area of a local road race to watch the lead runners come in. It is always apparent that in the lead pack, as in the whole pack, there are some runners with great-looking form and some with ugly form. John Stanton, founder of the Running Room, encourages people to look past each runner’s form and instead notice the degree of relaxation. The lead runners are certainly fast but they also maintain a relaxed form, even under race conditions.

If you go down to a local track, the number one thing you will hear during a workout is: “Relax.” The coach will be making all kinds of points, but the basic message to the runners—no matter how hard they are pushing—is to relax. Runners pushing too hard see their form falter.

Here are some of the most common problems as well as some tips on how to improve them.

  • Over striding: Increase the rhythm of your arm swing and concentrate on shortening your swing. Shorten your reach with each foot stride forward keep your turn over rate quick.
  • Tightness in Shoulders: Learn to relax the palms of your hands. Your fingers should be loose, so make sure you do not grip a fist as you run. Cup your hands with your thumbs on top.
  • Knee Lift: Your knees should be lifted just high enough to clear the ground. Too high a knee lift wastes energy
  • Arm Carriage: Holding the palms of your hands inward and slightly upward will keep your elbows near your sides. Your arm swing should be in the general area of your heart. Increasing your arm swing can help improve the turnover rate of tired legs.
  • Too Much Bounce: Look at the horizon and concentrate on keeping your head in the same plane. Do some accelerations with an increased body lean. Focus on lower knee lift and try to think of reaching with your arms rather than pumping them.
  • Perfect Form: There really is no perfect form. The important thing is to stay relaxed, stay rhythmic and push hard. Much of your running form is a gift from your parents, but you can make the most of your gift with some attention to fine tuning your individual form.

8 Autumn Travel Tips

A sunflower sparking in the sun after a fall rainAutumn has to be one of the best times of the year to travel. The kids are back in school, which means that there aren’t families travelling, and that means deals, deals and more deals! Not only that, the highways are less packed, hotels and resorts offer fantastic get-away packages, the golf courses aren’t as busy, and it’s way easier to find a camping spot.

Traveling in the autumn months is a lot of fun, especially on road trips. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your autumn travel getaway:

  1. Pack layers. The mornings are often cool and damp. Bring along an layer that you can wear in the morning to fend off the early morning dampness. By late morning you won’t need it, but you’ll appreciate it when you first get up. It’s also good to have a jacket or heavy pull-over for when the sun goes down. It gets cold quickly.
  2. Grab an umbrella. The clouds are settling in and you never know if it’s going to be rain or not. Have a pocket umbrella with you for fall rainstorms, especially if you’re going out sightseeing for a few hours. It beats being stuck in wet clothes.
  3. Book online. If you are planning a fall getaway, check the hotel and resort websites directly. They often have last-minute getaway packages at deep discounts, especially mid-week. There are get deals, often stay two nights and get the third free, or similar.
  4. Head to the hills. Well, maybe not to the hills, but certainly head to the forest or wooded areas to see the spectacular colours nature has to offer.
  5. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Many communities will be celebrating the German tradition of Oktoberfest. Try to get to some of these fantastic events featuring beer, sausage, and other German traditions.
  6. Pack a camera. This should go without saying, but really, pack a camera. You should always have some kind of digital camera with you, whether it’s a DSLR or a pocket point-and-shoot, to capture the memories. Smart phones are great for shots on the go, but you’ll want to remember your getaway in higher resolution.
  7. Watch the weather. Check the local weather the night before and the morning before you go. You might find that it’s unseasonably dry, cold, or wet. You might have to do a last-minute re-pack based on the forecast.
  8. Be aware of local restrictions. Fishing, hunting, harvesting, and even campfires could have local restrictions. Always check before heading out to make sure your back-country adventure is open and allowed at the time of year, and you have the right permits.

9 tips for healthy summer travel

9 summer travel tipsSummer travel season is upon us, and many guys have already planned the exciting getaways that will highlight their summers. You want your hard-earned vacation to be a trip to remember, and you want the memorable parts to be the wild times, the beautiful sights, and the awesome connections—not the sickness that kept you chained to the hotel bed or within shouting distance of a bathroom the entire time you were away from home.

A few simple tricks can help you stay healthy and enjoying every moment of your vacation:

  1. Plan your snacks. Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, bring some pre-packed snacks along with you. They’ll be healthier than anything you’ll find along the way, and it’ll be cheaper. Save your money for the souvenirs!
  2. Drink tons of water. If you’re walking around, outside of your normal environment, and especially if you get a bit of “intestinal distress” when you travel, it’s easy to dehydrate. No good!
  3. Instead of coffee, make the switch to tea for your trip. Mint tea especially is hydrating, refreshing, and helps with digestion.
  4. Keep a granola bar or other portable snack on you, in case you get hungry—especially at attractions or other spots where snacks aren’t easily accessible.
  5. Fried foods smell great, but they can upset your stomach incredibly quickly. Just say no.
  6. Even if you’re not normally concerned about anti-bac gels and wet wipes, vacation is a good time to be extra careful. Out of your environment, you’re exposed to germs that your body has fewer immunities too, and that can get nasty fast.
  7. Emergencies happen, even on vacation. Keep your insurance or health care card with you at all times, just in case. When traveling in the US, make sure you see if there are doctors or hospitals in that area that take your insurance, just in case you fall and break a leg. Also make sure you have more than adequate insurance; out-of-country medical bills can add up quickly!
  8. If you saved money on your accommodations, and then arrived to find that the four star review was dramatically overstated, or if you’ve come in from an extra dirty adventure, don’t be afraid to ask for fresh linens and new towels.
  9. People hook up on vacations, and that’s fine, but do make sure to practice safer sex; protect yourself to avoid saddling both yourself and your partner with consequences down the road.

Don’t be a dumb-ass. Navigating the airport like a pro.

Listen up people. It’s time to talk about getting through security at airports. Yes 9/11 was almost 13 years ago, yet y’all still seem to have a hard time understanding how to navigate an airport and get through security. For frequent travellers, it’s a breeze, but the rest of you clearly need some tips and advice.

  1. While packing, if you know you have checked baggage, automatically put all your liquids, creams and gels into that checked bag. You don’t need them in your carry-on. No exceptions!
  2. Get to the airport early and be organized. If you’re travelling internationally, pre-print all your flight itineraries, hotel confirmations, transportation details, and other travel documents. Keep them in an easy-to-access place in your carry on, just in case you need them at customs.
  3. Never follow someone through an airport, assuming they are going to the same place that you want to go. Always read the overhead signs, they’ll clearly point you in the direction you’re headed, whether it’s to security, the washroom, your boarding gate or the baggage carousel.
  4. When going through security, remember, laptops get their own bin, and in a separate bin place everything else. This includes your wallets, keys, jewelry, belt, passport, shoes, jacket, etc. Knowing you have to put all this stuff into a bin, prepare as you approach your designated security lane. It should be a fast, smooth, and efficient process. No one wants to wait for you because you have to untie your shoes and remove your belt before you go through the metal detector.
  5. For efficiency, if you have multiple bags and bins, place your miscellaneous bin first, followed by your laptop, and then other bags. When you get to the other side to claim your items, you can be putting on your belt, your jacket and placing items back in your pockets while the rest of your bags clear the x-ray machine.
  6. As you move down the security line, have your boarding pass ready to present to the security agent. They need to validate your boarding pass before your items are x-rayed. Take your boarding pass with you to the metal detector.
  7. Be efficient in the metal detector line-up. Make eye contact with the TSA members, and be ready to pass through when you’re called. You should not be having conversations while in line. Just be quite and proceed in an orderly fashion.
  8. As soon as your through the metal detector, move to the conveyor to begin collecting your items. Be as fast as possible, and remove roller bags and backpacks from the conveyor as they come out. This makes room for the bins and bags of other guests behind you, so they don’t have to wait as long. If you have footwear that needs to be laced up, grab all your items and move to an area away from the conveyor belt.
  9. If you’re going through customs, have your passport out with your boarding pass tucked into the photo ID page. Have your travel information clearly memorized – where you are going, your return date, where you are staying and the purpose of your trip. There’s no need to be nervous. Customs officials may ask additional questions and have the right to search any and all items you’re bringing into the country, including bags, laptops and cell phones. This also includes random swabbing of any articles to test for drugs.
  10. Note the boarding time of your flight. Go directly for security / customs to your boarding gate. Confirm the boarding time, flight number and destination. It could have changed from the time you check in at the airport to the time you arrived at the gate. Once you have confirmed, then, if you have time, you can go get duty free (if applicable), a coffee, snack, or charge your phone.
  11. When boarding, listen to the agents. They will call out the boarding of the flight in a prescriptive order. In the US, first and business class board first, and then economy class is boarded, first by window seat numbers, then middle seats, and finally aisle seats. For instance, if you’re in board group 3, you’re in economy window, and if you’re in board group 5, you’re in economy aisle. Don’t mess with the system! If an aisle passenger boards early, they’ll just have to get up to let the person in who has the window and middle seat, which makes it longer to board the aircraft, and honestly, we all just want to get there faster, so board by group please!

What are your pet peeves or advice for air travel? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Runner’s Little Secret: Running Gels

PowerBar Running Gels

With weight loss, gym workouts, and everyday exercise, the secret to complete health is eating healthy. But when runners get together, there’s something far more important than good nutrition alone. That’s because endurance athletes need more than good nutrition.

Marathon runners rely on sports nutrition such as blocks, jellies and, primarily, running gels. Using nutritional supplements while gives runners a competitive edge and lets the body perform to its greatest potential.

Gels are a quick energy nutrition supplement. Gels are one of the most trusted and valuable sources of nutrition for runners while running. Gels replenish the large amounts of electrolytes, which the body loses from intense sweating, and glycogen, from the carb-burning exercises.

Runners should consume a gel with 500ml of water every 40 minutes on long distance runs. Drinking water helps the blood absorb the nutrition quickly and efficiently.

The ‘fast-energy’, easy-to-consume gels are the ideal concentrated source of carbohydrate that will improve performance during intense athletic exercise. Try out as many brands as you like while training; it’s not training if you aren’t improving and discovering how to help your body be better every time.

One of the most popular gels is the PowerBar carbohydrate-electrolyte blend. This specific mix of glucose and fructose is proven to increase performance by 8 percent during events that require strong endurance. The new tangerine flavor has more electrolytes, especially important to use on longer runs.

New to running? Make sure you know which food groups to eat before, during and after a run.


Hill Training: How to Ace Your Pace

Hill Training

Photo credit: Running Room

When preparing for a marathon, running continuously at the same pace can be difficult, which is why hill training is a necessity. Hill training can improve speed, endurance, resistance, and strength, but only if pace is a priority.

It’s best to warm up with stretching and shorter runs before taking on a hill. When you’re warmed up and ready, begin your training at the bottom of a hill.

Hill training works up to 20 percent of your upper body strength; use your arms to lift you up the hill as your feet launch you forward. On flat stretches your arms should be at a 45′ angle, and your hands should rise with the hill’s incline as you run up one.

As the hill steepens, continue running at the same pace you would if on a flat track. Pump your arms to the rhythm of your legs and take shorter strides, never decreasing speed.

If you feel yourself slowing down, pump your arms faster. Continue pumping your arms faster as you reach the hill’s peak to prepare to increase your pace for the flat top of the hill and the downward slope that comes after.

When travelling downhill, lean slightly forward to allow gravity to make keeping your new pace less difficult on your body.

Pacing a hill isn’t as simple as setting your mind to it. Here are a few tips to make beginning your training easier:

  1. The best hills for training are about 400 meters in length and have an 8-10 percent incline.
  2. Keep your breathing relaxed.
  3. Push your chest up and out in front of you.
  4. Keep your eyes on the top of the hill or the horizon ahead to help your body feel as though you’re running on a flat surface.
  5. Don’t look down. Looking down restricts the airflow through your neck, collapses your lungs, and reduces the efficiency of your arms to propel you uphill.

Most importantly, the body needs healing time to adjust and grow stronger. Hill training will never be easy the first time, and you should always give yourself two days of less intense training after a day of hill training.

Get a better nights sleep

Marathon Runners Need Extra Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? It’s a common problem for a lot of people. A warm glass of milk and a hot bath are the typical tricks to help get to sleep quicker. For people who have trouble getting a good night sleep, try some if these other tricks:

1. Tart cherry juice

3. Lower the room temperature

4. Eat a banana or oatmeal

5. Drink a protein shake

6. Lavender aromatherapy scents

7. Merited down everything on your mind so you can forget about it.

8. Masterbate or have sex

9. Play white noise from an app

10. Get black out blinds and stick to calming colours.


Things to avoid:

1. Citrus soaps

2. Loud music

3. Exercise within 2 hours of bedtime

4. Alcohol or drugs

5. Heavy meals

6. Stressful conversations and situations

7. Red meat

8. Screen time for an hour bed

9. Do not read, watch TV, study, or do any other waking hours activities.

10. Bright colours, mirrors and metallic.

Running Safety Tips

Running Safety Tips

Photo credit: Running Room

Many new runners under estimate the importance of taking precautions when going out for a run. While a lot of these running safety tips are common sense, they can help you avoid getting injured and will help you stay safer. Safety is the responsibility of the individual runner. Your life could depend on it.

  1. Always carry a photocopy of your ID and your health card. If you’re ever in an accident this will help people know who you are. Keep it in a ziplock bag along with any medical conditions or allergies, and your emergency contact information.
  2. Dress to be seen. Choose to wear bright coloured clothing with reflective strips. Wear a blinking red light on your back to so people behind you can see you, and use a headlamp to illuminate your pathway and for others to see you coming.
  3. Bring your smart phone with you in case of an emergency. An emergency could be your own injury, an injury of someone else, an accident, a fire, or worse.
  4. Bring cash. In the ziplock bag with your ID, include $5-$20 in cash. This can come in handy in case you run out of energy and need to take a cab back or need to purchase some fuel on route.
  5. Run against traffic so you can see on-coming vehicles and bicycles and they can see you. Run along the sidewalk or shoulder of the road.
  6. When running in groups, stay in single file, especially so vehicles can pass and on bridges.
  7. It’s ok to run with music, just wear one ear bud and keep the music low so you can hear what’s going on around you.
  8. Stick to well-marked trails and paths and avoid unfamiliar areas. You can cover a lot of ground while running and getting into the wrong area can be dangerous.
  9. Make sure someone knows your run route, when you are leaving, and when you are expected back. If you aren’t back in a reasonable amount of time, at least people know where to start looking for you.
  10. Avoid acknowledging strangers or people who call out threats. Just keep on running. By stopping or engaging in communication it provides the opportunity for the issue to escalate into verbal assaults, a physical attack or more. Just ignore them, keep your distance, and stay focused on your route.

Winter Running Tips

Yak Trax

Photo courtesy of the Running Room

Goodbye fall running season… hello winter! Winter running is completely different, especially when snow, ice, and cold temperatures are involved. But don’t let those deter you from going out. Some of your best running days can be on a cold, crisp day, with lots of fresh air. Be prepared by following these winter running tips from the gang over at the BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool’s Run:

  • Stay comfortable with gloves, hats and layers of clothing that can be taken off or put back on easily
  • Shoes become inflexible and rock hard in the cold weather; be mindful of your aches and pains. Take a non impact day or two to compensate for your footwear shortcomings
  • Make sure you are seen. Reflective gear is a must; the days are short and dusk comes on in minutes
  • Warm up slowly avoid the strains right out the door i.e. huge hills or the need for speed.
  • Aggressive solid rubber tread works great in snow but is terrible on black ice.  Softer blown rubber shoes with lots of little cuts like a modern winter tire work best in icy conditions. Don’t want to purchase a different shoe for conditions? Chain up with Yak Trax.

Insiders running tip: Instead of wearing too much to avoid being chilly as you head out the door, throw your inner-layer running clothes in the dryer or place them on a warm radiator just before putting them on. By the time they cool down, you’ll be warmed up enough not to notice.

5 Awesome Fall Running Tips

5 Awesome Fall Running Tips

Photo credit: Running Room

It’s the time of year that you’ll find yourself wanting to spend a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, cozy underneath the warm duvet, or putting on a comfy sweater to wear to work just to keep warm. Don’t say bye-bye to your summer beach body and all the work you’ve put into toning up and working out! Fall is a great time to get out and run! Why? The cooler air means you won’t be as hot when you run and you don’t have to layer up as much as you do in the winter. Here are 5 awesome fall running tips:

  1. Layering. Layering is a great way to get outside, even on cooler mornings or evenings. You can start bundled up and as you body warms up, within just a few minutes, you can always shed a layer. It’s ok to wear a long-sleeve shirt out of the house and then take it off and wrap it around your waist.
  2. New Music. There’s lots of great music coming out on the top 40 all the time. Load up your iPod and run to the beat. You’ll be amazed at how you get lost in listening to music that the time will pass quickly.
  3. Hydrate. While the weather might be cooler out it’s important to remember to constantly hydrate. The human body will sweat when exercising, even when it’s cold out. If you need some extra motivation, buying a new water bottle is always helpful!
  4. Rock the Socks! You don’t have to bundle up completely. Instead of dragging out the heavy winter tights, go for a pair of knee-length running socks. They will keep your calves warm. Also try other accessories like a headband and running gloves to stay warm and dry.
  5. Warm Up. Don’t just get outside and go for a sprint. Warm up your muscles and let them adjust to the cooler weather. Start with a light jog and move up to a run pace. It’s better than risking getting an injury.

Runners are the worst dressers, ever!

2013 Surrey International World Music MarathonIt’s no secret, most runners don’t spend a whole like of time or energy on their fashion. Runners are perceived as being pretty cheap, but it’s not a cheap sport at all. A pair of shoes are $150, technical shorts start at $50, and a water belt can be as much as $125. Runners spend a lot of money on their gear, because it’s incredibly important, but they don’t pay a whole lot attention to fashion. The truth is, runners are the worst dressers, ever!

When the temperatures drop to below four degrees Celsius, runners will change from wearing shorts to wearing running tights. Just so we’re all clear, it’s a huge faux pas to wear a pair of shorts over top of your tights. It looks ridiculous. Guys, it’s time to get over your insecurities.

It’s not OK to wear a race shirt from 2006. It’s 2013. That race was seven years ago! It’s time to retire that shirt. Race shirts aren’t made to train in for years and years on end. They collect odours that won’t go away no matter how many times you wash them. Plus, it looks ridiculous to wear a dated shirt.

Black shorts and tights. Simple. Stop buying ugly coloured tights with awful prints and patterns on them. You might think they are unique, or cool, but they are pretty gross. Stick to neutrals and instead get a bright coloured shirt.

Back to shirts, don’t get the shirts with dumb sayings like “Running Sucks” or “I run to eat”, especially if you’re overweight. They aren’t funny. Like the above point, stick to shirts that are bright, solid colours. At least having a shirt like that is practical on cold, wet, dark, rainy nights because it’ll stand out.

If you have the choice between a lime green shoe or a navy blue shoe, in the same size, style, and model, always choose the brightest colour. Shoes should be a pop of colour. No one likes a boring white shoe with silver reflective tape. Yawn.

Try to avoid getting stuff that everyone else has. Running Room water belts aren’t cool! Get something run from Nike, North Face, or Camelback. Your wardrobe should have a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the length and type of run. One water belt will not do it all.

Now, it’s time for you to get up from your computer and to a careful check of all your running gear. Throw away all your old running shoes that you now use to mow the lawn, get a bag going for the Salvation Army, and be honest with yourself on all your other gear that is just old, smelly, dated, or falling apart. Plus it’s a good way to get ideas for a Christmas list!

How To Travel Like a Pro

Times Square New York

If you are just starting to get out to see the world there are lots of little things you can do to make your trip go smoother and make it more enjoyable. Travel should be fun and enjoyable, and with these quick tips, you can travel like a pro!

You get what you pay for – pay a few extra dollars to stay in a hotel that is near good restaurants, nightlife, attractions, or whatever the purpose of your trip. You’ve only got so much time when travelling, and time is money.

If you’re hotel comes with complimentary breakfast or afternoon happy hour – stock up! It can help cut down the daily meal budget.

Don’t upgrade to a kitchenette unless you’re on a long stay. Do search for rooms that have mini fridges to keep small pack items like yogurt and water cold. Most people don’t buy food locally and make it themselves – it’s faster and easier to go out and eat. If health is an issue, most restaurants are flexible enough to make a meal to your dietary requirements.

There’s no need to bring your shampoo, conditioner and soap. These three essentials are provided by all hotels. If you forget your toothbrush or toothpaste, and other common toiletries, the front desk usually has supplies you can borrow.

Bring an  empty plastic bag to put your dirty laundry in. It’ll help keep you organized by separating out your clean from dirty clothes. If you’re on a longer trip of five or more days, reduce the amount of clothes you are bringing by pre-planning. Experienced travellers research where they can do laundry at a local laundromat; it’s quick and easy to do, doesn’t take a ton of time, you’ll have fresh clothes along the trip, and you don’t have to pack as much. Traveling is also a great time to shop because you can get fashions that might not be available in your area, so you can add to your wardrobe throughout your trip.

Drink tons of water. Hydration is important. If you’re out and about for the day and nature calls, you can usually sneak into a hotel lobby bathroom. Just be respectful.

Make a small purchase with the store logo on it. Carrying it will make you look more like a local. Don’t take a backpack and carry a camera around your neck or hold a map non-stop… it makes you an easy target.

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