10 free or very cheap (but romantic, damnit!) date ideas

Break away from the dinner and movie mold without spending much.

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This article was published on January 17th, 2019

Entertaining the company of a gentleman caller should be a fun process in 2019. Dating is raw, scary, exciting, and new. You want to go out and do fun, enjoyable things, while showing your new partner that you aren’t a total homebody. However, gayting can be quite expensive. All those meals, movies, museums, and milkshakes mean you’ll have less money in your wallet, if you’re not careful. Luckily for you, there’s some suggestions for cheap or free date ideas to help you from breaking the bank.

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  1. Hiking. Get in touch with the great outdoors and take a hike. It’s sporty, it’s athletic, and both of you will be getting fresh air and sunshine. Hiking can be as long of a date as you want it to be, from an hour to several days, depending on the severity of the hike. Go get lost in the woods exploring with your honey for a bit—just be sure to bring some water with you.
  2. Go on walkabout.Whether it is a free city tour of your town or a foreign metropolis, a leisurely stroll through Hyde, Stanley, Central, Griffith, Albert Parks…or Park Güell, a meander around the river, or a moonlit leisurely chat and pace, you’ll get to know your date better conversing while moving. Who doesn’t like walks on the beach?
  3. Go to the gym.You wanna keep a man? You gotta stay fit. Since you already pay for a membership, so take advantage of it and bring your honey along with you. You know you have secretly always wanted to be one of those gay gym bunny couples that kiss after each sit up. Turn your fantasy into reality by pumping some iron and getting hot ‘n sweaty with your date. 
  4. Candles, rose peddles, and a hot bath. No son, chivalry is not dead. In fact, sometimes, you need to be a little cheesy Hollywood rom com and add some romance into your dating life. A hot bath with candles and flowers takes the date to a DEF com level of sensual to sexual, but it also shows you cared enough to try and be romantic in the first place. Spa night the F out for date night. Toss in some chocolate covered strawberries and you’ll have yourself a winner.
  5. Antiquing/ thrift store shopping. You don’t have to buy anything if you’re just looking, just proceed with caution when really looking at anything. You break it, you bought it. Sometimes, you can find really great deals on incredible items. Other times, you’re better off doing a movie montage tribute with all of the outrageous clothing and nick knacks.
  6. Free exhibit/museum/live music/movie/performance. If you happen to live in the city, you should have access to several resources of listings for free things to get up to in your area. There’s always some kind of free music, art, or screening going on, you just have to find an event you and your partner would like. To make it extra romantic, have a cute little souvenir waiting for them like a post card, pin, poster, or movie ticket waiting for them with a small, single, tasteful rose or flower of your choice.
  7. Volunteer.There aren’t enough kind acts done in the world, but you can change that while really impressing your date with your thoughtful, philanthropicliciousness. Your local homeless shelters, youth centers, LGBT centers, senior centers, and more can all use volunteer help. Volunteer coming from a place of love, and you and your date will walk away feeling blessed you were able to share such a moving experience together.
  8. Faux House Hunting. Throw on some nice clothes—dress to impress—and go faux house hunting on your own open house tour. Mostly held on the weekends, you’ll be able to see how the other half lives by checking out homes and properties for sale in your area. Some open houses even have cookies and snacks. Faux house hunting is a free way to check out some homes you wouldn’t be able to see in another capacity. Be cheeky and invent a faux back story and characters as you go from home to home.
  9. Learn something new. Whether it be a free course at Apple for how to work the new iPhone IOS, keyboarding, knitting, cooking, tenant’s rights, jousting, CPR, western philosophy or whatever other random free class that could be thought of, do yourselves a favor and get some education. Intelligence is sexy. Want to add that extra cutesy romantic touch to you and your partner’s studious date? Bring an apple for each of you teacher’s pets. 
  10. Gay picnic. Not exactly free, but one can get away with saving a lot of money by doing a picnic versus eating out. All you need is a basic spread of wine or picnic cocktails, cheese, meat, veggies, and the accoutrements. Your conversations and the serenity of the great outdoors will help give your date that extra romantic ambiance. For that muy romantico leg up, plan your picnic for around sunset so mother nature can give you some mood lighting while she is at it.

*Honorable mention*: Geocatching. All the kids are doing it! No longer just your average millennial’s Pokémon Go game, Geocatching is a free game of global treasure hunting. X marks the spot, and who knows what you’ll find left for you by strangers and fellow players of the game.

Do you have a great free or inexpensive date idea that you think should be on this list? Leave your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below.

10 free or very cheap (but romantic, damnit!) date ideas for gay men


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