10 Fun Fall Dates Ideas for Gays

This fall, don’t be that basic bitch boyfriend that can never come up with a cute, original idea to take your man on a date. You wanna keep yo man? […]

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This article was published on October 2nd, 2019

This fall, don’t be that basic bitch boyfriend that can never come up with a cute, original idea to take your man on a date. You wanna keep yo man? You gotta have some solid options of how to treat the guy you are courting. Here are the top 10 ideas on amazing gayting for fall 2019:

Experience Wine Tours Kelowna

Wine tours are a fun AF date to take your man on. Not only are you whisked away to some gorgeous winery, but you get to try lots of local wines and get bombed with your boo. What’s not to like? Check out Kelowna Experience Wine Tours and these three new wineries in Kamloops.

The art of wine and cheese pairing

Cheese pairing. Forget cooking classes or pottery creation. Cheese and wine pairing is all the rage these days and can turn your ordinary dinner out into a fun, educational event. Bonus: CHEESE!

Photography course. Great for all you tech news and you social media whores for your instagram feed with your new BAE, photography classes teach you the ins and outs of learning to take good photos other than 1,000,000,000 selfies.

A mixology class (perfect for perfecting your skills to make those beautiful cocktails from Cocktail of the Week from HomoCulture) is a cool way to learn how to make the most common and popular drinks out there. You’ll wow your friends and have a blast with your guy getting edjumacated about alcohol.

Sewing lessons. Some of you might shake your head at sewing, but some of you creative queers can conjure up some incredible costumes with a simple needle and thread.  You and your boyfriend get to learn to make circuit party costumes this fall for 2020 events!

Gay bingo. Support the local lgbt community by dipping into an evening of gay bingo. Often hosted by some of the most famous drag queens, a portion of the funds raised almost always go to some local charity benefitting the gays.

Salsa lessons. Dancing is another life skill that can be turned into a great date, if done right. Even the most basic of salsa classes are easy to pick up, and you often get paired with a partner that you end up dry humping the entire time learning the dance moves during salsa lessons.

Local events like Oktoberfest celebrations are always a good idea. It might take a bit of research on your end, but there are always art gallery openings, arthouse movie screenings, festivals, celebrations, holidays, and cool ass events where you’d love to take your man. Check out Vancouver’s Harvestland.

Pumpkining. It’s Halloween season. Head to your local pumpkin patch together and pick out perfect pumpkins. From there, the possibilities are endless. You can stay and bet the petting zoo animals, or return home to make the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. Or set them on their stoop. Or scoop out the seeds and roast them. 

Volunteer. It’s always important to give back. Volunteer at your local LGBT center, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc. At the end of this special date, you’ll feel good. He’ll feel good. And you’ll both walk away from the experience knowing you helped others, together.

Do you have great ideas for fall dates to warm up your relationship? Leave your ideas in the comments below. 


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