10 gifts of Christmas for the gay man in your life

Give your gay 10 days and 10 gifts of Christmas this holiday season.

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This article was published on November 27th, 2017

This holiday season stop struggling with what to get the gay man in your life. While you may think you know what he wants, if you really want to win him over, here are 10 great gift-giving ideas that will win him over and make it the best Christmas ever! Here are the top 10 gifts of Christmas 2017 for gay men:

1. A Fleshjack. We all could use some self-lovin’, so start of the holidays right by gifting a Fleshjack. A great starter kit is the Twin Turbo Pack or the Nonstop Flight Pack.

2. The two-toned hood dog mask from The Stockroom. Don’t stop: keep going with the sexual gift giving by getting your gay the dog mask. Puppy play is hot, and the dog mask is a great introduction to this fascinating fetish.

3. Stoli. Who doesn’t love everyone’s favorite vodka? Stolichnaya has a history of commitment to the gay community. Gay friendly and an alcoholic present? Perfect!

Farm Fresh Lemonade

4. Tickets to Matinee Las Vegas. If 30,000 shirtless gay men dancing in the heat of the desert sun to the best electronic music of the day sounds like your gay’s type of weekend, pick up tickets to Matinee Las Vegas.

5. Power Beats by Dr. Dre from TELUS. Perfect for the on-the-go gay, Power Beats by Dre. Dre are an excellent gift for anyone that loves having their music with them wherever they go. Power Beats are light, small, and ready to be worn anywhere. In the words of the late Tupac, “give me those bomb beats from Dre”.

6. You’ve never seen anything like Riverdance, and tickets are available for their 25th anniversary world tour. Get the gay man in your life a seat for one of the hottest shows in town.

7. Kapow Meggings. Fitness is a main focus in most gay men’s lives. Staying warm in the winter is, too. Kapow Meggings are the gift for the gay who need an extra layer of warmth and a bold statement that says “I have sexy legs and I’m going to show them off”. 

8. Bathmate Trim. An essential in every man’s world, having an excellent set of hair grooming equipment like the Bathmate Trim in your gay’s arsenal will add a pep in his step this Christmas. Manscaping maintenance was never easier with the Bathmate Trim.

9. Every jetsetting trendsetter gay can use some leather in their lives. Roots customized leather embossed gear, including bags, jackets, wallets, luggage tags, etc. are only available at Roots Cabin locations in Vancouver and Toronto.

10. Velo album. Everyone needs a little music in their lives: it’s the international language. You’re your gay up the latest album by out gay artist Velo. You’re gay will be dancing and jiving to some of this sexy artist’s tunes.

With these 10 gifts of Christmas, you’re sure to please the gay man in your life. Any and all of these gifts are perfect under the tree and will bring joy and smiles.

Do you have a fabulous gift idea for gay men this Christmas season? Leave your suggestions below. It could help save someone the agony of trying to figure out what to give.

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