10 great fall running tips

Late summer and early fall are some of the best times of year for running. The temperatures have cooled down, the wonderful autumn colours are bursting out, and runners are […]

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This article was published on September 1st, 2014

Late summer and early fall are some of the best times of year for running. The temperatures have cooled down, the wonderful autumn colours are bursting out, and runners are excited about a packed schedule of fall races just around the corner.

If you took the summer off from running, or simply cut back, now is the time to get back and focused. Here are 10 great fall running tips to get you motivated:

  1. Buy a new piece of running gear. New running gear always makes you want to get out and use it. So pick up a new fall running jacket, a long sleeve shirt, or compression socks. Whatever your budget, you’ll find something fun to make you want to get out more.
  2. Sign up for a race. Nothing is more motivating that signing up for a race. You know you need to put in the time to get trained up for it. Even if it’s a 10k or a half marathon, just sign up and start training.
  3. Add 10 minutes. Sure, you cut corners on your runs during the summer because it was hot, you were tired, and probably dehydrated, but this fall you should try adding on 10 minutes to every run. It’ll help you get back into training more seriously with just a tiny bit more effort.
  4. Add an extra short run. Try to squeeze in one short run each week into your regular training schedule. It doesn’t have to be long, even 30 minutes would be great. As long as you are getting out there and putting in the millage!
  5. Wear layers. Fall mornings can start off a bit cool and quickly warm up once the sun comes out. And in the evenings, the temperatures can drop fast once the sun goes down. Remember to layer so you can adjust your clothing throughout your run.
  6. The brighter the better. When running in the early morning, in the evening, or at night, it can be difficult to be seen by drivers. Wear bright colours to help you stand out. It’s also good to wear clothing and shoes that are reflective.
  7. Run with a friend. Chances are you have a friend who runs, or you have run with a running group in the past. Plan to meet up and get in a few runs with other people to help get you back in the mood and excited about running again.
  8. Ease into it. Don’t go hog wild and all the sudden decide to do a 32km training run. Remember, you need to ramp up your activities and do a variety of training types including hill training, speed work, long slow distance, and tempo runs. Variety is the spice of life and the key to running. Get yourself a training program that you can follow.
  9. Cross train. Don’t just get back into running this fall. You need to cross train. Plan to hit the gym a few times a week, do some yoga, enjoy a hike on a nice Sunday afternoon, and maybe take the kayak out one more time and enjoy the mist over the early morning water. Cross training is very important.
  10. Enjoy a post-run warm-up. Weather your fix is coffee, hot chocolate, a special hot cocktail, bubble bath, or relaxing by the fire wrapped in a blanket, enjoy cozying up after a hard run.
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