10 most annoying gym pet peeves

If you are already an offender, read this list and make some adjustments in your gym etiquette. Don’t be THAT one.

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This article was published on March 31st, 2018

There is almost always someone in the gym is doing the most annoying irritating, strange, and downright nasty things. Are you the guilty culprit? Proper gym etiquette is important, and if you are new to the gym, then follow these tips so that you don’t pick up any of these irritating traits. If you are already a guilty offender, it’s time you start to make some adjustments in your gym etiquette. Don’t be THAT one.

10 most annoying gym pet peeves

There are a plethora of ways in which gym rats can offend and here are some of the big pet peeves from gym goers and HomoCulture reminds you to be respectful in shared spaces -especially shared spaces where lots of sweat is involved.

  1. Hovering over people while waiting for the machine.
    We don’t know about you, but when working out, we prefer to have our personal space respected. That means? Back it up at least 3 feet or receive a verbal slap!
  2. Hogging machines.
    Didn’t we mention this is a shared space? We thought so. That means share the weights, share the space, share EVERYTHING. Besides, sharing is caring!
  3. Staring–at everyone.
    Yes, there are some hot bodies in the gym. We get it, but is it necessary for you to visually rape everyone that passes by you on the stairmaster? Every gym has ‘that one’. Don’t be ‘that one’.
  4. Grunting aggressively.
    With each crescendo of a grunt, the people around you can almost tell which website you prefer more: RedTube or YouPorn. Unless your name is Roger Federer or Serena Williams or Stormy Daniels? Leave the grunting to professionals.
  5. Playing your music too loud.
    There’s a reason we don’t watch The Voice. And we don’t want to hear the singles from the person next to us in the gym during a set of squats.
  6. Singing along to your music.
    What’s even worse than hearing someone else’s music? The perp singing along despite lack of vocal skills. Not today, Whitney, not ever!
  7. Competing with the person next to you
    This is not the Olympics. There is no gold medal. Simmer down and stay in your own lane.
  8. Offering unsolicited advice.
    No one asked you for advice about how many steps we should walk a day. Step away!
  9. Talking to your friends during group classes.
    No one wants to hear you and your best friend swapping trade stories during the bikram yoga session. This is not confessions on a hot floor.
  10. Taking nonstop selfies
    Because how many of us out there have those random gym photos in the locker room where we are in various stages of undress? Yes, you are guilty!

What are you biggest gym pet peeves that drive you crazy? Air out your grievances like a pair of sweaty gym shorts. We want to hear them. Leave them in the comments below.

10 most annoying gym pet peeves


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