10 Things That Might Be Ruining Your Gay Marriage

Things that can affect your gay marriage and 10 things you have to do to make you and your partner stronger.

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This article was published on October 9th, 2019

We always enter a relationship thinking it will never end. If you enter a relationship knowing there will be minor things that will affect it and finally end it, what is the point of being in one? We all experience the bumpy relationship road, but it is our love and devotion that will make any relationship prosper. When it comes to gay relationships and marriages, the chances are slightly higher, as gay people lead a bit of a different life. So, what are the things that can affect your gay marriage or your gay relationship and what do you have to do to make you and your partner stronger than before?

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1. Social networks

The social networks that you use can more often than not create more problems in your relationship. Gay relationships and marriages are targeted more here, mostly because of the fact that many gay people (without generalizations) are not monogamists, and thus have no problem interfering with somebody who’s taken. In order to prevent this, make sure that you and your partner have a set of rules that you will follow. 

2. Different opinions 

Next up, there is the issue of having different opinions on certain matters. There definitely are things for which you should be on the same page (such as the way you will live your life and raise your family), and here it is important to make compromises. For anything else, it is important to understand that each person is different, and if the opinion of your partner does not affect you or the life of the two of you in any way, let it go. 

3. Realizing your relationship is getting boring

From time to time, every couple enters a period during which they think they are the most boring couple in the world and that they do not do anything meaningful together. The start of any relationship is full of activities that both of you like and are passionate about. After some time of being idle, you might want to think about doing something unique, such as giving back to the community by joining a great charity walk in Sydney or in any other city. Doing charitable things together is always good for a relationship.

4. Judging your partner

This might be something that all of us do on a daily basis, sometimes completely unaware of it. However, even though we are (kinda) allowed to judge other people silently, it does not do much good when we are judging our partners. Always be understanding and tolerant, and that is what you will get from your partner as well.

5. Forgetting important moments

People make mistakes, we are all human. However, there is a limited number of mistakes that you can make in a relationship, and that number is very small for forgetting important moments, or even dates. Always remember the date of your marriage/first kiss (whatever it is that both of you celebrate), just like his birthday. These are the most important dates that you have to know in the middle of the night.

6. Spending time with other people

When your partner realizes that you are spending more time with other people than with him, you’re up for a nasty conversation. Always be open to your partner, and say if you want to see your friends more often, spend more time with your colleagues or have to spend more time at work. Never let him be jealous and create ideas in his head, which brings us to the next point:

7. Being jealous

Some people say that a bit of jealousy is good for a marriage or a relationship, others run away from it. Be that as it may, it is important not to be jealous and possessive of your partner. Not only because you will not solve anything, but because you might come off as rather annoying, which can affect the feelings of your partner. 

8. Making your partner jealous

This is just the flip side of the last tip – do not make your partner jealous. You should always have his way of thinking in mind, and whatever you do, if you think that he will be jealous of the thing you are doing, make sure to understand that to him. Jealousy is the #1 cause of all breakups, and it is important to find the best way to fight it.

9. Being stressed

Job and the responsibilities you have can sometimes take its toll and make you incredibly stressed. This is when you go home and you continue being stressed and letting that stress onto your partner, creating a very problematic environment. Never do that, but rather opt for activities that can help you with stress, such as going to the gym, meditation or yoga.

10. Keeping secrets from each other

It doesn’t matter what kind of secrets you keep from each other, never do it. Financial secrets, secrets regarding your job, family, friends, all of these can affect your relationship. Be completely honest and do not be scared of your partner’s reaction.

Many things can affect your relationship, but if you are strong enough and let your love and your brain take control, everything will be OK. After all, you love each other, and you will do whatever it takes to make this marriage last forever.

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