10 tips to ensure you get a second date

So you nailed the first date and can't wait for the second? Here's how to charm your dream date to a second meet-up.

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This article was published on December 9th, 2020

First dates are exciting but jittery affairs. The nerve that comes with striving to make a great first impression is no mean feat. However, you want to ensure that you nail the first date to have a chance in sealing date number two.

So how exactly do you get your dream person to be interested in meeting up again? Here are ten tips to get you that second date:

Show up early

This is pretty obvious – arrive on time for your first date to avoid giving the wrong impression. You don’t want to keep your date hanging around the venue, questioning your whereabouts. If there’s any valid reason to run late, keep him informed to avoid any disappointments.

Look good, smell good.

Simply put: Dress to impress. Appearance is key in securing your chances of a second date. Just like in a job interview, your appearance is the first thing your date picks out even before you both get to mingle. And you don’t want to look scruffy or go overboard in your dressing. Just keep it natural. You’ll also make sure that you smell nice for your first date, so ensure that you wear a seductive scent befitting the occasion.

Be positive

Be a ball of positive energy on your first date. Exude a positive attitude in your conversation and make it light and fun. Do not bring up that ex, or go about discussing deep, personal matters like religion or politics. Make a joke out of something or simply complement your date, as it goes a long way in creating that bond.

Listen more than you talk.

Talking a lot and hardly listening to your date seems all the more selfish. You do not want to give your date the impression that you are more important than him. Why would he even want to secure a second date if you are making everything about yourself? Instead, make it a two-way conversation by paying more attention to what he’s saying and getting involved when necessary.

Put that phone away!

Another sure sign of subtly telling your date that you are disinterested in him is by constantly having your eyes glued to your phone. Unless it’s something urgent, keep that gadget away from your vicinity. It is plain old disrespectful to pull out your phone every now and then in the middle of the conversation. Your date may end up feeling like he’s of less importance and eventually conclude that it’s a failed first time meet up. He is the most important person at that time, so give him all your attention.

Be authentic

Bring out your authentic self on your first date, and while at it, try to strike a balance in that you don’t self-deprecate or become arrogant. Confidence is infectious, so shelve all your insecurities and focus instead on having a fun, flirty and sincere affair.

Find something in common.

Is he into watching movies, or he is probably an adventure junkie? Finding out his common interests is a sure way of forming a bond and setting up a chance for a second date. For instance, if he loves hiking, you could suggest that you both go for a hiking trip sometime soon.

Avoid awkward questions

“Do you see yourself getting kids anytime soon?” “How is your relationship with your parents?” “Why don’t you quit that job?” These are some of those awkward questions that put your date in an uncomfortable position. Stay clear of such personal questions as you do not want to have a rather tense engagement during your first date.

Keep him intrigued

While the first date might get interesting and more so during your conversations, don’t be swayed into revealing too much personal information. Be mysterious. You want to play your cards right in that your date is left with an element of curiosity, which in turn sets the perfect occasion for a second date.

Just ask for it

Be outright and simply ask if he is willing to go on a second date. Do not play hard to get or wait for a few days to approach him on the same. Show him that you enjoyed the first date and you wouldn’t mind meeting up again. Going that extra step gives your date a good impression, and more often than not, he will oblige to that second invitation.

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