10 trending gay Halloween costume ideas

Ten Halloween costume ideas for the truly pioneering costumeer.

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This article was published on October 15th, 2016

It’s not like anyone ever needs an excuse for dressing up, but damn it it’s nice to have one. Once a year, Halloween, AKA Gay Christmas, brings the opportunity to expand the normal and smash the fashion rules to get really fun and creative. Here are 10 trending gay Halloween costume ideas for the pioneering costumer.

For the singles:

  1. Your Facebook profile

Get a huge print out of your Facebook profile and cut out the profile picture and put your face in it to be your own Facebook profile.

  1. French Kiss

Paint your face like a member of Kiss, add a beret and a baguette and boom, French Kiss.

  1. Sexy Halloween ghost

For the political among us, make a statement about the sexualisation of Halloween costumes and don a bed sheet with eye holes cut out and put sexy lingerie over the top.

  1. A ceiling fan

For those who love a good pun, dress up as a cheerleader and write ‘Go Ceiling’ on the front of your t-shirt.

  1. Ginger bread man

Short on time and resources: if you are a male of the red hair persuasion, grab a load of bread and hang a sign around your neck saying: ‘Ginger Bread Man’

For the couples:

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dress as totally OTT old school basketball players and get some inflatable donut rings to wear around your waist. A pun for the couples among us!

  1. Cruella and a puppy

Works for couple of any persuasion (particularly for those who like drag), a fabulously cruel Cruella and an ever so demure and vulnerable puppy.

  1. Batman and Robin

A classic untold homoerotic love story, the couple we all know and love to watch as the straight world assumes with their heteronormativity that they are ‘just friends’.

  1. Brad and Janet

Need we say more? Or for those who want a little more oomph, substitute either or both for Dr. Frank N Furter and Rocky

  1. Twin towers

For those who love to be controversial and cause a bit of a stir, dress up as the twin towers. Cardboard boxes, some fake flames, a toy aeroplane and there you have it, instant ice breaker/relationship destroyer. If nothing else it’s a good acid test to determine who the least easily offended people in the room are (and they’re almost always the most fun!).

Go forth and push the boundaries of the socially acceptable, the elaborately punny, the just plain lazy, and the well thought through. Let your creative juices flow and get dressed up in a manner that is just as memorable as your Halloween should be!

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