10 Ways To Make Sex Life Sexier

1. Go to the Gym Keeping yourself fit can boost your confidence. It can also increase your stamina, flexibility, and raise your testosterone levels with the increase in muscle. Does […]

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This article was published on March 7th, 2015

10 Ways To Make Sex Sexier

1. Go to the Gym

Keeping yourself fit can boost your confidence. It can also increase your stamina, flexibility, and raise your testosterone levels with the increase in muscle. Does that mean you need to be ripped like your favorite porn stars? No. But it does mean that you need to take care of your body if you expect to have an exciting sex life.

2. Foreplay

Learning how to get your partner’s motor running before sex is key to making it better. You have plenty of options to choose from, such as blowjobs, rimming, nipple play, and massage. Take the time to explore each other’s bodies, and you might learn new and exciting ways to make their toes curl.

3. Go Slow

No one likes a quick fuck, unless you are short on time and you have no other option. But if you have the whole night ahead of you and you’re done in ten minutes, then chances are that someone is going to be left wanting more. Foreplay is one way you can slow things down, and pretend that you’re on an adventure, and your partner’s body is the uncharted land. Even when you start fucking, there is no reason you need to hurry. Alternate between fast thrusts, and ones that are slower and more controlled. Go out of your way to please each other in new ways, until you reach the big release.

4. Toys

Nothing can boost a lackluster sex life like a few toys. Not action figures, but the adult variety that you keep hidden when your in-laws come over. The most popular options are dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. If you aren’t used to having your ass explored this is the perfect opportunity to break out of your comfort zone.

5. Dirty Talk

This one can be tricky if you are unaccustomed to doing it. Try watching porn that features vocal performers. Adam Russo is an excellent example, as he is a pro at dirty talk. Don’t actually try it until you are confident, as it can end up sounding forced and awkward. But once you’ve mastered it, it can be a surefire way to make sex hotter.

6. Kiss & Cuddle

This is a more romantic tip, and is good for those moments when you need to catch your breath, but you don’t want to just lay there. Kissing and cuddling doesn’t have to be strictly an after-sex activity. In order to make it better, brush up on your kissing skills to keep your partner begging for more.

7. Bondage Play

Bondage requires a high level of trust between you and your partner, but it can be tailored based on your level on kink. A lighter option would involve silk ties and blindfolds; and more extreme options could include handcuffs, ball-gags, and candle wax dripped carefully over each other’s bodies.

8. Roleplay

Have you been a naughty student, and are waiting in the principal’s office? No one said that playing make-believe had to stop when you reached adulthood. It just gets more exciting. Bad student and principal is only one scenario out of many. Another example would be a man going in for an interview, and he’s willing to do anything to get the job. Be creative, as there are a ton of scenarios that can be sexualized. Try to seduce a detective who has pulled you in for questioning—and see how that story unfolds.

9. Music and Aromatherapy

When you’re constantly fucking in the same environment, sometimes it’s necessary to create a romantic atmosphere to help set the mood. Dim the lights, put on music that helps to get you into a sexual mindset, and light some aromatic candles; and as stated in the bondage section, candles can be used for more than just ambience. Sometimes a little effort can go a long way toward making sex more enjoyable.


10. Massage Oil

Why settle for baby oil when you can choose from a wide array of massage oils, created for the purpose on arousing and exciting the senses? There are some that are edible, and offered in various flavors; some warm as they are worked onto the skin; and there are even some that tingle. Massage oils are a quick and easy way to add something special to your sex life, and some of them can also be used as lube.

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