15 inexpensive date ideas

15 fun and creative date ideas for you and your boo without spending a lot of money.

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This article was published on May 30th, 2018

There is a general misconception that dating is exceedingly expensive. While courtship can be costly if you’re going out to expensive dinners and to the theatre every night, there are also plenty of ways to spend time with your bae that don’t include dropping a lot of dollars. Get more original with your date ideas, other than Netflix and chill. Here are 15 fun and creative date ideas for you and your boo without spending a lot of money:

15 inexpensive date ideas

  1. Crafts: Get crafty and creative with a little do-it-at-home project with some arts and crafts. You’ll have fun working as a team and will have something artsy to show for it in the end.
  2. Wine and cooking class: Education can be fun, especially when you get to learn fun things like preparing delicious meals or sampling exquisite wines together.
  3. Hiking: Get physical on your date without spending a dime by hitting the trails with your significant other. Bring your cameras along to capture the beautiful scenery and each other.
  4. Kayaking and paddle boarding: If you are the active types and live near water, try kayaking or paddle boarding for some fun cardio under the warm summer sun.
  5. Night markets: Many cities have night markets where vendors sell everything from food and alcohol, to lotions and clothing, and beyond. Often with live music, night markets are great for strolling through hand in hand.
  6. Dance or art classes: Learn how to bust a few moves or create masterpieces together by taking an art or dance class. Or laugh at one another trying! There are often free classes offered by community groups too.
  7. Volunteer: There are literally hundreds of organizations that need volunteer help on a daily basis. Spend time with the person you care about by helping others and giving back to your local community.
  8. Photography walk: Ditch your smart phones and bring a digital camera with you on a scenic walk of your city. It’s a fun way to explore your surroundings, unplug, and take in beauty all around you.
  9. Second hand store shopping: Take your babe to an area with a few second hand/vintage stores for some thrift store shopping and silly clothes trying on. You never know what great pieces you’ll find.
  10. Mixology class: Learn how to be a professional drink mixer by taking a mixology or bartending course together. Knowing how to sling drinks is a skill you’ll be able to use (and share) for the rest of your life.
  11. Sunset picnic: Pack a bag with homemade snacks and dinner items, grab a bottle of wine or bring some perfectly packed picnic cocktails, and head for your nearest park, beach, or stand for a romantic sunset picnic for two. You can even arrive early to soak up the sun.
  12. Museuming: Most cities have museums that offer little to no cost to residents for admission. Get lost for hours with your partner appreciating some art, history, science, culture, or all the above.
  13. Charity 5K: There are mini races and 5Ks throughout the year and running one with your boyfriend is a great way to get exercise while raising money for a worthy cause. Plus afterwards you can go for brunch or grab a cold beer as your reward.
  14. Karaoke: Find out just exactly how badly tone deaf or how much of an Ariana your partner is by going to a karaoke night and singing your hearts out.
  15. Attend a poetry reading, book reading, or live music event. Local coffee shops and stages have open mic nights for artist looking to get their work out there. Take in some of the local artistry by enjoying some live entertainment with you boo.

Have any other cool, fun date ideas that won’t break your bank? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

15 inexpensive date ideas

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