Squeeze the Juice Out of the Last Days of Summer: Your Ultimate To-Do List

Don't let the last days of summer slip away. Make them unforgettable with our ultimate guide.

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This article was published on September 1st, 2023

The Last Days of Summer Feels: Mixed Emotions Galore

Ah, the cocktail of joy and dread that signals the final act of summer’s grand opera. There’s the heart-pounding anticipation of a new semester, back to work blues, or the looming cold season paired with the heartbreaking finale of beach trips and freedom. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Make the Last of Summer Truly Unforgettable

How does you send off the last days of summer with panache? Make every moment so unforgettable that as autumn leaves begin to fall, one’s social cache is filled with glorious tales. 

1. Turn the Beach into Your Runway

Picture this: an you and your closest friends sashaying down the sandy catwalk, rocking your best beachwear. It’s not just about lying on a towel; it’s a whole vibe. Think beach games during the day, hot men in speedos, a barbecue by sunset, and beachside clubs for a night of dancing. And let’s not forget a sunrise breakfast on the boardwalk, capping a weekend that becomes the stuff of legends.

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2. Make Your Pool Your Personal Stage

If the beach is out of reach, a private pool can be just as glamorous. Float on unicorn or flamingo inflatables as if floating on air, sip on some icy, blended drinks, and basically live the VIP life. Grill some poolside treats and set the mood with a playlist that screams “summer forever.”

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3. Carnival Extravaganza

Carnivals are wonderlands for everyone—far from child’s play. Between the romantic ferris wheel rides, the ring toss, and the possibility of grabbing your lover’s hands as you walk through a haunted house it’s an all-ages paradise. Try your hand at games, dare to get on the most dizzying rides, and don’t forget to sneer at the straight people enjoying all the carbs you want to eat, but not wear on your hips later in the week. Win or lose, the prize is the experience itself.

4. Strike a Pose: You Deserve It

Find iconic spots in the city—be it a graffiti wall or a historic landmark—and strike a pose. It’s a live-action movie, and you’re the star. Gather a collection of snapshots that would make any influencer green with envy.  

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5. Bonfires: Summer’s Perfect Nightcap

Picture the scene: the smell of woodsmoke, the crackling of the fire, and the company of great friends. Share stories, roast marshmallows, and let the flickering flames dance in your eyes. It’s an open-air theater for everyone’s summer tales.

If you’re lucky you might just encounter a hot lumberjack chopping wood enabling you to setup camp and drool at the same time.

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6. Outdoor Cinema Nights

Why just stick to a small screen when the world is your theater? Pack popcorn, plush pillows, and settle under the starry sky. Whether it’s a rom-com or an action thriller (let’s be honest, we know it’ll be the former), it’s twice as thrilling under the open sky.

7. Sunrise to Sunset: Nature’s Drag Show

Someone catching both sunrise and sunset in one day is like the universe giving them a standing ovation. Consider it the universe’s daily double feature, and you’ve got front-row seats. Now, that’s what you call a moment!

Jump in your car and get to a mountain near you with friends, a bluetooth speaker and dream in your heart. 

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8. Gurls’ Night Out: The Ultimate end of summer ritual

Start with margaritas, proceed to karaoke, and cap it all off with a sleepover complete with midnight snacks and rom-com movies. It’s the circle of life, but make it fabulous. And, the gays are uniquely positioned to make this more fabulous than any woman ever could.

9. Last Call for Summer Fashion

Summer outfits deserve their moment in the sun before autumn layers take over. Organize a mini fashion show among friends or simply spend the day parading around in your favorite looks. Snap away and make it a day-long photo op.

Then share it all on Instagram and make yourself the envy of all your followers. 

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10. Road Trip: Explore before the winter nights take hold

Load up the car, chart a course, and just drive. Discover hidden gems, take goofy roadside pictures, and belt out your favorite tunes. The road is open, and adventure is calling.

In America alone you could see beaches, mountains, forests, and beautifully preserved caves.

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11. BBQ Bonanza

Fuel the end of summer with a grand feast. Grill an assortment of meat and veggies, whip up some divine summer salads, and don’t forget the ice-cold lemonade. Raise a toast to the waning days of sunshine.

Just make sure that everyone in attendance must be shirtless and ready to enjoy the remaining summer sun while it is here. 

12. Foodie Adventure

Think food trucks offering exotic cuisines, street fairs with tempting treats, or even a day spent sampling the best ice cream in town. The options are endless, and your tastebuds will be forever grateful. Plus, with tiny little snacks you won’t need to worry about packing on the pounds. 

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13. Shopping Spree: Retail Therapy before autumn

Hit the sales racks and refresh that wardrobe. While you’re at it, maybe grab a few skincare goodies. You’ll need it for the new semester and the colder months ahead.

We recommend moisturizers galore, the hottest gear for the upcoming summer, and let’s not forget the chapstick – nobody wants to kiss cracked lips. 

14. Concert Nights

A live concert featuring your favorite artist or band is like the cherry on top of your summer sundae. It’s a splurge but consider it an investment in joy. 

And, it’s the perfect time to savor the summer drinks that will disappear into the abyss before you’re overloaded with pumpkin spice latte and other gay winter cocktails.

15. Be Bold

Finally, step outside the comfort zone. Try an extreme sport, sing on a public stage, or even just approach that crush. Let summer be the season where fear takes a backseat.

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There you have it! Don’t let the sun set on this summer without making some unforgettable memories. The clock’s ticking, darling, and these last days of summer aren’t going to seize themselves.

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