“Speak Up” Says Vancouver Pride Society President

Vancouver Pride Society President, Ken Coolen would like everyone to do just one thing, 'speak up'.

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This article was published on August 8th, 2010

It’s been a week since the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival. People have gone back home, business has returned to normal, and life goes on. It is all over for this year, but Vancouver Pride Society President, Ken Coolen would like everyone to take one important action as a take-away from this years Vancouver Pride.

Speak up.

Yes, it’s that simple.

“Don’t turn the other cheek,” said Coolen. “Things like, ‘that’s so gay’, are derogatory and are terms and words of hate. Don’t use them.”

Coolen is right. As an individual you have the power each and every day to try to reduce the slander and hate against the LGBT community just by not using derogatory phrases like “you’re such as fag”. “Think of the message you’re sending,” said Coolen.

When you hear someone else using those phrases, “don’t be afraid to speak up and take a stand,” said Coolen.

It’s a small simple thing and it’s something we can all do to help make our world a more friendly and accepting place.

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