Family Values, Getting Personal with Brent Everett

Brent Everett is more than just male porn start with a pretty face and a hot body. He is a genuine, caring individual who has a warm heart and a solid foundation built on strong family values.

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This article was published on August 10th, 2010

Brent and his family, July 2010

Brent Everett is more than just male porn start with a pretty face and a hot body. He is a genuine, caring individual who has a warm heart and a solid foundation built on strong family values.

It is evident Brent is proud of his family. His signature smile present the entire time he shared personal stories about his family.

The award-winning 26 year old gay adult entertainer was recently in Canada and attended a family reunion near his home town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. For Brent, this was an opportunity to visit his parents, brother, aunts & uncles, and cousins. This family reunion was special to Brent because he was able to see his entire family together, including his 93 year old grandpa.

Brent is close with his family, especially his parents and his brother , whom he looks up to. When Brent was just a teenager he didn’t have any problems telling his parents he was gay, but explained it was extremely difficult to tell his family he had decided to pursue a career in adult entertainment.

“As parents we were absolutely shocked when we learned that Brent was making porno movies,” said Brent’s mom. “When you stand back and look at it from outside the box, it is a legal business and profession.”

Brent’s mom is proud of both her sons accomplishments. Inside the family home, Brent’s brother’s athletic achievements are recognized by the many trophies and awards on display. But Brent’s achievements do not go unnoticed. His mom has erected a shrine honouring his career in the adult entertainment industry – which includes his entire collection of DVD’s he has either starred in or produced.

Brent’s family lives by this motto, “Love is unconditional, because if love was conditional, then it is not love.”

“Since we believe in unconditional love, our choice was very easy, and we are having the time of our lives with our boys,” said Brent’s dad.

Clearly, Brent’s family is very supportive of his career and all his life’s decisions. But it’s just not Brent’s career choice that the family has embraced. They also supported Brent in his decision to marry Steve Pena. On October 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, Brent and Steve were married in front of a group of close friends and family.

“We are so proud of Brent’s and Steve’s accomplishments and there dedication to everything that they do,” commented Brent’s mom. “They are truly two amazing people, who are loved very much.”

Brent and Steve now live in San Diego, California. As a Canadian citizen Brent is required to return to Canada every 90 days. He says it’s difficult traveling back and forth and each time it is always a concern going through customs. Brent and Steve are both legally married in both Canada and in California; they bring copies of marriage certificates from each country as part of their travel documents. Brent is currently in the process of getting his dual citizenship.

Brent keeps in close contact with his family and will continue to return home on a regular basis.

For more information visit Brent’s website at or read his blog.

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4 thoughts on “Family Values, Getting Personal with Brent Everett

  1. speedoguy

    I am proud to be a human being after reading this article. Steve’s family are something all other families should aspire too. This is what the meaning of “family” is all about.

  2. Distin Peña

    So much for living happily ever after. Brent got deported and Steve moved in with his new boy toy Jason Smith in Washington DC.