The Truth Behind Why Jayden Grey Got Into Porn; the Reactions of Family and Friends

“They were shocked, but they didn’t judge,” said Jayden.

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This article was published on April 27th, 2011

How does a seemingly innocent 23 year old guy, named Jayden Grey, who was going to university with dreams of digital photography and make-up artist all the sudden become an overnight gay porn sensation and winner of the “Best Boyfriend Fantasy” award at the 2011 The Hookies International Escort Awards?

According to Jayden, “I needed the money to pay off fines that I got for smoking pot and speeding tickets. I had to give the government a lot of money.”

Money is often the driving force for many young guys and girls to get into adult entertainment, especially when they are physically attractive and they know they can make a quick buck.

Telling family and friends is never easy. And Jayden’s story isn’t much different when he had to tell his parents.

“They were shocked, but they didn’t judge,” said Jayden.

Jayden and his father aren’t very close leaving him to wonder what his dad really thinks.

“I don’t talk to him much.” Explained Jayden, referring to his relationship with this father. “I do love him but we just butt heads and don’t see eye-to-eye.”

Jayden was direct and honest with one of his aunts.

“I have one aunt that I can’t lie to. Never have. Never will. She doesn’t judge. She accepts and loves everyone.”

Comforting to know that Jayden has family members that love and care for him regardless of his career choices.

Jadyen’s friends from his home town in Iowa had mixed reactions.

“I flat out told them, ‘Hey, I am gong to do porn’,” said Jayden. “Some wished me luck and some tried beating me down with shit talk and what not.”

Now that Jayden has made a good name for himself he finds that many of those not-so-close friends from back home are crawling out of the wood-work and wanting him to pay attention to them.

Being a fair guy, Jayden has gave his friends back home the opportunity to apologize and to talk to them. He’s opened the door for forgiveness, but it won’t be open forever.

“When I go back I have no problem ignoring them if I see them or they try to talk to me,” said Jayden.

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