Jessy Karson; XXX Star Living with HIV

It’s been three years since 23 year old gay male porn star, Jessy Karson found out he tested positive for HIV. For any gay man this is hard enough to deal with, but when you’re career is in porn, it makes things much more complicated.

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This article was published on June 14th, 2011

It’s been three years since 23 year old gay male porn star, Jessy Karson found out he tested positive for HIV. For any gay man this is hard enough to deal with, but when you’re career is in porn, it makes things much more complicated.

“I was a bit of a slut,” said Jessy as he described the time when he was infected with HIV.

At the time he learned he was positive, Jessy had been working with, dancing and doing some additional work for some other studios.

Jessy made the decision to go on treatment and today he is in control and gets regular check-ups. This being said, he is very aware that studios are very cautious about working with models who are HIV positive. They don’t want to put other models at risk and that limits the options of what they can do.

Jessy turned to studios that used HIV positive models, one of the largest studios being Treasure Island Media. When working for TIM, Jessy was one of six models to be featured in bareback scene, 1,000 Load Fuck.

This one appearance dramatically impacted Jessy’s image as a porn actor and an individual.

“Some people boycotted me,” said Jessy.

Jessy also noticed that since filming that scene other studios were not interested in hiring him.

Today, Jessy is not exclusive with any agency and enjoys the freedom of being able to work with a variety of producers and studios. He understands there are limitations, however he is confident in peoples demand for his bad-boy image and there will be lots of work lined up in the future.

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8 thoughts on “Jessy Karson; XXX Star Living with HIV

  1. Jay

    Well written lesson that every action has consequences somewhere down the line. Good of Jessy to share his trials and tribulations.

  2. brwebb Post author

    Agreed. I’m glad Jessy was so open and honest. He wasn’t shy about it. He understands there are limitations, but also was extremely knowledgable about the advances in treatment over recent years. He’s currently leading a healthy lifestyle and his HIV is in full control. I think this is great information for anyone who is having unprotected sex to be aware of the risks involved – this is why I always write about it – to provide people with true-life examples from people we typically look-up to and respect. People make mistakes, accidents happen and lessons are learned.

  3. seaguy

    Thanks for this article. I knew he was poz but it’s interesting to learn of his experience after having worked for TIM. He is a hot stud regardless!

  4. Scott

    Jessy, Do you still film bareback scene if asked or offered, I love your Play Hard scene 1 on 1 fuck at the begining and always wished i was the bottom for you and actually still do 🙂 a puerto rican hottie that i play with has the same stars on his stomach torso area almost identical and i have show him that scene and even played it while he fucks me …. I would do a hot bareback scene with you if you would do one with like TIM or another company of your choise ??
    Jessy hit me up at

  5. Scott

    Still have not heard back from you but I do hope that you get this and also my previous posted message and would like to hear from you. I also wanted to let you know that I actually have Family the lives there off the Coast of Vancouver on the Island of Victoria. I have not personally been there but hear that it is very nice.
    I have been contacted recently by Max from TIM and he is inrterested in meeting with me and getting together with him in NYC to discuss work in some upcomming videos and I know that you would be a great person to talk to about porn in general and working with TIM etc… I love all of your hot scenes that I have located online and or have on DVD.

    I am located here in Central Connecticut just outside of Hartford, CT 06112 which is the state capital. I am 20 minutes from Bradley Intn’l Airport (BDL) and I am basically located directly between NEW YORK CITY and BOSTON with both cites being about 2 hours away to the North or South. Also I am about 5 hours south of MONTREAL, I have a large townhouse condo with plenty of room here at my place and in my bed to keep you warm also. I am more than willing to host anytime that you are free to travel here and would love to get together and we can also travel to Boston and/or NYC while here and I can pick you up at the airport if you preferas I am not sure you would want to drive all the way here ?
    I am ready able and willing to host and we can hang, travel, parTy, and play, relax, and more so I hope that you will consider and contact me at my email listed below and I also can send you more info and pics and discuss if and when you might condider cumming to visit.
    Jessy please email me and/or hit me up at
    Looking forward to it hopefully.

  6. Arthur smith

    I love seeing Jessy Karson and have a fetish for knowing his status and being drawn to him and craving his infected seed in my butt to hold in as long as I can. It’s not just poz semen in my as from a man I fantasize about to be the one who converts me. I would do almost anything to feel this Poz and proud role model god ejaculate in my ass and tell me he’s gonna make me sero convert. My poz idol give me your dirty seed. Make me beg for your load. Let me feed your ego and kneel before you willing to take loads from guys you tell to cum in my ass. I’d do any thing to meet him feel his raw cock breeding me as I worship his hiv status… sexually use me share your desire to infect worshipping fans. Jessy Karson rocks.