Getting to Know Gay Adult Entertainer, Dayton O’Conner

Appearing in over 92 scenes in the last six years, 26-year-old Dayton O’Conner is a familiar face in the male porn industry.

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This article was published on September 7th, 2011

Used with permission.

Appearing in over 92 scenes in the last six years, 26-year-old Dayton O’Conner is a familiar face in the male porn industry.

Growing up, Dayton was just like all the other boys on his block. He enjoyed playing outside.

“I love the outdoors, catching bugs and playing with action figures,” Dayton said laughing. “I remember having the entire He-Man set including the castle.”

As Dayton got older he found his life changing and he had to make important decisions about his education and career.

Dayton followed his dream of being an artist. He attended two years of post-secondary education in large-scale abstract, non-representative and colour theory. Today he enjoys working on commissioned painting and murals. But like any true artist, Dayton looks forward to returning to Prague to buy art from the legendary St. Charles Bridge.

Outside of his career in adult entertainment, Dayton has managed a restaurant and retail store.  He admits there are challenges having a traditional job, especially once his co-workers find out about his career in porn.

Used with permission.

“I produce events outside of the industry and book entertainment in San Diego for an event production company,” said Dayton as he explained some of the other activities he is working on.

In the future Dayton wants to get more involved behind the camera.

“I want a site of my own and I want to direct a film,” said Dayton, who is looking for the right opportunity to get more involved behind the camera.

Dayton is currently in a committed relationship. Working in adult entertainment certainly puts challenges and strains on any relationship.

“It’s hard to be in relationships,” said Dayton. “Really its annoying.”

Both partners need to have a clear understanding of roles, expectations and know when to leave jealousy behind.

Dayton wants people to know he is just a regular Joe like everyone else.

“I’m a very real and honest person,” said Dayton. “I encourage everyone to be so. Everyone has flaws and I don’t try to hide mine.”

When it comes to his biggest personal achievements, Dayton explained, “not losing my small town sensibility and growing as a person while challenging myself to break the mold.”

Dayton was awarded Best Cum Scene and Best Group Sex from C1R’s Gridiron Gangbang at the 2010 Grabby Awards.

For more on Dayton O’Connor, follow him on twitter, friend him on Facebook, and check out his blog.

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  1. brisco

    Spare us the terms “pornstar”, “adult entertainer”, etc. The guy is nothing less than a high paid prostitute, plain and simple. As are all the rest.