Travis Irons Reveals How He Went from Military Man to Gay Porn Star

“I never imaged myself doing this,” Travis said. “I had planned on being a copy after being in the military police.”

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This article was published on December 7th, 2011

Travis Irons served a mission for the military police in Iraq, but when he returned home to the US, his life took a dramatic change. After finding out his wife cheated on him and being kicked out for being gay, Travis decided to go another route; gay male porn.

“I was thrust into it,” Travis explained. “Jordan Michael got me started. I met him right out of the army. He invited me to south Florida.”

When Travis arrived, Jordan outright asked Travis if he would be interested in doing gay male porn. It didn’t take long for Travis to accept the offer and to get going.

“I never imaged myself doing this,” Travis said. “I had planned on being a cop after being in the military police.”

Travis has since been enjoying his new career, although he has had some challenges.

“A guy that goes to school with my sister found me online on Google,” Travis explained. “He told my sister; my sister told my parents. That’s how they found out.”

Although Travis’s parents haven’t outright expressed any deep reactions to his career choice it’s also something they do not talk about.

“My grandpa is a southern Baptist preacher and my dad is a cop,” said Travis. “They don’t talk about it.”

Travis has been kept busy since moving into adult entertainment, although he does regret turning down some work in the beginning.

“I wish I could go back and do it,” Travis said looking back on his early says in porn.

When it comes to sex, Travis enjoys sex off camera.

“You can do what you want,” Travis explained. “On camera you have to do it this way, or that way. On camera just pays my bills.”

Travis has more scenes lined up and plans to continue in the world of gay porn with ambitions of opening up his own studio one day in the future.

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