Celebrities Nightclub to Receive Make-Over in 2013; Good or Bad?

One of Vancouver’s largest and popular night clubs is about to undergo a massive renovation starting January 2, 2013. When complete, the transformed night club will be able to compete […]

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This article was published on December 22nd, 2012

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One of Vancouver’s largest and popular night clubs is about to undergo a massive renovation starting January 2, 2013. When complete, the transformed night club will be able to compete with other international clubs, attracting a whole new line-up of DJs and performers.

Since 1980, Celebrities has been part of the social fabric in Vancouver’s Davie Village. The club has primarily focused on the LGBT community, however, in recent years the club has started to evolve into a more diverse crowd and become less focused on attracting the gay dance crowd.

“We’ve seen Celebrities go through a lot of exciting changes over the years, but it’s been imperative to us that the heart and soul of Celebrities always remains the same,” explained Bill Kerasiotis, one of the owners that holds the license to the club, “With the core untouched, we’ve been able to ensure this cherished club experiences continued, ageless success.”

The announcement of the renovations is very vague when it comes to how the club will be positioned post-renovation. While the owners still want to appeal to the LGBT community, they also express that they want to open up the venue to attract a straight audience; something that has not been popular with the Vancouver gay community for many years.

“The goal of this revamp is to make Celebrities better than ever and to enhance what it’s come to be known for, and that’s namely amazing dance music within a superior club setting,” said Alvaro Prol, co-owner of Celebrities Nightclub. “It’s important that those who have supported us over the years know these improvements will only reflect and heighten that sentiment. We pride ourselves on being one of the best dance clubs on the West Coast, and want to ensure Celebrities continues to evolve over the years in order to live up to its name and legacy”.

Celebrities hopes to attract a higher caliber of DJs and performers after the renovation is complete, including Tiesto, David Guetta, Skrillex, Boy George and Ru Paul.

The club will outfitted with the latest technology, lighting, sound and aesthetics, and will unveil a new feature, which will remain under wraps until the club’s grand re-opening party in early February 2013. Celebrities will be announcing a brand new Saturday club-night that will launch with the club’s reopening.

Before Celebrities closes for renovations, there are a number of holiday parties lined up including Boy George and the annual New Years Eve celebration. Tickets are available for these events online.

What do you think of this announcement by Celebrities Nightclub? Sound off by leaving your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrities Nightclub to Receive Make-Over in 2013; Good or Bad?

  1. Johnny Harpoon

    Celebrities – haha.

    Anyone who thinks that they’re gonna actually keep any kind of gay following is dreaming.

    Davie Street is dying and that’s sad.

    1. brwebb Post author

      I kind of have to agree. Over the past few years Celebrities Night Club has become less and less focused on the gay community.

      Even the Davie Street Village seems to be changing. The village hasn’t recovered since the loss of the Odyssey. Club 560 had filled the void for a while, but that’s no longer an option. It’s good to see the East Van gay’s have places like the Cobalt, but that’s a niche. Junction is rumoured to undergo changes in the New Year too.

  2. toddhauptman

    I’ve only recently started going to clubs and Celebrities was one of the 1st. It was tame from what I was expecting It felt like a straight bar with a few gay guys. If I’m going to come downtown from Langley for a club, I want it to be worth it. I’m hoping these renovations improve my next visit to the club.

  3. Seaguy

    Celebrities has always been the Neighbours of Vancouver being they are the big gay discos in Seattle and Vancouver so i hope they have the $$ to remodel and don’t end up starting and not being able to finish or something. Seen that happen before.