The art of anal douching

If you think anal sex is just for gay men, you’re wrong! Everyone has anal sex. Some are just more open to talking about it than others. Whether you are […]

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This article was published on February 26th, 2014

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If you think anal sex is just for gay men, you’re wrong! Everyone has anal sex. Some are just more open to talking about it than others. Whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, or transgendered, chances are you have had, or are curious about anal sex. There’s nothing dirty about anal sex. It’s quite pleasurable.

Anal sex isn’t something that usually happens on a whim, without preparation. There are occasions where anal sex happens without prep-work in advance and it goes off without incident; however, that is a big risk for an awkward, embarrassing and smelly moment. Is it really worth risking?

The best solution is to prepare in advance. It is relatively easy. It’s called anal douching. There are a number of different types of douches available, depending on your situation; choose which one is best for you. Regardless of which type you use, the process is essentially the same; wash, rinse, repeat.

Getting ready to have anal sex takes more than five minutes preparation. It should start well in advance. The digestive tract is pretty simple: food in, digestion, food out. It’s an on-going cycle. Regularity is key for anal sex. Throughout the day stick to light meals and snacks, like yogurt, applesauce, high fiber and other easily digestible foods. Avoid heavy meals like pasta, red meats, and deep fried / fast food.

Plan your meals. Your last meal should be completed about three hours before you plan on having anal sex. This allows the body time to digest. At the end of the meal, drink a glass of water, to help with digestion.

At least one hour before having anal sex, it is time to begin the anal douching process. Anal douching should take place in the bathroom, without any interruptions; this means turning off your phone and avoiding any distractions.

There are all different kinds of douche kits available, including disposable, bulb, hanging and shower kits. Using the bulb douche as an example, fill a bowl full of room temperature distilled / bottled water. Using hot water can damage the rectum and cold water is extremely uncomfortable. Do not use soap, vinegar, or other additives because it will irritate the rectum.

Squeeze the bulb and then submerge the tip into the water. Release the pressure on the bulb and allow it to fill with the water. Remove the tip from the water. For added comfort, apply water-based lube to the tip and then very carefully, and gently, insert into your rectum. Be very aware that the rectum only has nerve endings about 5cm inside, and beyond that can risk tears, scrapes and scratches, which can put you at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Once inserted, squeeze the bulb slowly, allowing the water to flow into the rectum. Do not allow any of the water to flow back into the bulb; keep the pressure constant and consistent. Once released, carefully remove the tip of the douche. Hold in the water as long as possible. Try counting to 20 and jump up-and-down a few times. When you cannot take it any longer, sit on the toilet and release the water.

This can be an unpleasant moment if this is your first time douching, but be calm; it’s completely normal. The water has simply expedited the removal of all fecal matter from the lower colon. Continue these steps for another three to five times, until the water released is clear.

Douching on a daily, or multiple times per day is not safe. The rectum has a mucus coating which helps pass fecal matter and protects the membrane from bacteria and infections. Over douching removes this protective layer and increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

Once you have completed the douching process you may feel the urge to expel again 20 – 40 minutes later. This is normal. Simply purge the remains and if needed, douche again. The bowel and rectum is designed to absorb any leftover water; however, be forewarned that occasionally some leftover water may leak out during anal sex. Afterwards, have a hot shower and relax.

Anal douching, when done properly, which takes practice, should leave the rectum completely clean; clean enough to get rimmed, have anal sex, and enjoy other anal fantasies, with a trusted partner. Remember to practice safer sex!


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3 thoughts on “The art of anal douching

  1. Jason

    Thank you! So many people think that anal happens like in porno. Not without prep work it doesn’t, and so many people are afraid to talk about douching.

    1. Brian Webb Post author

      You’re totally right! Regardless of your sexual orientation, if you’re going to have anal sex, you have to prepare. It’s better to be sure you are clean than to risk a smelly, dirty, and embarrassing situation. It’s not hard to do. It’s not unpleasant. It’s just what people need to do to have clean fun!