Blue Bailey: My Life With HIV

Gay porn star Blue Bailey doesn’t sacrifice much. His current addictions: candy and carbs. But since finding out in 2007 that he’s HIV positive, Bailey’s given up many addictions for […]

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This article was published on March 12th, 2014

Blue Bailey comes clean about being HIV positive and how it has changed his life, for the betterGay porn star Blue Bailey doesn’t sacrifice much. His current addictions: candy and carbs. But since finding out in 2007 that he’s HIV positive, Bailey’s given up many addictions for the better.

“I moved home to Las Vegas for a year and went to my doctor for a checkup for insurance,” Bailey said of how he discovered his positive status. “I had been partying a lot and doing a lot of drugs, so I wasn’t too surprised. I took it pretty well.”

Since 2007, Bailey’s moved on from hard drugs and unhealthy living and says learning he is HIV positive was a big factor in changing his life.

“I stopped doing crystal meth,” he said. “HIV has helped me to become more health conscious. This way I’m not always having to worry that something can go wrong.”

Despite his having HIV, Bailey says not much has changed in his work as a porn star except the people he works with.

“Being open certainly affects your scene partner. It could cause people to think that your scene partner is positive or unaware,” Bailey said.

HIV’s impact on Bailey’s life appears to be more good than negative. Although some models have backed out of a shoot due to uneasiness surrounding his HIV status, he says, he’s never felt discriminated against for the disease.

“I can’t give blood. That’s about it,” Bailey said. “I haven’t been discriminated by other models’ personal preferences.”

The porn industry encourages entertainers to keep a steady job outside of porn. HIV has even helped Bailey in his post-porn future.

“With school, I quality as disabled. I got first choice with classes and even got a scholarship for it. It worked out,” he said.

Like most models, porn stars, dancers… hot gay men in general… Bailey has a strict workout schedule and spends at least an hour at the gym, six days each week. On the bright side, Bailey eats whatever he desires.

“Eating healthy sucks! I like eating candy and carbs,” Bailey said.

In his free time, Bailey enjoys movies, concerts, plays and “anything entertainment related.” His most embarrassing moment came while grocery shopping with a friend.

“We were singing the RuPaul’s Drag Race song. I thought she was behind me the whole time. I turned around and said ‘you’d better werk!” and it was some old troll man who had been following behind me,” Bailey said.

“My friend saw it coming for a while, and she just stood there laughing at me,” he said. “We were both a little drunk.”

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3 thoughts on “Blue Bailey: My Life With HIV

  1. roger kennedy

    I could care less about Blue Bailey having HIV, I love to bareback also and know the risks. But what gets me is how these porn stars seem to navigate into things with ease. He all but admits to having access to first choice of classes and getting a scholarship because he is classified as “disabled”, so the doors didn’t necessarily open to him because he is hiv positive or he has taken every load in his ass in film, but that the government qualifies him as disabled, it opens doors that are not open to the rest of us. I am a gay man with severe heart issues and was more or less told I was at deaths door, and I applied for disability but was turned down and told to get my ass back to work, so its surprising he is considered disabled and is able to go to school and live the life. Bailey is lucky that he has that classification, it apparently gives you opportunities not available to regular folk. Going from drugs, meth, bareback sex galore and porn to school to become a lawyer, only in America!