Becoming a Power Bottom 101

Power bottoms are guys who aggressively enjoy being the receiving partner in anal sex. A true power bottom doesn’t just on their back and get penetrated; a good power bottom can assume the dominant role while being fucked. Porn stars like Jessie Colter and Brandon Jones are great examples of true power bottoms. There are […]

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This article was published on January 4th, 2015

How to become the ultimate power bottom

Power bottoms are guys who aggressively enjoy being the receiving partner in anal sex. A true power bottom doesn’t just on their back and get penetrated; a good power bottom can assume the dominant role while being fucked. Porn stars like Jessie Colter and Brandon Jones are great examples of true power bottoms.

There are many benefits of learning how to be a power bottom. First, preparing your body for this kind of role will make the act of bottoming more pleasurable; it’s not a skill most guys possess naturally—not every bottom is a power bottom. Tops, who especially like long and rough sessions, enjoy it when their partner can enjoy a pounding without becoming tired or sore.

The first step to becoming a power bottom is to learn the basics of how to bottom. Before you start engaging in any kind of play, you need to start with a hot shower. Learning how to properly cleanse your ass is key. It’s called douching. Douching is a requirement if you’re going to be bottoming. There are many types of anal douches you can choose from; the most popular are a small enema bulb or a more elaborate hose system that connects to your shower head. Fort Troff has a spectacular selection of anal douching in kits designed for bottoms that are serious about having a good time, and they are made to be hygienic and user-friendly.

Next you must learn to relax. Being topped aggressively can be overwhelming, and it’s important you learn proper techniques to keep yourself calm so you can enjoy the experience. Practice deep breathing to ease your mind and to relax your body. Being a good power bottom is learning how to maintain the proper mindset. If you’re tense up, then you aren’t going to enjoy yourself as much as you could be and it’s going to become painful and uncomfortable. It’s just as important as breathing. If you start to tense up, just take a couple of deep breaths. Communicating with your partner will let each other know what’s working, not working, what would make it more comfortable or pleasurable.

Becoming a power bottom doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to work towards it with a top that understands how to listen, and is willing to work with you as you progress. When selecting someone to help you become a true power bottom, find someone that is not only a skilled top, but patient, and well-versed in foreplay.

Foreplay should be fun and help you relax. A great way to get started is with some light finger play with some lubricant. Once you start to loosen up and are comfortable, rimming is a great way to have some more fun before getting to the more serious action. Rimming does wonders for helping to relax your hole.

When it’s finally time for get to the point where you are going to attempt to be penetrated, use plenty of lubricant. There are various types of personal lubricant to choose from including, water-based, silicon and hybrid. Never use baby oil, Vaseline, hair conditioner, soap or other types of products not intended for this use because they can hurt and damage your sensitive skin. Learning how to be a power bottom will take much longer if you’re constantly damaging your asshole. You’re dealing with sensitive equipment, so treat it as such. Even when you are advanced, there is no reason to go balls to the wall without lube.

When first getting started with bottoming, it’s totally acceptable to take breaks. All-too-often people get too excited and want to do too much too quickly. Give your body time to adjust and becoming accustomed to what’s being done to it. Being able to get fucked relentlessly is a skill that has to be developed over time. If you are bottoming and it starts to hurt, then stop immediately. That’s your body telling you it’s time to take a break. You can either stop until the pain subsides and try again, or stop and try again the next day. If there are any signs of blood, stop right away and do not continue.

There are a few things you must not do in the beginning. Bottoming is a skilled art. It takes time. Rushing is a big no-no. Your top shouldn’t escalate to big thrusts before you’re ready to take them comfortably. If he does then things will come to a crashing halt fairly quick. The saying “Go Big or Go Home” only applies to advanced bottoms, not those who are still learning the ropes. Start small and work your way up gradually. Pay attention to what you’re feeling and take not of what hurts and what’s pleasurable.

Lastly, do not turn to drugs, alcohol or poppers to become a better bottom. This can lead to unpleasant, physically damaging, and possibly dangerous scenarios. You can become a power bottom without being under the influence.

Trust that if you take the appropriate steps and respect your body, you will be able to achieve great sexual feats in no-time.

Bottoms Up!


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8 thoughts on “Becoming a Power Bottom 101

  1. Billy

    This is just how to bottom. Great tips for that but has nothing to do with being a power bottom.

    PB’s are at least equal partners, if not the dominate one, in fucking. Your clue is the word “power”.

    1. Jace Payne

      This is just the first part in the series, the basics. The following articles will build up to power bottoming. This article is for those just starting bottoming, who want to build up to being a power bottom.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Joe Cobb

    Do not douche. Why advise people to put a foreign cleaning instrument in their anus to bottom?! Fiber naturally acts as the gravity force of the fecal matter and a healthy diet, maybe an added vitamin suppliment, is all you need to gaurntee you’ll never have a horror movie moment from uncleanliness.

    Enemas and douches have been found to weaken and irritate the lining in the anus. Some of the fluids if you grab the wrong kind can do some pretty damaging things so just get your daily fiber intake and make sure you regulate your vowel movements. Best time for anal is after you’ve gone. And cleaned with warm water and soap.

    Now I didn’t know what a power bottom was. I’ve never been one. I stopped bottoming for 2 years. My first time back I was in doggy position and was kinda eh he’s being to gentle and I remember backing my hips and having him slide forward faster, harder and quickly I got out of control and just did all the work. He came in about 30 seconds. It’s really very position and personal core strengths oriented. If you don’t ever work our your glutes and hamstrings you won’t be too great at this. Riding, cowgirl, is the most difficult for me as it’s hard to keep a top from getting excited and prolong his things up to take control of your movements and then pound you while you sit still. Missionary is nearly impossible to do much. But point being I became a power bottom over night. It feels great and very natural to me.

    1. Bigassme

      Trying to have a regular bowel movement is probably the best thing to do and lots of lube. My first experience was mind blowing, I gave him a good blow job and let him fuck me doggy, it felt so good that I kept thrusting on his dick so fast and kept squeezing my ass on his cock that he started almost convulsing. I finally took his dick out of my ass and started stroking his beautiful well endowed cock while putting the tip in my mouth that he came so hard. He said he couldn’t believe it was my first time. I’ve been a power bottom ever since and have satisfied lots of dicks.

      1. SoloD

        Thanks for sharing bigassme. Im a top and I love great power bottoms I hope i find some one like you …

  3. Experienced bottom

    Saying you have to douche to be a bottom is not only not true but irresponsible. Another poster already said it best. There are articles out there by gay doctors who talk about why it’s not necessary or if YOU feel it is (not because som article told you), how to do it safely.