Skill and training; Becoming a Power Bottom 201

You can be a bottom, or you can be a power bottom. A bottom is someone who prefers to be penetrated. A power bottom begs to get pounded hard, and at times, plays the dominant role. The basics of bottoming are a requirement of becoming a power bottom. Things begin to get more challenging as […]

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This article was published on January 11th, 2015

Becoming a Power Bottom 201

Butt plugs and dildos are essential tools for becoming a power bottom. After every use, remember to wash them with warm water and mild soap, and let them air dry.

You can be a bottom, or you can be a power bottom. A bottom is someone who prefers to be penetrated. A power bottom begs to get pounded hard, and at times, plays the dominant role. The basics of bottoming are a requirement of becoming a power bottom. Things begin to get more challenging as you begin to bottom with skill and training. Have plenty of lube because your hole will be in for quite the workout as you take your next steps to become a real power bottom.

Becoming a power bottom doesn’t happen over night. It takes time. This step is important, and can be done with or without a partner, and can be fun either way. When learning how to bottom with more skill, dildos and butt-plugs are will quickly become your best friends. When making your selection of which toys to use, build an arsenal that will grow with you as you become more experienced. How big you get depends entirely on your personal goals. There are a variety of sizes that range from small, to holy shit that’s big. Try to steer clear of the nightmarish sizes until you are more advance, in 301.

As discussed in Power Bottoming 101, you always want to start with a hot shower and douche before engaging in anal play. Being clean is essential and better than the smelly, dirtier, and extremely awkward alternative. Start with the smallest toy you have, whether it is a dildo, vibrator, or butt-plug. The following principles apply even if you’re working with a partner.

Start slowly when first inserting your toy, and allow your hole to accept it without forcing it in. Rushing will lead to pain. Use plenty of lubricant on the toy and your rectum to make it insert easier. You can reduce the pain by pacing yourself and letting your sphincter to relax. It doesn’t take very long.

Another tip from the Power Bottoming 101 that will help you is knowing how to breathe properly. When working the dildo in you might feel your ass resisting. This is when you want to slow down and breathe, deeply and slowly, gently working the toy deeper. Once fully inserted, you’ll still want to give yourself a minute or two to adjust—then you can pick up the pace. If you’re playing with a partner, these principles still apply. When you are comfortable, simply move up to the next size. Training with toys will help your ass become accustomed to a variety of sizes, and moving on to the real thing won’t be as daunting as it once was. This process is commonly referred to as stretching.

Once you have become accustomed to being stretched out, the next step is to learn to be getting fucked with vigor. Up until now you might be fine with slow thrusts for a period of time, but nothing too intense; but now is the time to move passed that. Work with your partner, having him increase the power of his thrusts, and incorporating teasing.

Teasing can be anything from fingering your before penetration, or it can be done during intercourse by inserting just the tip of his dick in and out. This can be fun because he can surprise you at any point with full, deep penetration. You will also need to learn and adjust to having your top pull out completely, and then thrust all the way in, over and over, with faster and deeper thrusts. You will want to keep the channel of communication open and make sure what he’s doing isn’t causing you pain. You want to become more adept at handling this, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure uncomfortable fucking for the sole purpose of getting used to that kind of pounding. Remember, this is Power Bottoming 201.

Comfort will come over time. Practice makes perfect. That being said, you do want to work on taking it for longer periods without a break, but don’t push yourself to fast, too soon. If one session you find that you have to take three or four breaks, then fine. Next time try to take one less break, until you no longer need them. This is your ultimate goal; to be able to get fucked non-stop. Always remember to use an adequate amount of lubrication to prevent anal tearing, and for easier penetration.

Finally, if you find you are still having a slight amount of trouble getting comfortable, you can experiment with poppers—a product you can inhale to help relax the muscles of the ass and creates a temporary feeling of euphoria. Be careful not to use these as a crutch as a way to become the ultimate power bottom. It’s more important that you learn how to do it without chemical assistance. Poppers really should be used to enhance your sexual escapades. If you get to the point where you rely on them all the time, you will find that you will be using them more than you need to, which can lead to problems. Trust in your body, take the proper steps, and you’ll be on your way to getting fucked like your favorite porn stars.

Stay tuned for next week’s lesson, Advanced Power Bottom 301… Bottoms up!

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4 thoughts on “Skill and training; Becoming a Power Bottom 201

  1. Boris Merman

    True anonymous power-bottoms were all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s, before Aids reared it’s ugly head and abruptly stopped the party. In the 1980’s the gay bathhouse culture was very prevalent in the gay world in most U.S. cities. New York was notorious for having some of the biggest and most popular ones from 1977 to 1987. In 1987, most were shuttered by the dep’t of health because they were deemed a health risk and incubator for HIV. Before then, power bottoms would rent a tiny room, lie on their stomachs, ass-up, fully douched and clean, well lubed and also often used nasal spray up there to dilate their anus cavity and would take dick after raw dick all night long! Some were there every night of the week and could easily take 50 or more ass loads… and still not be satisfied! Most were drugged-up, used a lot of poppers and most if not all of these men are now dead. They were in their 20’s and 30’s then, and would be in their early 60’s or 70’s now. The less than 2% that survived the AIDS crisis possessed an immunity to HIV invading their cells and getting AIDS. Others died of drug overdoses and anal or oral cancers from being so promiscuous. Today, that rampant and incessant sex that was out of control no longer really exists to that magnitude. There are drugs now also available like PrEP that keep HIV at bay; however, the wild and crazy sex-crazed 70’s and 80’s are a thing of the past in the gay world of today.

    1. Jack

      Thanks for sharing some history with us. Sounds like a fun time until it was ruined by diseases. Now, this type of play would require tremendous planning and making sure everyone is clean — or protected. Well worth it though. A fantasy of mine.

  2. Martin Lisa

    I was 21 in 1982 and a true power-bottom and loved the gay bathhouse in New York City….especially the New St. Mark’s Baths in the East Village. I literally lived to be pounded deep, hard and long all night long…..for hours in there ! OH YES….i maintained a real “kunt” back there and particularly desired huge black dicks (10” and bigger) fat like a giant cucumber…to do the job for me and turn my A-hole inside out…..literally ! Too much was never enough and too hard or deep could never be achieved for me.I was a real walking pussy…..and proud of it ! I often slept with big dildos and butt-plugs up it… keep it satisfied and in training. From the mid 1970’s until 1985 (when all the bathhouses in NYC were closed due to the growing AIDS epidemic), gay bathhouses were a vital part of gay culture and nightlife.It was not unusual to have to wait on line on weekends to gain access into about (12) bathhouses operating around Manhattan in that era.They were jammed packed with hot and handsome young men. Aggressive tops prowling around looking for raw “pussy”and passive bottoms,with their shapely ass all propped-up,lubed and ready to take ass-load after ass-load.It was almost exclusively bare-back and condoms were rarely seen or used.I would easily take “50” ass-loads on a Saturday night.Loading up on sperm was my mission…a veritable cumdump !And i refused to douche until the end of my stay there. I am lucky to be alive today… nearly all the other cock-hungry power bottoms of that era all perished from AIDS in the 1990’s.

    1. Astralknight

      What the other guy said above about guys getting anal cancers is the real scary thought now to consider. Reading these stories inspires me but the thought of one day having cancer in my ass from getting railed too much really gives me pause. It sucks because similar to you, nothing would give me more joy than getting bred by a nice and long black penis. Oy vie!