Uncovering the Secrets of Stealthing

Stealthing sounds like something a secret agent would be doing, but it’s not. It’s actually a move done during sex. Intercourse begins completely normally, with a condom, and at some […]

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This article was published on March 15th, 2015

What stealthing is and how to do it

Stealthing sounds like something a secret agent would be doing, but it’s not. It’s actually a move done during sex. Intercourse begins completely normally, with a condom, and at some point, one of the partners, who prefers bareback sex, will attempt to purposely remove or break the condom, without the other person noticing. It is possible for it to be done by the top or the bottom. Here’s how it works.

During intercourse, the top can pull all the way out, stroke his cock, and before reinserting, the condom ends up entirely in his hand. Depending on what position the bottom is in, he more-than-likely won’t even notice the difference.

It’s easier for a top to get away with stealthing than it is for a bottom, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them. This is where varying the positions is very useful.

A bottom who wants to get fucked without a condom, but the top insists about using one, try riding on top. When on top, your body will block the view of what’s happening. The bottom can easily reach behind, pull out the tops cock, and while stroking can cleverly remove the condom. They key is slipping off the rubber without him noticing. Distracting the top so he doesn’t catch the condom coming off is important. This is where jerking off with a sensation or tingle lube before the condom goes on can really help!

Stealthing can even happen during a threesome. If it’s a couple plus a bottom, and the top of the couple wants to bareback without his partner knowing, because their rule of play requires condoms with others, the top could try stealthing. Things would start off using condoms, with everyone making clear sight that condoms are being worn. At some point, while the bottom couple partner is not looking the top would pull out quickly, remove the condom, and then re-insert. If it was ever questioned, the top would claim that the condom just fell off while pulling out.

Why go through all the trouble and not just find a partner that prefers bareback sex, instead of trying to trick a sex partner? For some guys it’s the thrill of being sneaky. Their insatiable desire for cum might be intensified if they know they have to work for it, instead of just having it given to them. Although, when it comes to stealthing a bottom, the risks can be a little higher. This is especially true when it comes to guys who are unsure of their HIV status. It’s riskier for a bottom to be on the receiving end of this treatment because they’re the ones being filled.

There are precautions you can take while having raw sex, including Truvada, which can reduce the risk of HIV by up to 99% when dating daily. It’s an additional tool if you’re frequently with guys you aren’t familiar with. You can’t always know how a situation will play out. It’s better to be safe, rather than sorry.

Next time you’re having sex and the condom “accidentally” comes off, you’ll think twice; was it really an accident, or did someone try to stealth you! You never know when a condom might pull a disappearing act. Plus, if you’re planning on stealthing someone, it is grounds for the police to be called and you could be facing serious legal action; to think twice.

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10 thoughts on “Uncovering the Secrets of Stealthing

  1. Paul

    I think this, if it happens, is shocking! If you want to be fucked or fuck without a condom then find a guy who wants to do it that way as well. If someone did that to me I knock the twat into the middle of next year!

  2. DeserTBoB

    THIS ARTICLE IS BS and IS RESPONSIBLE FOR POZZING UP BOTTOMS. Truvada PReP is NOT 99% EFFECTIVE. It is only 51% effective on its own (Source: Gilead FDA Phase III trials). Is a 1 in 115 chance of pozzing up due to a poz load GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? NO? Then FORGET PReP without a rubber. Stealthing is a FELONY in the state of California and many others. I don’t know about you cannucks, eh, but I survived the holocaust neg, and I had over 200 of my friends, lovers and acquaintences DIE of this bug. THIS IS NOT FUN AND GAMES…THIS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY THAT SHOULD BE PUNISHED BY IMPRISONMENT.

  3. Thomas

    I believe in Barrier fucking. However if both parties agree to use a condom then keep the condom on. If both parties doesn’t agree to fuck with a condom then find a partner who agrees to fuck with a condom.

    Stealthing in my opinion is completely wrong. Doing something without someone else’s consent is a criminal act.

    Please respect your sexual partners and play safe. STI prevention, in my opinion, should be everyone’s concern.

  4. Nick

    Yeah so this is actually called rape.
    Protective sex is what was agreed on and violating that agreement and engaging in a sexual act that had no prior consent is rape.
    This also doesn’t just happen with gay men. Straight men do it to. Usually they just pretend to put it on by crumpling the package before going dogging style or something like that were the other participant can’t see your dick.
    Fuck anyone who does this. If somebody doesn’t want to bareback, respect that. Its not an insult to you. Its just somebody concerned for their own safety. Cant handle that? Then dont have sex with them. Have respect for people and treat them like a person, not a fuck toy

  5. Stealth fighter

    You guys are so dramatic. Stealthing is just a fun activity for a top that wants to feel his partner. To say it is rape is just BS.