6 ways to have thicker, tastier cum

Some people like to guzzle a fresh load of cum—while others can’t get past the taste. A mouthful of rancid seed can kill the joy of swallowing, but most don’t […]

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This article was published on March 26th, 2015

Six easy tips for making your cum thicker and tastierSome people like to guzzle a fresh load of cum—while others can’t get past the taste. A mouthful of rancid seed can kill the joy of swallowing, but most don’t realize that the flavour can change, depending on the person’s diet, as well as other factors. Here’s how to get great tasting cum, for a more lip-smacking experience.

Spitting Out Unhelpful Cum Myths

There are a lot of myths out there, but the consistency of cum is dictated by how often you get off and how hydrated you are. If you get off a lot, chances are your load will have more of a watery consistency. If you “save up”, and don’t cum for a day, your load will be thicker. However, this won’t happen if you conserve for multiple days, because semen reservoirs can only store up to 2-3 days’ worth at a time.

Drink Up

Keeping hydrated should be a priority, no matter what. The more water your consume, the chances are your cum will be more liquid. If you’ve ever gotten off while hungover, you may have noticed that your jizz was a bit thicker, this is from your body not being adequately hydrated.

Swallowing Can Help You Gain Muscle

Cum only has 5- 25 calories and has about the same amount of protein as a large egg white. Again, a lot of people don’t realize this healthy tidbit. So, if you’re into hitting the gym and need a little more protein in your diet, now you have an extra source. 

Thicker Cream

Amino acids, wheat germ, ogema-3’s, and zinc can also thought to make your cum thicker. These can be added to your diet by taking supplements, most of which can be found rather easily—in either pill, liquid, or powder form.

Sweet Spunk

For sweeter spunk, you should eat more fruits, and brightly colored vegetables. You can also drink fruit/vegetable juices. Next, try incorporating more exercise, wheat grass, mango, parsley, celery, and cranberry juice (acids make cum smell less like bleach) to your daily routine and diet.

Flavor Killers

Cum tends to taste bad after eating and drinking things that especially potent, such as dark green vegetables, red meats, coffee, deep-fried, and high-fat content foods. In addition, you should try to avoid cigarettes, fish, onions / garlic (sulpher), junk foods (fast food, chips, etc.), and carrots.

The rule of thumb is to eat a healthy, clean, well-balanced diet, and your cum will be beautiful, white, thick and creamy, exactly what your partner wanted from you! Most of these tips can help you to feel more vibrant and energetic, so the benefits are plentiful.

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    I used to love to swallow thick and sweet cum. It’s been awhile now, but here lately I’m going nuts for some nuts.