Get to know the hot and sexy Gaysian cub, Eli Lewis

Eli Lewis, a relatively new face in the gay porn industryIn. He’s a hot, sexy, pocket Gaysian cub who loves kink. But beyond his incredible good looks, when he’s off camera, he’s an incredibly sweet guy who you just want to get to know. Eli Lewis lives in New York City. He recently moved into […]

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This article was published on April 15th, 2015

Meet gay adult entertainer and pocket Gaysian, Eli LewisEli Lewis, a relatively new face in the gay porn industryIn. He’s a hot, sexy, pocket Gaysian cub who loves kink. But beyond his incredible good looks, when he’s off camera, he’s an incredibly sweet guy who you just want to get to know.

Eli Lewis lives in New York City. He recently moved into the adult entertainment industry, working both as an escort and as a porn actor, after spending five years as a dancer.

“My biggest personal success was being able to turn my childhood dreams into a reality and career,” explains gay porn actor, Eli Lewis. “No, not being a porn performer. I was a professional ballet and contemporary dancer for five years before choosing to retire. I worked hard to get to where I wanted to be professionally, and had the honor and privilege to work with some of the most talented performers in the industry. I quit fairly early on in my career simply because I lost the drive and passion for the art. I woke up one day and, instead of being filled with a surge of excitement for the day to come, began to dread it. I didn’t want something that I loved so much to turn into something I deigned, so I decided to take a step back and follow a different path.”

A long-standing dance career taught Eli Lewis many skills, including how to tip-toe gracefully across a stage in front of a huge audience. Unfortunately, some of those skills didn’t exactly translate into the common world, which occasionally results in some embarrassing moments.

“I’m a former ballet dancer and am oftentimes regarded or expected to be graceful on and off the stage, which is completely false,” Eli Lewis said. “I am as clumsy as a newborn giraffe when it comes to pedestrian movement such as walking into things and people. It’s not necessarily from a lack of spacial awareness, I’m just awkward.”

While he may have some minor faults, like walking down a sidewalk causing havoc and chaos on the streets of Manhattan, he takes all areas of life seriously, especially healthy living. Working in the adult entertainment industry requires a lot of dedication and a lot of care and attention to your body. Eating healthy and exercising play an important role in any entertainers’ lifestyle. This is also true for Eli Lewis.

“I only recently began working out in the last six months and have made it a huge priority in my lifestyle,” explained Eli Lewis. “I hit the gym about 4-5 days a week, giving a 1-2 day rest period in between sessions depending on the intensity of the workout as well as constraints of my own busy schedule. What I love about it, outside of the obvious physical transformation, are a renewed sense of confidence, general feeling of heightened health and well being, and the discipline it teaches and promotes.”

Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend that works out, pays attention to his health, and works in the porn industry? Well, like just about any other single gay man can attest, Eli Lewis has also has his own challenges when it comes to dating.

“It’s not for a lack of putting myself out there that I’m single, it’s simply that my previous ventures into dating have been unfruitful,” said Eli Lewis. “I also actively choose to be single right now because my schedule and goals just don’t typically allow for me to spend any more time than I do with myself, my friends, and my dogs. If I really wanted to be in a relationship, I certainly would be – it’s just not a current priority. If I find someone who is on my pace, I’m certainly open to exploring that more.”

If you think that you have a shot of dating Eli Lewis, it’s not going to come as easy as tweeting him, sending him a message on Grindr, or hunting him down at a club that he’s go-go dancing at. Eli is a guy who has style and class, and prefers to take things a little slower, with people he already knows and feels comfortable with.

“I tend to date guys whom I’ve already known as a friend or acquaintance so it’s not at all too forward for me to ask if I could make them a home-cooked meal,” Eli Lewis explained. “I love a good intimate and personal setting for trying to get to know someone on a deeper level, whether that’s at a restaurant or one of our homes – but since I love to cook, I typically would want to host a date at my apartment.”

Ok, so just because you may not get a chance to go on a date with Eli Lewis, doesn’t mean that if you see him out one night at the bar, doesn’t mean you can’t buy him a drink. Drinks are always welcome.

“My favourite cocktail varies depending on my mood,” said Eli Lewis, describing some of his favourite cocktails. “I love whiskey straight, which is probably the only thing straight about me. Otherwise, I order whiskey and ginger or gin and tonic but if I had to choose, my specific brands of whiskey are the three kings: Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, and Jim Beam, with my favorite gin brands being Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire.”

If you’re a vodka drinker, and you want to down a couple of vodka-drinks with Eli Lewis, we highly suggest cocktails make with Stolichnaya vodka. Thank goodness we have tons of amazing Stoli cocktail ideas!

Eli Lewis is going all-in on his career in adult entertainment. He has a lot of big plans, not just as an escort or a gay porn actor, but venturing off into other areas.

“I’m currently producing and starring in an original web series written by my dear friend, Paul Victor, called MESS,” explains Eli Lewis. “It is the fictionalized account of his experience of moving to New York City to pursue his dream of being actor and being diagnosed with HIV within the first 6 months. The show centers around four best friends as they struggle to live their lives in the Big Apple and deal with the new reality of one of their own coming to terms with his diagnosis. We start filming in the beginning of April and plan on releasing six episodes of the first season later in the fall! You can find and follow us on Twitter @ and LIKE our Facebook page for updates and behind the scenes content!”

Keep watching and subscribe to for more stories in the coming weeks and months about Eli Lewis. He’s an awesome guy with a huge and exciting future ahead of him.

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