13 important tips for being a cum dump

You just got your Truvada prescription, been watching bareback porn where the bottom takes 12 different loads and decided this is a fantasy you now want to fulfil. Great! But being […]

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This article was published on April 20th, 2016

13 important tips for being a cum dump

You just got your Truvada prescription, been watching bareback porn where the bottom takes 12 different loads and decided this is a fantasy you now want to fulfil. Great! But being a cum dump isn’t easy and requires a little preparation on your part. So set aside a weekend and dedicate yourself to challenging Dawson’s title. Here are a few lubricated tips to help ensure your fantasy weekend works out.

Lube. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of lube and that it’s good quality. You don’t want your hole wrecked on the first few loads. Pre-lube your hole but also put some next to you for your tops. Again, emphasize in your messages that there is lube there and that you want them to use it.

Towels. Things are going to get messy. A wet ass on your part and a wet dick and hands on the top’s part. Lay a towel down on your bed to make sure your sheets don’t get ruined and place another next to your bed for your guests to use to wipe up with.

Wet wipes. Keep a good supply of butt wipes and sanitizing hand wipes around. These will help keep your butt fresh for the next guy without the need to shower and you can use the hand wipes to clean up your cock and hands if they get sticky.

Diet. Plan this a couple of days in advance. Have lots of fibre in the days leading up to the long session and try to limit how much you eat during your cum dump period. Once you’re in bottoming time, avoid high fibre food and other things that will move through your system quickly. Protein smoothies will help keep you nourished without adding too much to what’s going to come down through your system.

Mega douche. Three pumps of water up your ass ain’t going to cut it for the amount of dick you’ll hopefully be taking. Make sure you douche deep and thoroughly – even if the water runs clear, do it some more as you want to get everything that’s deep inside so it doesn’t move down your system in between tops. Plus you’ll probably not want to douche after every couple of guys – that’ll get their cum out of your ass which kind of defeats the purpose.

Water and caffeine. You’ll need to stay awake and you’ll need to stay hydrated. Make sure you get plenty of water and drink a moderate amount of caffeine to ensure you’re alert. But stick to soda pop or tea – avoid coffee as it’ll act as a diuretic – not something you want when you’re taking dick all weekend.

Safety with friend contact. With all these guys coming over, you are putting yourself at risk. Tell a friend what you’ll be doing and arrange to contact them every couple of hours so that if they don’t hear back from you, they can come check up on you.

Hide valuables. You’re letting strangers into your home and you don’t want anything important stolen, particularly if you’re greeting them ass up in bed. Put things like wallets, keys, and jewelry away in a drawer, preferably not anywhere your guests will be.

Hookup apps. The best sites for looking for quick loads is probably BBRT and Craigslist. There are plenty of guys on BBRT just looking to unload in someone and putting an ad on there and Craigslist minimizes the time you’ll spend finding people as they’ll find you instead. Check profiles before messaging so you don’t waste your time chatting with someone who is a bottom or someone who wants long sessions. Be even more scrupulous on other apps like Grindr or Scruff, looking for clues as to what they’re on there for.

Adjust standards. Everyone wants to be a cum dump for a room full of sexy muscle jocks but it just ain’t going to happen if you’re looking for as many loads as possible. Try to broaden who you’d let fuck you or, if you really are worried that a guy isn’t perfect, put a blindfold on yourself and let them fuck you anonymously.

Emphasize quick pump and dumps. If your challenge is to take as much cum that weekend as you can, you have to manage your time well and take care of your butt hole. Make it clear in your advertisement and your messages that you are looking for quick pump and dumps. Firstly, you’ll need guys to be quick so you can move onto the next one. Secondly, if a guy pounds your ass rough for an hour just for one load, you’ll never manage to make it through the entire weekend.

Keep phone near you. You’ll need to keep in touch with all the guys coming over and manage your schedule well. There may be last minute messages from someone about to arrive asking for one last bit of info. So keep your phone close to you, preferably hidden such as under the towel or pillow. But turn the sound off – nothing worse than hearing woofs and text alerts during the middle of a good fuck.

STI testing and vaccinations. Make sure you’re up to date with your vaccinations (Hep B, HPV) and take your PrEP. Set up an STI testing appointment date for two weeks after your session to test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, checking for syphilis again for up to three months afterwards.

Enjoy that cum boys!

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26 thoughts on “13 important tips for being a cum dump

  1. Jimmy

    Great read. Thanks. I just started PrEP less than a month ago. These tips can also be useful with -regular- sex, or whatever they call it… Lol

  2. Ben Strothmann

    GREAT article! I’m glad we can discuss this so frank and openly.

    ONE thing I see as missing — to whatever extent you can, hang on to contact info for the guys who fucked you. If afterwards your test comes back positive for an STI, it is your responsibility to practice PROMPT partner notification and to let everyone know that they should be getting tested and treated ASAP.

    1. Jay

      Lol but pretty sure those guys know the risks of a bareback orgy. Most gays are sensible enough to get tested regular. And going to an orgy like that is gona result in some stds for sure

    2. Loads and laughs

      If we’reraw doggin you we already know we’re opening ourselves up to hiv and other sti’s YOU may not get poz’d but if I fuck a guy who already has a hot load in him i’m at risk for anything the previous donor had. We’re adults, we already figure we’re gonna get burned at some point so we don’t need your morality phone call.

  3. Jev

    How about use a condom?!
    What about seeing a counsellor to find out why you are so screwed up you want lots of guys to cum in your ass, knowing about all the nasty STIs out there.
    How about shop your dealer to the police since its drugs which enable these horrendous parties to take place.
    Find a loving partner to settle down with.

    1. Jay

      theres nothing wrong with getting fucked by a group of lads and taking loads. we don’t all have to use condoms and get married. it’s as much our choice to fuck around as it is ur choice to use rubbers and settle down. some guys ain’t interested in monogamy. we’re entitled to be cum dumps if we want to

    2. Rod

      I used to love going to bathhouses for taking a bunch of anon cock. I’d get a room, lay there with door open, my lube, bottle of poppers and in a jockstrap and wait for them to come and load me up. I don’t care if the guy is cute or not. As long as he has a nice big dick I’m game.

  4. Dan

    Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is here already…. increased reliance on prep as the only protection will see it spread quickly. Hiv and all stds continually evolve and change we are setting ourselves up for another epidemic.

    1. Sidney

      There are no antibiotic resistant STIs in North America right now. I’ve had as many as 27 loads in under 2 days and gotten absolutely nothing from it. But I live in San Francisco where men know their status and get tested often. It may be quite different in parts of the world that still attempt to address public sexual health with fear and abstinence. Being a cum dump will not make a new epidemic more or less likely. You only need to do two things to be responsible: know your status and get tested regularly. If there is a new epidemic ever, we will want to know about it fast. That is why we need every man to know that there is no shame in looking for, finding and treating sexually transmitted infections regularly.

  5. DiaboliqueNYC

    Don’t forget to get checked for Hep C when you get tested for other STIs. You don’t want to have that lingering in your system, because there rarely are symptoms; it’s called “the silent killer” for good reason. At least get your liver enzymes tested regularly, because elevated liver enzymes are often a key to detection of Hepatitis.

    1. Brian Webb

      Yes, good call. It’s important to get tested regularly. For average guys, every 3 months is fine, but for cum dumps, as often as every 30 days wouldn’t be a bad ideas. Best to know your status of STI’s and HIV, and to get treated early. Thanks fro sharing.

  6. Dan

    Can a someone who you have a long distance relationship with and jerk off to pictures and videos of every day be referred to as a cum dump? What if you pretend to love and care about that person but really are just using them to boost your ego and dump your load?

    1. Ange

      No Dan….you have to actually be cumming inside of that person regularly for them to be referred to as a cum dump don’t you think? And that person has to be a slut, has to do this regularly and with multiple partners most likely. Shame on you for pretending to care about them just to feed your sex addiction. This is not a term you should ever use for someone you care or cared about. That is vile and disgusting and unforgivable.


    I’m a senior citizen, and didn’t start taking men in my mouth and ass until I was fifty. Here in Montana, it’s difficult to find one man to fuck me, let alone a group. The best I’ve had was four men at a time. I specifically asked them to not just cum as fast as they could, but to pull out before they cum, and switch off with each other so the experience would last longer.
    I definitely like being barebacked better, as a cock with a condom doesn’t feel nearly so good.
    Fortunately there isn’t much for STD’s in this area, but I still get tested regularly.

  8. Tad McCawley

    I think it’s important to note that not all cum dumps are anal bottoms. The truth is, there are a ton of are oral-only. The LGBT community often marginalizes us by accusing us of being closeted gays or not really gay at all because anal sex is not something we engage in or enjoy. For guys like me, we love sucking off guys and swallowing their loads, as many and as often as possible. Like anal bottoms, I have hosted groups in hotel rooms before where I end up sucking off 8-10 guys over a few hours, often more than once. I love it when they all leave and I feel that gurgle of cum in my guy and can go to sleep tasting and smelling the semen from all the guys I serviced. True oral top feeders are like sex gods to me and I have hosted and traveled to them over the years for sessions between their thighs. Anyway, my point is that cum dumps are not just guys who love to get fucked. Remember us cocksuckers, too.

  9. RIC

    I agree on emphasising cum and dump. I’ve had men fuck me on Viagra, and quite frankly I get bored of just one cock in me for an hour at a time.

    1. Scott

      My first cum dump was fantastic feeling so many men who dumped their loads deep inside my ass felt fantastic can’t wait to another one in the next year. In vers and love giving head also and swallowing their tasty spream filled cum

  10. Jamie

    Can’t wait to give men a sissy cumdump in Central Florida next month. Not picky but bigger isn’t a bad thing. Wearing a blindfold is very hawt and carries the cumdump name I have been using