Figuring out felching

Don't knock it till you tried it!

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This article was published on July 20th, 2016

Have a cum fetish? Felching, is quickly becoming a hot new sexual practice that has spiked the interest and curiosity of gay men. Felching is the act of fucking someone in the ass bareback (without a condom), cumming inside them, and then catching your cum in your mouth as it comes out. It is a fetish. It can be very hot and is, essentially, a step up from rimming. Like rimming, it can have variations. You can introduce a straw or spoon, fingers and tongues can get involved. You can felch cum out of a guy who has been fucked by someone else, or switch roles to be the load giver/receiver etc.

Some people may think felching to be reserved only for the darkest parts of the internet, but recent online activity suggests, felching is a live and kicking. Many willing participants even choose to share their mutual interest by taking part in felching parties. According to seasoned felching experts, the more loads in a ass, the better the felching. So in order to appreciate the finest of felch fests, a bottom will receive loads from multiple guys, and once being deemed full enough, will deliver a felching experience like no other to one lucky, protein-hungry guy.

Now obviously, for those wanting to give felching a go, there are a few things to consider before jumping for the first time. Hygiene being key. It goes without saying to ensure the felchee is clean before being fucked. Whilst with rimming douching isn’t a necessity, when it comes to felching it is strongly recommended. Felching isn’t about licking a clean ass, it’s about eating from a used ass, so douching before hand will make it more clean and pleasant for all involved. Due to the nature of felching it is a fairly high-risk activity to engage in; in order for it to work a rubber can’t be used. No load would mean no felching, so talk openly with your felching partner first about STI’s, douching, etc.

There is no denying that this particular sexual activity deserves the accolade of being named one of the slightly kinkier sexual practices with which to engage, but this certainly does nothing to invalidate its moniker as being an extremely hot fetish to those who wish to engage. As the old adage goes ‘don’t knock it till you tried it’, and how will you ever know if you don’t try?

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  1. joseph owen

    I would love to suck the cum from some young guys ass after a long 40 man gangbang. I want to drink every drop from his asshole. Then get gangbanged in my own ass. Being used over and over again by these men.