3 must see landmarks in New York City

NYC has something for absolutely everybody!

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This article was published on July 24th, 2016

Ah New York City, just the name evokes such strong emotions, it is the city that never sleeps, where anything can happen, the greatest city on earth; Not to mention one of the best gay spots on the planet. New York City has always been at the forefront of society, it’s a place where fringe communities co-exist alongside conventional society with little friction, a place where non-conformity is celebrated and a city where gay is always the way.

3 must see landmarks in New York City

NYC has something for absolutely everybody, if you only have one day why not let us take the stress out of planning your queer-tinerary by heading to our top three places to visit. Then you’ll be freed up to focus on the important stuff, like which gay bars, clubs and pubs you will be heading to to get your homo-kicks, NYC style.

3 must see landmarks in New York City1. Obviously the first place to head to will be the Empire State building, is there any more perfect example of homoeroticism permeating into the mainstream culture than a skyscraper? Skyscrapers are, by a long way, the most fabulously phallic buildings anyone could have ever thought to design! Whilst the majority of the breeding world will be busy vehemently denying this, let the gays unite and celebrate this little realized fact with a visit to the most famous skyscraper in the world, The Empire State building.

3 must see landmarks in New York City

2. Continue your adventures through NYC with a visit to the true Queen of the USA, Lady Liberty herself. Waving a most flamboyant beacon for entrants to the new world, nothing says NYC more than the Statue of Liberty. Head up to her head for astonishing views and a true bucket list experience, make sure to book in advance!


3. Finish up your sightseeing day with a more serious moment, take a trip to the 9-11 Memorial Museum to pay your respects to those whose lives were lost in the horrific terror attacks of 2001. The Museum, built around the grounds of the former twin towers, are a beautiful tribute to a tragic moment in human history.

Expert tip: Check out the NYC CityPass, a great way to save up to 40% on entry to these and other NYC attractions.

Now that you have your day planned out, its time to consider your evening gayventures. Check out www.gonyc.com for all your accommodation, food and drink needs!

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