5 summer workout secrets

Five summer workout activities

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This article was published on July 26th, 2016

Being a member of certain gay communities comes with some pretty high standards. There are social spheres in which the gay men within them pride themselves on having incredibly sexy bodies. For most, this is the sphere, which you would want to find yourself in. What you need is a solid summer workout.

Of course, in order to gain access to these particular hunting grounds of Adonis filled eye candy, it is necessary to fit in with the pac. Want to get buff this summer? Check out our top five summer workout activities to get your body in tip top shape for cruising season.

  1. An oldie but a goodie, you just can’t beat a good run. It’s free, amazing cardio, you can do it anywhere and all you need is a pair of trainers and some determination. For beginners, try a couch to 5k program to get you into shape, and trust us, it gets so much better once your fit enough to enjoy it!
  1. Water sports like kayaking, rowing or paddle boarding. All three can be done in the ocean, river or lake. Although there’s a bit of an upfront cost, once you have your equipment it can be done anywhere at anytime and all three are phenomenal full body workouts. For those who want to burn fat whilst toning up, these are the three to go for.
  2. The most social option on our list, hiking is a great way to get out and about, explore your surroundings and meet other people. Its free, can be a great way to get some time to yourself as well and is great cardio!
  3. Work out those abs to get your washboard stomach. Ab workouts can be done from anywhere and at anytime. Grab a bungee and wrap it round a tree or take a yoga mat out to the park. Work out to a YouTube video at home or get to a class. Whatever way you want to get those ripped abs, make it a focus in your workout.
  4. Body-weight workouts. The latest in fitness trends, the body weight workout utilizes your own body weight as a tool to develop your fitness. Think burpees, pushups, renegades, plank, crunches etc. Check out YouTube for inspiration and create your own workout!

5 summer workout secrets

Top tips:

  • Strap wrist/ankle weights on for a more intense workout.
  • Yoga mats can be thrown into a bag and rolled out to make an instant workout area anywhere.
  • Keep your workouts varied, not only to keep it interesting but to reduce strain by overworking the same body areas.

Keep motivated, keep it regular, eat super clean and healthy, and you will be in great shape in no time!

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